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IXXO Cart Review and comparision

IXXO Cart is not the one that you see listed on top searches when you look for web development companies to build your Ecommerce platform , but the one that has all intricate components for you to build your marketplace. More importantly it’s a kind of marketplace that lets you integrate any plugin easily to build your own customized ecommerce software (WordPress/Joomla). Lets do a detailed IXXO Cart Review in this article.

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What we are going to see in this blog is ,

  1. What do they offer
  2. How do they stand out
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this platform

There are 3 formats of the software that the site offers – Basic , Plus and multi vendor – priced at $295, $595, $1495 respectively. How worth are they for the amount you pay?

Basic offers – All major featuresIXXO Cart Review that you need to launch a single vendor platform with free support and upgrades. Being priced at $295 is way above the product’s worth as we get software’s online with same features for free of cost ( Single vendor ) – Shopify , reaction commerce , prime fusion like websites provides at a minimal cost with all these features. This is a big drawback in using IXXO

Plus – Though you see all features in this package , it’s again a single vendor platform priced very high at $595. Not something that a normal user would opt for when there are lot of options around in the market that provides the same for free or a lesser cost (<$100)

Multi-vendor – Here comes the important player of this platform. Choosing this would be the wise choice as this offers almost everything that you need, I would say more that what you need to run a basic ecommerce platform? But is it worth $1495. Yes for technology and the features that you get but definitely a concern when it comes to support, upgrades and maintenance

IXXO cart definitely has a very good technical team who could develop and bring out one of the ecommerce software’s but that is not where the process ends. How business ready it is , how is the post sale support , how easy it is to host and customize matters a lot when we look for scripts to launch the marketplace that we dream. This is mainly where IXXO fails to impress

So the final conclusion would be choose it if you are a developer and you need something ready-made to start with and build something solid over that to bring out something huge as the fundamentals and basic are strong


Hope you got a deep understanding via. this comprehensive IXXO Cart Review. Learn more about other essentials of choosing an eCommerce platforms here.

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