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Things to keep in mind when designing a mobile ecommerce app.

Mobile app development is one of the most impactful things that have made the high sales of smartphones even a possibility. There are smartphones coming up every day with a better version in a single series. These smart phones are always improving their RAM and when you have to install multiple applications on your smartphone, it is important to have a space that will not get filled up easily. In this article lets look at the major factors for any Mobile ecommerce design inspiration.

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While there are apps for pretty much everything today, the most important ones include the mobile ecommerce app. These are the highly used apps when it comes to a smartphone. Gaming apps are popular as well, but they take too much space and when we talk about ecommerce mobile apps, they are pretty much more of a necessity. There are many popular ecommerce websites that have already seen the potential of a mobile ecommerce app and are having lucrative profits from it.

And almost every small ecommerce business is putting up a mobile shopping platform as well. This has become possible thanks to mobile ecommerce designing. You can get help from various websites and companies who will do the job for you, but they charge too much for the same.

Mobile ecommerce design inspiration

This is why there is an option for designing mobile ecommerce apps with the help of templates and other themes available online. But, designing a mobile ecommerce app is not an easy job. Since you will be selling your products online, it becomes necessary to keep in mind the important points when you go ahead with your prototypes and plans.

There are many companies that just take the mobile version of their ecommerce mobile app that comes with the web development and this might look good and have great features, but there are plenty of glitches to be seen once the user starts browsing on them. Everyone is shopping on their mobile phones because it is not only convenient but because it is fast and personalized. And if your mobile ecommerce app takes a second longer to load, there will be problems from the end of the customers.

And if you are still not adamant on getting a mobile ecommerce app for your business, then you will be missing out on huge revenue that could have easily come your way.

When it comes to mobile ecommerce apps, there are plenty of factors to be kept in mind. Just having a vague idea about the look and the specs of your mobile ecommerce app is not going to suffice; you should have a plan following those ideas. These plans will help you achieve your amazing ecommerce mobile app. Plus, you need to focus on the various small details as well when it comes to designing a mobile ecommerce app. The functionality and the design, both have to be integrated properly in order to create a stunning mobile ecommerce design.

So, when you have gathered as much as information as you need for your mobile ecommerce app, you might need some mobile ecommerce design inspiration and for that, you are at the right place.

There are plenty of things that need to be looked at and considered when creating your own mobile app so you can reap all the benefits of having an ecommerce store on the small screen. So, let us start with what all you can do in order to get your mobile ecommerce app right.

  1. Purpose of your mobile app

An ecommerce website that has to be run on the mobile platform needs to have a responsive design but before we get in all those specifications, you need to be sure of the purpose of your mobile ecommerce app. This is one of the most critical and fundamental questions that you will have to ask yourself. There is a lot of things that you will have to take care of when you are building the mobile ecommerce app and since the ultimate reason why everyone creates a mobile ecommerce app is to boost their sales, you will have to focus on features such as, ‘Buy Now’, ‘Add to Cart’ and all the other relevant Call to actions that will propel your sales in no time. Mobile conversion rates are the fastest growing numbers and you have to tap in that pool of customers.

Mobile ecommerce design inspiration

  1. Brand design and presence should be next

Establishing your brand name and making it familiar with all your customers is what you should aim at when you are creating the mobile ecommerce store. This is where consistency comes into the picture and it should be there in your mobile ecommerce app as well. So, when you are designing the app, make sure you infuse your band’s presence properly on the entire app. For doing this, you could have a picture of your company logo and other tag lines on the landing page itself. The mobile app should also be neat and clean. You can look at a couple of famous ecommerce apps for your Mobile ecommerce design inspiration.

  1. Clarity matters and more than design

Another important thing you have to understand about mobile ecommerce app designing is clarity. It comes first and you can have lots of designs and different colors on your mobile app, but if the site is not clear to the people, they won’t spend much time on it. So, in order to achieve that clarity on your mobile ecommerce app, you should create simple menus that will be comprehensible for a first time user as well. The value of your app should become relevant with this and every other component of your mobile ecommerce app is important.

Mobile ecommerce design inspiration

  1. 3 A/B testing is another important thing

Creating a mobile ecommerce app is not the entire job. Having an app leaves you with the question whether your designs and other functionalities have worked in your favour or not. This is where A/B testing comes in the picture. Before going live and launching your ecommerce app, you will have to test it on real devices and to do this, you can have your own team or people who work for your interaction and ease of use of the app for at-least 3-7 days.

