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Lessons to learn from James Cameron on creating media hype for your products

Its a world of advertising and hype . No matter how good your product is , you definitely need to back it up with some excellent advertising that just makes your brand get registered in peoples mind .

Note : Advertising , Virality , Branding etc. are vast chapters by its own . We will cover them separately in different posts . Lets focus this post on the creation of PRE LAUNCH HYPE alone and how it is done in various other industries [  especially how its done by James Cameron ]

Why are we taking James Cameron’s style of Pre launch media hype creation as our case study ?

– Its Hollywood and movies are something that we all understand well … dont we ?
– The strategy used by James Cameron to create media hype can easily be replicated for any product in any industry.

Why is it important to check out this unique case study ?

– Caz what James Cameron has done has attracted millions of people and has generated billions of dollars in revenue.

– In many ways the strategies used by James Cameron and Steve Jobs seem to be similar for creating a pre launch media hype about a product .

So here we go ,

hyper media

Don’t advertise :

One of the coolest things about the up coming movies of James Cameron is what ever you hear or see about the movie won’t be any sort of paid advertisement ( or atleast it will seem as money has NOT been spent to get the information to you ) . Everything you hear and see about the upcoming movie is some sort of NEWS .

From his first movie Terminator to his latest box office hit Avatar , you get to hear a lot about the movie even before it gets released via. News Papers , Blogs , Radio etc.  and they are part of the editorial and not advertised . This creates an authentic feeling towards the subject and creates a sense of importance to the subject . People look forward towards NEWS media for trusted information and when NEWS about a subject is told it becomes a topic of importance .

Just imagine , its just a movie and everything about it is imagination and virtual . So if a news can be created around something that is by default known to be virtual – how much of news and media hype can you create for a solid product of yours ?

Work on something that has a media value :

Its not easy to get into the media as part of the editorial :)  You need to have NEWS worthy stuff or a compelling story to make it as an attractive editorial . If you take a careful look at all of James Cameron’s movies there will be something fascinating to speak about and munch on .See that you have the required meat for journalists in your story or product . Well its easy and you can always build that compelling story around your product in many ways ( Eg : the Student wonder Zukerberg’s story for Facebook , The way Google was named , The story behind how Starbucks invented the breakfast package etc. )

Once you have a real kicking media value around your product , the media will carry it for you to the masses ( as they require stories that their audience will love to read )


Leak out classified information about your product :

People always like to get a sneak preview of things that are not meant to be known before hand . Great marketers use this sentiment in a very effective manner . In the case of James Cameron’smovies there is always previews of the production work leaked , Photo graphs leaked , Trailers etc. that make people rush to check them out and share them with their friends . These snippets of information really get hooked to peoples mind and reserve a place that awaits to see the full show or the product . This also gives them a privileged feel of getting a view of something that others are not able to see ( so they can brag about it to others ) .

Apple has been using the above strategy effectively again & again for all their products . You always get to see leaked screen shots of the next iPhone left behind in a Pub , hotel etc.  and you know how people love forwarding and sharing these pictures or videos ( least do they know that all this has being engineered )

Note : To do the above trick , first your brand should be a bit famous and already in news again and again , or people wont bother to get a sneak peak :)

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