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Just Eat Clone: How to Choose the Best to-go Delivery Script in the Market

The food delivery market is replete with opportunities to leverage technology through to-go food delivery script apps. Food ordering and delivery services like the Just Eat Clone have made life easier by facilitating doorstep food delivery from restaurants nearby.

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While there are hundreds of apps for food delivery available today, picking the best one or a couple based on your food choices and quality of service matters. Customers look for food & service quality, app reviews and ratings, lesser delivery time, a great variety in menu offerings, attractive deals, offers, and pricing, and more.

The Just Eat Clone is a popular to-go delivery script that offers convenience, variety, great pricing, and quick deliveries.

About Just Eat

Headquartered in London, Just Eat is a hybrid online food order and delivery service marketplace. The platform acts as an intermediary between independent take-out food outlets and customers.

Just Eat provides customers with an easy and secure way to order food from their restaurant partners and make payments online. They also manage a fleet of delivery associates who deliver food just-in-time.

The Just Eat Clone converges a community of restaurants, customers, and the vibrant takeaway sector in an open marketplace. The platform offers a wide range in restaurant selections that include popular local restaurants, imaginative fusion eateries, conventional comfort food joints, and renowned international branded chains.

In this blog, we focus on how to choose the best to-go delivery script in the market based on these key aspects.


This requirement tops the list when choosing a to-go delivery script for your food ordering needs. Right from installing an app to making payments for an order, convenience in the form of minimal phone taps is a key selling point for many food delivery services.

Also, tracking an order and the delivery personnel on the app is a prominent feature that customers depend on. The UI needs to be user-friendly and responsive with menu items, app options, and icons being eye-catching, intuitive, and easy-to-use.

Feature-Rich Application

Even if your to-go delivery script has a lesser number of features, they need to be impressive and functional. It is important to ensure that these features enhance the overall usage of your food ordering clone script that is similar to the Just Eat Clone.

Some important features customers love include,

  • Quick ordering and checkout
  • Displaying the most popular restaurants or the ones offering great deals on the home page
  • Easy discount voucher application
  • Order and Delivery tracking
  • Order Customization
  • Addition of note about the food ordered for a restaurant
  • Restaurant or cuisine recommendations

Third-party App Integration

Many people want to share stories about their orders on a to-go delivery script on their social media accounts. They would love to take pictures and share them with friends instantly.

Some people may want to comment on their order on the restaurant’s social media page too. Third-party app integrations help customers share experiences, discover coupons, sign-up quickly, seek recommendations, and do more.

The Just Eat clone can be customized to your business’s needs, which includes support for third-party app integrations.


A to-go delivery script like Just Eat must be responsive to all types of devices like laptops, tablets, & mobile phones. This also includes Operating System compatibility with Android, iOS, Microsoft, etc.

The content quality, speed, and feel must be much different in these devices so that the customer experience offered is almost the same. The delivery script should also be adaptable to new technology changes without losing its compatibility.


This feature cannot be overlooked in any to-go delivery script. When customers sign up or sign in, they provide sensitive data (address, payment details, username, password, etc.)

Like the Just Eat Clone, any food ordering script developer must ensure that end-to-end encryption is programmed into the clone script using advanced security mechanisms.

Instant alerts and notifications should also be generated when security is compromised, or any changes happen in the customer’s food delivery app.

Exceptional Customer Service

A responsible and responsive customer care team is the engine that runs any to-go delivery script. Responding in real-time to customer queries, addressing their concerns, escalating issues, generating emails, and providing the best resolutions are areas for a stellar customer care team.

The Just Eat Clone implements chatbots and digital assistants to respond to customers in real-time and offer updates & suggestions. This reduces delays and improves the customer experience to a great extent.

These are the top six qualities that influence how customers and businesses choose the Best ‘To-Go’ Delivery Script in the Market.

Want to develop a high-quality online food ordering script that meets all the above requirements? Get in touch with team Gentle Ninja today!

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