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Best Laravel tutorial from top 10 providers


Laravel has become prominent in recent years to build PHP based web applications.


Note : the tutorials posted are not according to any ranking based system.

Here are a few tutorials that helps you on Laravel framework :

  1. Laravel unwrapped : Session, Auth and Cache (check it HERE )


Laravel’s actual framework is represented by the Laravel skeleton application (found on the laravel/laravel ( GitHub repository) that makes use of these components to build a web application.

In this tutorial by Nikko Bautista, you shall be diving into components, learning how they work, how they are used by the framework and how you can extend their functionality. This article throws some light on some of the Laravel’s confusing parts.

Session component, creating your own section handler, the OAuth component, creating your own Auth Handler, the Cache component and creating your own cache handler.


2. Simple Laravel CURD with resource controllers ( Check Here )

CURD- creating, reading, updating and deleting is used in every application. In this tutorial by Chris Sevilleja, you will go through a process of having an admin panel to create, read, update and delete a resource.

The tutorial will teach you how to set up databases and models, how to create its resource controllers and its routes, how to create necessary views and explaining each method in a resource controller.

To proceed with this tutorial, you will be needing the controller, the view files and the routes.

By the end of this tutorial you will have an idea about how the resource controllers can be used in all sorts of scenarios and many more.

3. Jason Lewis Laravel tutorials (Check HERE )

In this tutorial by Jason Lewis, you will have a lot of information about the Laravel framework. The tutorial focuses on reverse routing, events, routes or controllers controller and route layouts, a few basics, using forms and validator and many other critical topics.


Laravel Ins and Outs which is a forum will let you post your queries and can receive solutions from experts.

4. How to setup Laravel 4 ( Check Here )


A video tutorial by Jeffrey Way, describing exactly how to clone and work with the alpha version of Laravel 4 as well as composer. It is pretty manageable for a Laravel user.


5. Combining Laravel 4 and Backbone ( Check HERE )


In this tutorial by Conar Welsh, you will be learning to build a single page app using Laravel 4 and Backbone.js. (this becomes easy if you follow the tutorial of setting up Laravel 4 by Jeffery Way)  You will be using Mustache, an engine which is common to both the frameworks.

For this project you shall be using :

Laravel 4 which comes with new features and a great PHP framework, Mustache.php which is common for both Laravel and Backbone.js. Mustache.js. , the JavaScript engine for Mustache. PHP Unit, Mockery, Underscore.js. which is a great toolkit of functions.

You will need composer and Node+NPM, LESS Compiler to complete this tutorial.


6. Deploying a Laravel Application using Capistrano ( Check Here )


Now that you have built a web application, you need to deploy it. Although it can be done in various ways, this article by Johannes Schickling, will deal with how to deploy your backend system to your production server. This is a step-by-step tutorial. All you need to do is, on your remote server as it needs to provide ‘ssh’ access and on your local machine in order to install Capistrano,  to get started.

Choosing Capistrano because it is a utility for executing commands in parallel or multiple machines. It also supports tunneling connections through some gateway machines to perform the operations.

Laravel video tutorials and source code–net-35685

This is a site where you can find video tutorials on Laravel frameworks. It has 10 videos covering Laravel installation, configuration, basic routing and controller interaction. The views, layouts, the blade tempting engine, CRUD to retrieve, insert new data, update new data and delete the data as well as validating the data in models and security.

These are Youtube videos where you can download it as well.

7. Build your first Admin Bundle for Laravel (Check HERE )

Laravel has offered “Bundles” which will allow you to modularize code for you in future projects. There is something called “Bundle Dictionary” which contains excellent scripts and packages that you can use for your web applications.

In this tutorial by Stephen Radford, will enable you to build this from the scratch to make it easy. He even talks about securing the Bundle and all crucial points that are necessary to keep in mind while creating.


8. Larval 4 mastery (check Here )


This is an other article by Jeffrey Way teaching you from the start for Laravel 4. Everything from the inception :

Introduction, migrations, generators, controllers, routing, views, mails, validations and asset management with Guard Laravel.


9. Laravel PHP framework- collection of screencasts and tutorials ( Check HERE )

There are a bundle of books about the frameworks of Laravel which might help you to get a better understanding in the subject.

The article by Terry, has recommended Code Happy which is immensely helpful for people.


Here are a few more sources for the tutorials which might be helpful



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