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MiracleGroup eCommerce Development Company Review

MiracleGroup is an eCommerce development company that strongly collaborates with its clients to strongly bring out the best with every project with each partnership. Every eCommerce company is striving to achieve something better but to sustain and to remain ahead in the competition is something very challenging. It is custom global software development company that provides outsourced professional application development and custom software development services. They believe in partnering with the clients because they believe that partners understand each other better, sharing a common goal for software quality assurance.

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MiracleGroup Review

eCommerce development company

Most Positive Review

A lot has been said about the company in their website and when checked their website, we just couldn’t find any online reviews here. A thorough research was carried on Google and other search engines but we just couldn’t find any positive reviews about this sixteen year old company.

Most Negative Review

Erric, New York (USA)
I was originally quoted for a block of 120 hours, and was told maybe 10-20 hours to reskin and bug fix my app. I was given a six week time frame for completion. I was also told that their programming staff was US based. Later, I found out that their “management” was based in the US but their programmers were off short.
Throughout the project, we went through several “program managers”, come in the US, more offshore. We heard a couple of them got fired, based upon how they handled our project. Finally, after almost six month…. not six weeks, but months… did we get our new mobile app launched. They got a bill for 290 hours!! We were told that we would be notified after each block of 10 hours was used. That never happened. And Long Nguyen, told me he was sorry that they did not follow what our agreement was and that any future engagement, he personally would handle our account.
So after weeks of negotiating, we settled on a lesser amount but really felt like they took advantage of us.

The Pros

  • Miracle Group Offers a One Week Trial, free of cost that allows you to hire a dedicated software developer or web developer without involving a contract or any fees and if not satisfied, you are free to choose another web developer
  • Their Big eCommerce software Features
    – Many marketing tools with SMM, coupons, product listings, built in comparisons and more
    – Hundreds of apps available for add ons
    – Order management
    – Point and click tools
    – Inventory management
    – Recover lost sales with abandoned cart saver
    – SEO Friendly
  • Custom design is always an option when you are not sure which theme will be right for your business.
  • Overall Customization
  • Big Commerce comes with built-in ease of customization which helps to create custom codes for every functionality of your website. They can vary stores according to your Big Ecommerce needs.
  • Auto-generated sitemaps
  • Big Commerce has the functionality to help you generate clean, simple and SEO friendly sitemaps that tell search engines exactly what pages you need on top and in what order. It also lets you control what pages shouldn’t be shown, so that you can preserve your ranking in the search engines.
  • Easy processing of orders
    As a business, you shouldn’t track each and every order manually. Big Commerce has built-in features that will do it all for you.

The Cons

  • No HTTPS: does not use HTTP Secure. So all communications are not encrypted!
  • Very low popularity: ranks #1,471,355 among over 30 million websites in world. Ranks #220,714 in India
  • Social engagement stats: Very low- Just 60 shares on Facebook, 1588 stats on Google Plus, and just 5 on StumbleUpon
  • Unsatisfactory from Child Safety Point of View: With WOT Child Safety Rating, we found that has Unsatisfactory Score. This eCommerce development company website may not be safe for children.

Technical Specs

Price: No information related to pricing and packages are available
Intended users: Someone looking to advertise their products online through their online store (Single vendor) big businesses looking for a multi-vendor type of eCommerce platform
Devices supported: Web and iOS/Android
Support options: Customer care only
Domain age: 2000-12-04
Social popularity: Very low popularity

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