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Jitsi Mobile App Source Code Download and Setup Instructions

Jitsi mobile app

The Jitsi Mobile app is an efficient alternative to the Zoom app. It is encrypted, open-source & customizable, which makes it popular among developers and users alike. It is built on Ubuntu and Debian servers and does not require any separate account. The Jitsi Mobile app is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and F-Droid.

Recently, the Jitsi Mobile app released some exciting features, including system audio sharing, improved device controls, updated translations, new participant muting capabilities, simultaneous screen and camera sharing, etc., through presenter mode.

If you are a developer, you can download the Jitsi Meet source code and execute it. Find the complete guide below to upload the Jitsi Mobile app on the Google Play and App Stores.  

Getting the Source Code

If you are a developer, there are three ways that you can get the source code of Jitsi. 

You need to: 

  1. Download the Zip file containing the snapshot of the source tree from this site 
  1. Download the Zip file with the snapshot of the sources from GitHub here: on the “Download ZIP” button).
  1. Using Git, you can checkout the sources directly from the repository: git clone

After this, you need to download the zip files and unzip them on your computer.

Install the Required Apps 

To build and run the Jitsi mobile app, all you need are the latest versions of JDK and ANT.


o Download the latest version on website

o Unzip the package

o Add <jdk_package_path>/bin to your PATH


o Download the latest version from

o Unzip the package

o Add <ant_package_path>/bin to your PATH

Setting up your Jitsi Android App Information  

  • Log in to the Google Play Console through your publisher account. 
  • The first step would be to create the Jitsi mobile app and select All Applications in the left-hand menu. 
  • Click on Create Application to begin the creation of your Jitsi mobile app. 
  • Select language and enter the title for your app as ‘Jitsi’ note that there is a limit of 50 characters for this. Next, continue and click Create. 
  • Add all the relevant information about the Jitsi mobile app on the page that follows, as shown below.
  • Fill in the fields for Short description, Full description, Screenshots, Hi-res icon, Feature graphic image (optional), Video link (optional), Application type (app or game), and Category.
  • You’ll need to fill out a questionnaire for the content rating. Click on Save Draft to save your app information for later.

Uploading the app bundle files or APK for the Jitsi Mobile App

After meeting all the prerequisite conditions for unique bundle ID, signed app release, and expansion files in the case of a large app that is needed to release the Jitsi Android app, you need to upload all the files using the App Releases section on the hamburger menu.

Next, set the value for the type of release. Production will be the final release to opt for the submission of a live version of your final app version to the Google Play store. Beta and Alpha releases are meant to test your app and receive valuable feedback to incorporate improvements to your app before the final release. 

  • Next, Click on Create Release to navigate to the New Release on the production page.
  • Sign in to Google Play on your app or click on OPT-OUT to sign in locally.
  • Click on Browse Files.
  • Select the app’s APK or App Bundle files for uploading.
  • Click on the Review option at the bottom right of the page to confirm and submit your app’s release information.

Setting the Content Rating

  • Go to the Content rating page option on the hamburger menu.
  • Click on Continue.
  • Enter your email address and confirm.
  • Select your app category.
  • Start filling out the survey for your app rating. This is basically to help Google identify if there is any explicit content in your app.
  • Click on Save Questionnaire.
  • Click on Calculate Rating. This will display the app rating your app will have on the Play Store.
  • Click on Apply Rating to confirm your app’s content rating.

Setting the Pricing and a Distribution Plan

If you want to set a price of your app and to whom it is available based on a particular plan of the Jitsi mobile app, follow these steps.

  • Select one of the options, FREE or PAID based on the plans you want to set. For more details on the paid options, check this page here.
  • Set Available for the countries where you want your app released. Select the Unavailable option for the others.
  • If your app is suitable for children aged under 13, select Yes for Primary Child-Detected. Otherwise, select No.
  • If your app contains ads, check Yes for Contains ads. Otherwise, check No.

