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Marketing tools for small business

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, newbie at a marketing agency, or your marketing team bailed out on you, we’ve all been there.

There are tools that can aid you in bringing more traffic to your product or site. Let’s look at some of the tools.

Some of the marketing tools we recommend are:

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is one of the basic and the most important thing that an internet marketer would require.


You need to know where your users come from, where your users are browsing currently on your site. While you’re trying to bring in the traffic, how will you measure?

Google Analytics does that for you, with a little bit of training, you can set up the analytics, read, analyse and interpret the data.

Knowing your analytics, helps you plan your content, build a strategy to improve your reach and on what platforms to focus on to get more visitors to your site.

Google’s Analytics academy has a detailed course on this here

Crowdfire APP

Crowdfire is something which I would personally recommend. It’s a marketing automation app, (for both web & mobile). Crowdfire lets you post & schedule content that you curate based on the best times your audience interact automatically or at the time the post you feel is right based on your own research. It gives you control over posting times.

Crowfire let’s you track the progress of how your post is performing overall. Shows you if people followed or unfollowed your account, suggests you posts to share with your audience, based on the interests you’ve selected while setting it up.

If you have a blog or a website, it asks you if you want to queue up the updates from the blog and share it with your audience, it even reminds you to do it every morning. Sort of helps you form the habit.

Also, Crowdfire publishes to multiple sources that you select.

Note: The latest version of Crowdfire features a bot which takes you through all the steps necessary.

You can read the quick start guide by Crowdfire on how to use their platform here


Hootsuite isΒ  a social media Dashboard & scheduler, the basic functions of hootsuite & Crowdfire are the same. Except, Hootsuite has a friendly dashboard that gives you a better control over the data you’ve scheduled to share.

Hootsuite also has analytics for links, to track the reach and measure the links that have been clicked on the posts you share.

Hootsuite comes with three different plans (one of them being free with some limitations), so you can try it well before you invest in the tool.

Here’s a Video of the How to use tutorial.



MailTrack is a great utility for email marketing, ever been in a scenario where your are waiting for your prospective customer’s reply, whether they’ve read it or not.

Mailtrack lets you to get a notification when your recipient gets your email and reads it too.

In marketing, this helps if you’re cold contacting various people through email, but you want to know if they would open your email & read it.

You can run A/B testing, where you can, send certain amount of users with one set of headline and the other with another headline. See which performs better and then decide. πŸ™‚


Hotjar is a heatmaps analytics and feedback collection platform, just like you have analytics, Heatmaps are equally important, but it’s overlooked.

To give you an example, your most valuable assets to make a sale is your landing page, which you spends hours, days and probably weeks to put together for your customers to see.

But what happens when none of the important details get seen by the customer, sure it’s on the page, but doesn’t mean your users would notice it.

Heatmaps are used by marketing, UX / UI professionals who conduct various tests to understand what works and what doesn’t. You can conduct tests on finding the right color, placement and size of the elements on the page.

Hotjar can help you do all that and even help conduct a closed loop one on one testing session right on your site, with interested users after they opt-in.


Canva is a web based image editing and graphic creation tool. It’s not any other tacky image editing tool that you may find on the internet. Canva is actually well designed, it’s drag and drop, click to edit and easy to use.

If you still need help using Canva, they again have a tutorial here

The learning curve is pretty easy. You can even dish out posters like this. In Fact, this was made using Canva

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Found the tools useful? made a great tool for marketers and Growth Hackers, got another set of tools to share? Leave it in the comments below πŸ™‚

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