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Make way for Castasy, the new live streaming software!

Live streaming has changed the way people consume content over the years. Live Video streaming enables millions of people around the world to conduct classes, host interactions, and much more at the convenience of their home. Castasy Live Streaming Software allows anyone to start a live streaming website like twitch, periscope easily.

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Earlier, to broadcast an event, it had to be recorded, edited, color graded, and then broadcasted to viewers across the globe. This would take days to weeks before the event is streamed to viewers.

But that has changed over time and with the increased Internet infrastructure, the bandwidth consumption of users has also increased multiple folds. It’s quite common for users to try newer avenues for consuming interesting content.

What are some of the features of this Castasy Live streaming software?

Channel Page: Every creator / Vlogger can have a page of their own that they can promote and share the videos on. All their videos that are public are available on it. People can view their content if they have saved it or follow them to get notified.

Record Stream: Users can record their live stream and make it available on their page so fans can access it anytime.

Archived Content: Users can choose to privately archive their content on the platform.

Notifications: Castasy is a live streaming script that comes with an instant notification system where users are instantly notified when a new stream is added so that they can start watching it.

Comments: It allows user engagement in the form of comments and reactions. All the comments are visible on the video stream. Users have the option to turn off/turn on comments.

Profanity filter:  Profanity filter blocks abusive words and other content that is deemed derogatory.

Report Content:  Users can report content that is not in line with the guidelines of the platform. This keeps the platform safe for everyone on it.

Performance: It’s a high-performance software since the streaming software powering the software improves the performance by leaps and bounds.

Admin Panel: It comes with a sophisticated admin panel so that the owner of the app can control the app better. Castasy can be downloaded on any smartphone and can be used instantly and efficiently.

Unique URL: Every stream is assigned an individual URL, using which any user can view the stream in on the desktop.

Stream Visibility: Make the stream visible to the public or stream in private, the script gives complete control over your video stream.

Why does it make sense to start a business with this Live Streaming Software?

Live Streaming Softwares are dime a dozen, creating one would take time and effort. Only a developer and development company that has expertise in building a product of that scale can truly build an efficient one.


Backend is powered by two main components, the primary functions are built and handled by Nodejs, and the media encoding and streaming optimizations are handled by the DARWIN RTMP streaming server. The front end is powered by AngularJS. The script is configurable with most Content Delivery Networks and Colocation services that are available in the market. The live streaming software gives you the technological edge.


The product is designed by a team of User experience designers who have worked on streaming products and content streaming platforms around the world. It has an elegant design, that offers optimum viewing experience on any device the app is present on or on supported browsers. It’s a clutter-free design at its best.


Support for the product is stellar, the support team understands the customer’s needs and then helps them out accordingly. If you have a developer already, they can either assist them with installing the script or install it for you completely.


The team that built Castasy live streaming software is renowned for building many other video streaming products and On-demand video content platforms. They’ve built products like Netflix Clone, Periscope clone, and Twitch Clone.


The developers have identified multiple revenue opportunities within the product, right from the pre-roll and post-roll ads, Extra stream storage fee, to banner ads, the script has some of the best minds working to integrate monetization channels continuously.

Infrastructure Aware

Depending on a hosting service is very difficult since their rules and regulations can change frequently. However, with Castasy, it’s easy to run a streaming business easily and efficiently. Users get their own high performing streaming server which when hosted on an AWS can create an amazing live streaming experience. All future upgrades are absolutely free of cost. Administrators can manage their streaming server with a dedicated DevOps dashboard that comes along with Castasy.

For an affordable price, the software comes as a full package that includes a streaming server, a mobile app, and a website, installation documents and free support for the first three months.

Make way for Castasy, the new live streaming software!
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Make way for Castasy, the new live streaming software!
Castasy is a ready-made Live Streaming Software allows anyone to start a live streaming website like twitch, periscope easily.
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