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Jitsi install help: Top 3 companies to hire Jitsi developers

Videoconferencing is essential to any business these days. The emergence of Covid-19 has made us re-think the mode of communication globally, with remote working being the new work style. This has brought about more emphasis on virtual platforms like Jitsi Meet which helps not only interact, but, educate and learn effortlessly. You need a good Jitsi developer with the knowledge of the right tools and technologies to install and set up this app on your server if you are a corporate organization that wants to use Jitsi Meet for collaboration.

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Many video conferencing apps have seen the light of day since the pandemic broke out and has made this mode of communication the new normal. But only specific platforms gain genuine users and make it to the top. Jitsi Meet is one of them which is highly recommended because of its robust nature.

Jitsi Install, an Open-source Blessing                            

Jitsi is a perfect source for video conferencing software and related tools. It runs on Java WebRTC application and boasts an open-source set of projects that help build and deploy safe & secure solutions for video conferencing. 

Jitsi Video Bridge and Jitsi Meet are the core of Jitsi that can be modified, developed with different iterations and quality as desired with features such as audio, dial-in, recording, and simulcasting. With each app in the market, posing various restrictions on the number of participants in a video conference call, Jitsi has no limits. It can be integrated into another app or embedded in a website effortlessly by Jitsi developers.

Features of Jitsi Meet & Video Bridge

There are constant updates to its features, but the basic structure includes end to end encryption, secure lock room with password-based entry, grid view, audio-only option, ability to stream videos, audio-video quality adjustment with varying bandwidth, share documents, record calls, screen share, etc. It doesn’t stop there, Jitsi also includes statistics and integration and assimilation as features to help Jitsi developers. The flexible and agile nature of this software allows us to expand its scope and benefit many businesses. 

A brand new way of Web Conferencing using Jitsi

A successful videoconferencing app can be built using Jitsi’s open-source state-of-the-art generic software. This will help lessen your overall project cost by providing a good foundation for it. All you need to focus on is appointing a skilled developer or team that understands the architecture of Jitsi to navigate through the existing features and build over it. There is a vibrant community of developers out there, and we have listed the top three service providers. They will bridge the gap between your ideal video conferencing app and Jitsi’s amazing source code.

Top Three Companies that Let you Hire a Good Jitsi Developer 

Smart Car Tech

Smart-Car tech with their expert Jitsi developers offer ready-to-go video conferencing solutions for on-demand ride-hailing businesses that have limited time and resources to do so.

Smart Car is one of the leading mobility software solutions providers in the industry that specializes in the development of virtual web communication software. They offer tailor-made solutions for your videoconference app requirements.

The company houses a seasoned team of front-end and back-end developers who can also do the Jitsi install on your enterprise server. Hire a Jitsi developer of your choice who can install the app seamlessly and without process delays.


Castasy offers preset video conference scripts that can be integrated into Jitsi’s system. They can help you start a video conferencing website or build an app combining zoom clone and Jitsi.

With a team of technically sound Jitsi developers, Castasy can help you with the following by the touch of a button with its existing modules: Easily attend & host meetings, invite participants, moderate the chat with filters, provide HD video & audio, allows screen sharing, recording and so on that is beneficial to the users to conduct virtual classes and support interactive learning and development tasks.

Hiring a Jitsi developer from this company will make your time-sensitive process of setting up the Jitsi install on your server stress-free, economical, and get limitless access to many web conferencing features. 

Jitsi Developer for install

Gentle Ninja

Gentle Ninja is known for its tech-savvy development team that delivers premium-level clone scripts for video conferencing at attractive prices. Their web conferencing script is built by adept developers who have teamed with some of the best video Content Delivery Networks, video streaming platforms, and webinar hosting products.

The team can perform the Jitsi installation on your servers in a breeze. They offer an array of software-related services that, when integrated with Jitsi, will help your business stay on the cutting-edge of technology. The product requires complex architecture services to stream videos uninterrupted by utilizing the script structure to its optimum level.

The company’s proactive nature has made businesses sustain and excel with its futuristic web solutions and services. Gentle Ninja can help you stay at the helm of learning and development with the Jitsi software for seamless remote presentation and learning.


The tried and tested modules of Jitsi will kick start your project soon with confidence, compared to the standard process of coding and development from scratch. The advantage of incorporating this sustainable open source will make the whole process worth every penny and focus on the critical aspects of your video conferencing app, which is hiring the right Jitsi developer.

Working with leading developer teams that are efficient, responsive, and proactive will keep the app from unnecessary errors and troubleshooting, which saves a lot of time and money in the long run.

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