This will give you a chance to see which feature is working and which seems redundant. The elements and animations that are deemed important for your mobile app should function seamlessly. In A/B testing, there is also the concept of micro testing where you test each element in a real time environment and when you do this for your site, you get a real idea of where your mobile ecommerce app is doing great and where it is bound to fail.

  1. The type of device it will run on

There are different types of mobile devices and the two most important of them are the Android and iOS. So, this is another question that you will have to ponder over. You should build an app that is not only limited to a single type of device but can be used across all the various platforms.

And when you have come up with an ecommerce app which is responsive for almost all the types of device, it is important to have them up and running on any type of screen resolution. This will give your mobile ecommerce app optimal performance which will boost the number of people that stick to your app. Because there are different types of screens pertaining to tablets and desktops, delivering optimal performance on each of them becomes even more important. check some top shopping apps for your Mobile ecommerce design inspiration.

  1. The type of audience you will be targeting

Knowing this at the initial stages is going to get you the base of audience who will be loyal to your ecommerce store. And to have that, you will have to serve well to this targeted base of your audience. When you are creating your ecommerce store, the first question you need to ask yourself is the demographics of your targeted audience and whether your products are serving the local market or other areas as well.

For instance, a high end clothing store will not do anything for people who don’t have that kind of money. Hence, you will have to design your ecommerce mobile app accordingly.

Check a couple of shopping apps for your Mobile ecommerce design inspiration on how to target it for a set of niche audience.

  1. Time to get your users

There are paid as well as organic ads to acquire more users for any online ecommerce store. Hence, when you are designing an ecommerce mobile app, you will have to work on every bit of it including the back-end framework. The admin dashboards and the marketing tools are equally important and just putting your business on the map won’t earn you profits, you will have to work a user acquisition plan to get as many users as you can for your mobile ecommerce app.

If you are going for the paid acquisition plans, then Facebook is the right place to start and for the organic ones, you can work on App store customization which will help you fetch more users. The latter will work because around 63% of the entire downloads on the app store are through general browsing.

  1. Distribution of the app

As we just said above that putting an online ecommerce site is only the half job done, you need to focus on the marketing tactics as well when it comes to your ecommerce mobile app. There are plenty of ways to get the distribution of your way right and you need to ask yourselves all the right questions about it. First you need to have a clear understanding of how you will do it- whether you intend to use email blasts, newsletters, promotions, PPC marketing, Facebook, app-specific discounts or other TV adverts. All this has to be clear from the beginning when it comes to the distribution of the app.

  1. Speed is a fundamental factor

Were you aware of the fact that showing a progress bar helps you get more interactions from your user? Yes, when the user sees the time it takes to access your site’s page and the time taken to download a single page ensures a 50% chance of reduction in the drop-off.

The reason behind this is that users hate to wait or for that matter, anyone who is on the internet and a smartphone. And if the user sees that your mobile ecommerce app is at fault, they will switch immediately.

Hence, you should never neglect the speed of your mobile ecommerce app. So, when you design your ecommerce app, make sure you don’t put anything heavy on the site that will just become a problem and interfere with your sales conversion. And along with having a fast ecommerce app, it also gives you a boost when you have an app that can be easily reached and gels well with the customers.

Test out a few famous apps for your Mobile ecommerce design inspiration, on how to design fast apps.

  1. Security considerations of your app

Since people will be using their bank account details to buy things from your ecommerce website, it becomes important to ensure that you take care of the security and privacy concerns of your ecommerce mobile app. Make sure the apps you design for your Mobile ecommerce design inspiration also has a lot of security features.

  1. Customization of the app

Having all the control of your ecommerce app gives you the authority over it, right? So, when you leave some options to the user as well, you give your users a sense of ownership. This could include small details of your ecommerce site which could be customized like the app colour, privacy settings especially the social media settings.

When you are making this option feasible, ensure that it is compelling but at the same time, it should not be misused. Moreover, it shouldn’t hinder the functionality of your ecommerce mobile app.

  1. It should have its presence felt on all social media platforms

Social media plays a vital role in the success of many things and makes stuff viral. It is only common sense that you get all the social media integration on your mobile ecommerce app. Social media has more influence on the sales of a company than its brand value and it is popular for word of mouth sales pitch. Thus, it becomes important that you have the social media sharing buttons at all the right places.

Hope the article help you in your quest for a good Mobile ecommerce design inspiration.

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