Publishing the Jitsi Mobile app


  1. Your Jitsi Mobile app should be ready.
  2. A unique Bundle ID of your app is required to represent it.
  3. signed app release certificate.
  4. The maximum size of the APK should be 100 MB. Else, you must break the APK file into parts. If you are not a play publisher, sign up to the Google Play Console.

After fulfilling the above requirements, you come on to the next step, which is submitting your app to the play store.

  1. Using your Play publisher account, log in to the Google Play Console.
  2. To create an application to publish your app, select the All Application in the left-hand side panel, and further click on Create Application.
  3. A new application form comes up. Choose the language from the top right corner, a title for your app (limited up to 50 characters), and all the other information. 
  4. Upload the Jitsi Meet APK, including the bundle of files of your app. Before that, make sure that all the prerequisites such as unique bundle ID, signed app release. Go to the App releases, which you find on the left-hand side panel.
  5. You can choose between the app release types. 
      • Production type, which is the final version of the app, or 
      • Beta version, which is for testing purposes to make necessary improvements based on feedback before releasing a stable app version.
  1. After selecting the release type, you will redirect to the next page. Tap on the Create Release to put the new releases to the production page.
  2. Click on Browse Files and choose the Jitsi Meet APK file or complete data files to upload. Tap on Review at the right bottom of the page.
  3. Before your app goes live on the Google play store, it needs a distribution & pricing plan, and content rating.
  4. You can set the content rating by clicking on the Content rating on the left-side panel and follow the instructions.
  5. If you want your paid app, you must set a pricing plan. To provide your app to selected countries, choose a distribution plan in the Pricing and distribution section given on the left-side panel.
  6. Now, when you have set everything, go back to the App Releases section, click on Start rollout to production, and finally, you will get a prompt, tap on Confirm.

Steps to Download your Source Code and publish it to the App Store


  1.  Platform (iOS)
  2. Name (to appear on the App Store)
  3. Primary language
  4. Bundle ID
  5. Bundle ID suffix
  6. SKU

Before publishing the Jitsi iOS app, here are the steps you need to follow. Please refer to our blog on similar steps for the BigBlueButton Mobile app. 

  1. Code Signing by creating an iOS Distribution Provisioning Profile and Distribution Certificate.
  2. Creating an App Store Connect Record for your Jitsi iOS app.
  3. Adding the Jitsi iOS App.
  4. After fulfilling the above requirements, you come on to the next step: submitting your app to the play store.
  5. Configuring the App for Distribution.
  6. Uploading the Jitsi app using Xcode.
  7. Submitting the Jitsi App for Review.

Publishing your Jitsi Mobile App

  1. To submit your Jitsi Mobile app to the app store, enroll for the Apple Developer Program.
  2. After registering, you can get access to the App Store Connect (a portal for submitting your app to the App store).
  3. In the App Store Connect, tap on the + symbol and click on the New App to publish your Jitsi Meet APK. A new window opens where you need to submit all the details mentioned in the prerequisites and click on Create.
  4. You get redirected to the App Information in the App store menu, which you can also find on the left-hand side of the screen. Fill in all the details.
  5. Now, in the Pricing and Availability section, you can set up the pricing for your app and the geographical availability of your Jitsi Mobile app.
  6. At this point, you will find a yellow dot to Prepare for Submission. Here you must submit up to 5 screenshots of the app preview along with further required information, which is necessary for the rating perspective. 
  7. Now, you can submit your Jitsi Mobile app for the Review.
  8. Click on Submit for Review, and answer Content rights, Export Compliance, and Advertising Identifier questions and then tap on Submit.

Your Jitsi Mobile app submission might take 24 hours for approval. For each stage of approval, you will get notifications via email by the Apple team.

Contact us for a step-by-step demo of the above processes or let us set up your Jitsi mobile app for you on Play Store or the App Store.




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