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Kartrocket vs Shopify vs Prime Fusion

In this article lets do a crisp and detailed comparison between the 3 famous eCommerce platforms ie. Kartrocket vs Shopify vs Prime Fusion


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Kartrocket is a Delhi, India based Software As A Service (SaaS) eCommerce platform which let’s people start their own store for a monthly / Quarterly / Yearly fee. Kartrocket has also integrated shipping partner shiprocket that provides an interface to track shipments. Kartrocket’s customers are having mixed feeling about their platform.
When asked, here are some of the points that they gave out.

Kartrocket vs Shopify vs Prime Fusion


Kartrocket has some advantages that benefit a certain small-sized business group:
1. They provide a Mobile app for Sellers to manage the store, create products so it becomes easy to sell from anywhere.
2. They own and operate Shiprocket, because of Shiprocket’s integration in Kartrocket, they provide a one click shipping dashboard which tracks shipments from a few shipping partners they tie up with constantly for their service.
3. Kartrocket’s storefront can help list your store products on sites on Shopclues & Junglee. Thereby increasing your chances of multiplying your sales through other networks.
4. Ability to Sell Internationally (Available on platinum and enterprise),
5.You an manage your affiliates on the Dashboard of Kart Rocket, this helps in increasing your influencer base so people can write about your product and get paid out for the same.
6. Basic sales automation features are available. An effective Recommendations engines etc are known to increase sales, like the ones you see on Amazon. Kartrocket claims to have them in place.

1. Poor Customer Experience:
The common complaint that everyone puts forward is that the complaints are not tended to promptly or sometimes ignored.
2. Hosted platform that has a recurring fee that can add up as you grow. Though it may sound less, As you grow, this may become a significant burden.
3. International selling / shipping is only available to Platinum and upwards. If you have very less products and need international selling you’ll still have to buy platinum plan without the use for it except the international selling feature.
4. Payment processor like Paypal isn’t available by default to all plans. Which may hinder selling digital products on the base plan.
5. Templates that are currently available are slightly older. They do not, reflect the changing trends in design. Some of the themes as the customers say, aren’t really responsive.
6. Integration with Marketing automation related apps or service isn’t available, like hootsuite.
Though the store provides automatic uploading of products in Shopclues and Junglee, you can only manually upload in Amazon and eBay.
7. While, the features mentioned are available, a lot of customers say that their experience has been buggy or glitch filled. A stable solution is yet to be available.

Prime Fusion

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Prime Fusion is again an Open Source Node JS based eCommerce platform. It is built on MEAN Stack. The folks behind Prime Fusion chose to go with pure MEAN stack as they wanted to replace the traditional Php Based eCommerce solutions like Magento, WooCommerce etc. Unlike Reaction Commerce, Prime Fusion is focused mainly on end customers than developers. Called ” Worlds first Business ready eCommerce platform”, Prime Fusion seems to analyze all the real-time issues eCommerce owners face & the entire solution is built around this concept.Lets take a look at the Pro’s & Con’s for this platform.

Kartrocket vs Shopify vs Prime Fusion


  • Based purely on MEAN Stack & does on depend on any other architectures. This makes it easy for any MEAN stack developer to take it up and start playing around with it instantly.
  • Open Source and Free.
  • Business focused. The platform gives more focus on essential features & road map that is a real pain for eCommerce site owners.
  • Fast & Light weight.
  • Comes with Android & iOS apps.
  • Has many Apps integrated already. Comes with some sleek templates.


  • Relatively new in the market. So there is not much of community effect still.
  • Not much Plugins & Themes as present for Magento & Woocommerce.


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Shopify is a Saas based eCommerce platform from Ottawa, Canada which lets users start their online store. With Shopify you can create stores that can sell anything online or using POS enabled systems that can integrate with Shopify. Shopify is one of the big Saas based eCommerce store provider.

Kartrocket vs Shopify vs Prime Fusion


1. Shopify boasts an easy to use interface let’s anyone to setup and operate their store. Since it’s available in multiple languages, it’s easy for small businesses in different part of the world to get their stores online.

2. Features such as Email / SMS notifications, Facebook store etc are present by default. This enables users to take advantage of social commerce at it’s best. Thereby expanding your store’s reach across the web.

3. Manual Order creation, Free SSL to all stores by default, Discount codes, Fraud analysis are some of the fine features of Shopify.

4. Shopify offers easy monthly or Annual payment options.

5. Availability of apps and modules of Shopify on it’s APP marketplace. Most of them are free plus you don’t have to pay anything extra for the basic site to function effectively.

6. Abandoned cart recovery feature is available to top tier stores. This Feature is essential for re-targeting customers across the Web.
7. Shopify has some of the best integrations to it’s platform. With most of the service providers willing to build their product to work with Shopify, their expansive extension store is really well equipped.
8. Shopify offers Paypal or stripe payment gateway, which let’s you take payments around the world.
9. Shopify allows Multiple images per product where sellers can upload different views of the product.
10. Unlimited products uploads are available for all the plans. This great, since other eCommerce platforms offer only limited product uploads and higher pricing.


1. Abandoned cart recovery is available only on the top tier plan, a useful feature like that should be made available to a few lower plans as well.

2. Shopify isn’t a multi-vendor marketplace platform. If you’re looking to start a site like Amazon, Flipkart, Etsy, etc. you will need to purchase a separate extension on the Shopify App store.

3. Shipping and selling Internationally isn’t available, you’ll need to add an Add-on to track shipping to your store. This may add up to the cost.

4. Shopify’s documentation isn’t extensive and needs a lot of work on it. This becomes tedious for users to figure things out by themselves.

5. Pricing of Shopify is actually expensive. They have a minimum feature set in the basic model, when you want some other features, these are developed by third party developers on the app store and they may cost a lot when you add it all up.

6. Custom Changes that are related to specific businesses are not possible on Shopify. Being a hosted Saas platform, Shopify doesn’t allow extensive features built specifically for your business to be implemented. Unless Shopify decides to publish a certain feature in it’s own timeline, the feature can never be implemented.

7. Since it’s Saas, the data is controlled by the Saas provider, If your business is scaling to the next level, should you decide to make your custom platform or use another platform, you won’t be able to do so without a proper data exporter. Most business service providers don’t build a Take out your data system properly, for the very reason that they don’t want their users to leave.

8. Customer service: Their customer support is mostly through email or call and the resolution rate is slightly slower than others.

9. Their default themes are okay, but if you want a really nice theme to get started you’ll need to buy them from the marketplace.

Hope you got a clear idea on which eCommerce platform to go with via this comparison of Kartrocket vs Shopify vs Prime Fusion

Do let us now your questions in the comments section below 🙂

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