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How to do Marketing & Selling on Facebook Groups

Google’s Search Engine Optimization strategies are important, but Facebook has been at the heart of the marketing strategy for many individuals and organizations.

Let’s dive into see what Facebook can do for your business.

Marketing on Facebook has many advantages:

  • Reachability to a wide audience pool
  • Support for Rich media Ads and measurement tools
  • Facebook pages with flexibility for different business type
  • Ability to build a Community around your business.
  • Targeted Advertisement management

There are different ways to market and sell on Facebook, but let’s focus on Facebook Groups.

Selling through Facebook

While your website has all your products listed, Facebook in its recent upgrade, has added the ability to sell products or digital goods on groups, you’re now able to sell in Facebook groups.

Once you create a For Sale group, you’ll see an option to “sell something” in your Facebook update.

If you don’t yet see this option in your Facebook group, you need to check if it’s available in your location, as Facebook for sale option is available in only certain countries.

Listing all your products on Facebook group will organize your products so your users can see it and get more information or purchase them.

These products can also be used for creating ads on the platform, where relevant users can be targeted easily.

Build an Exclusive community for your premium customers

If you are in the business of selling content / tutorials , give customers who purchase it access to a private members only Facebook group. This would encourage them to ask questions, while building a knowledgebase of sorts where other members can also learn from your reply, this in turn will create a close bond and trust with other customers.

This will soon make it comfortable for them to purchase regularly without a doubt.

Keeping conversations separate

It’s always wise to keep the conversations separate, a regular Facebook or Twitter feed can cause confusion, or even have a running discussion on their Facebook page, may want to separate it from their business. They can do so through a private Facebook group. It’s also a great way to promote upcoming chats and guests. Plus, you can keep the conversations focused.

Become an Influencer

One of the solid way to use Facebook groups for business is to become an influencer in your niche. Create a group or contribute your knowledge to one that already exists.

On your path to grow as an influencer, Facebook groups are a great platforms to show off your knowledge and get the attention and the social clout.

Key part of becoming an influencer is to try and be helpful to your peers / members of the groups as well, this will create a positive effect on the brand or yourself as an individual influencer.

Your members will in turn spread the word for you, about the group or brand.

A/B Testing and Feedback

Feedback is crucial. It lets you test and tweak new ideas on some of your existing customers, while performing A/B testing. One way to do that is to start a Facebook group to use as a think-tank for your business.

Create a secret Facebook group, invite some of your best customers and openly discuss new ideas you’re thinking about implementing in your business. Then gather feedback from them.

This type of group provides a way to build stronger relationships with customers, while helping business owners collect honest feedback on what their customers might like.

Provide Customer Service

Every business needs to provide a way for customers to get help. While this could be through your Facebook page, a secret Facebook group is a great option.

One of the main reasons to start a secret group, in lieu of a closed one, is because secret groups won’t be accesible by the general public and rather needs a direct link and permission form the administrator / moderator. This gives you much efficiency & control over allowing new customers in. Plus, it shields your business from disgruntled customers.

Facebook groups are a great way to bring value to your customer’s relationships.

If you’re open about having a transparent feedback system, you can use a closed group. However, be sure to write a clear description of who the group is for, otherwise you’ll get a lot of irrelevant users signing up and would be hard to manage the requests.


One of the greatest advantages of using Facebook is their notification system, if they are following and whenever you update something, it shows up on the customer’s notifications.

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