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Make way for Castasy, the new live streaming software!

Live streaming changed the way the world watched events. Earlier, events were recorded, edited and then broadcasted to viewers across the globe. But real time action and excitement was missing in such broadcasts and soon the internet was introduced to live streaming. With the touch of a button, users could tune into any event happening across the globe from sports, entertainment to corporate events.

Castasy is the new live streaming script that is set to be released in June 2015. It comes with a NGINX RTMP streaming server. Now any one can start a live streaming business with Castasy.

Live streaming services have been around for a long time. More corporate organizations have turned to live streaming to hold business meetings. Channels have pre-determined pricing for their services, for broadcasting events and for holding individual meetings. However now with the advent of Castasy, an organization or individual can start their own live streaming channel free of adverts and costs.

Made with technical expertise and know-how, Castasy is great new live streaming script that is coming soon. It comes with versions for desktop users, Android and iOS. Castasy allows anyone to buy the script and start his own live streaming channel for streaming anything from TV shows, movies, live sporting events, corporate events and many other live events over the internet.

Depending on a hosting service is very difficult since their rules and regulations can change frequently. However with Castasy, it’s easy to run a streaming business easily and efficiently. Users get their own high performing streaming server which when hosted on an AWS can create a magical live streaming experience. All future upgrades are absolutely free of cost. Users can manage their streaming server with a dedicated dashboard that comes along with Castasy.

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Important features of the mobile app include:

Castasy is a live streaming script that comes with an instant notification system where Twitter users are instantly notified when a new stream is added so that they can start watching it. It allows user engagement in the form of comments. Its a high performance software, since the streaming software powering the software improves the performance by leaps and bounds. It comes with a sophisticated admin panel, so that the owner of the app can control the app better. Castasy can be downloaded on any smartphone and can be used instantly and efficiently.

Important features of the website include:

Every stream is assigned an individual URL, using which any user can view the stream in on the desktop.

The URLs can be shared with others increasing the visibility of your stream. Since each new stream has an individual URL, there is no limit to the number of streams that can be viewed from the browser. All the features that are present in the app are present in the website as well including commenting, Leader board and sharing.

For an affordable rate of $399 the software comes as a full package that includes a streaming server, a mobile app and a website, installation documents and free support for the first three months. For an installation fee of $199, the busy gets help in running the software.

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