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Incredible mobile app ideas to start instantly !

Mobile app ideas are hard to come by. In the six short years that apps have been around, there have been billions of apps created, and several billion downloads. However, mobile app ideas of a brilliant nature have been far and few. Of all those billions of apps, only a few mobile app ideas stand out from the crowd. Does this mean that mobile app ideas are hard to come by? How does an ordinary person get excellent mobile app ideas? Can new mobile app ideas 2014 still manage to appeal to a large audience?

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It doesn’t take a genius to come up with mobile app ideas. It only takes time. And if you don’t have time to think of mobile app ideas on your own, then fret not. You can use turnkey mobile app ideas mentioned in this article to kick start your business. Presented here are ten new mobile app ideas 2014 to get you started.

Uber for Laundry ( click HERE to get the script )

An excellent example of mobile app ideas is Uber for Laundry. Using such mobile app ideas you can quickly start an Uber-like service for a laundry business. Such mobile app ideas allows the user to press a button saying, ‘Get me a laundry service’ and immediately get the nearest laundromat to pick up the clothes, get them cleaned and return them. Mobile app ideas can’t get any simpler than this. These mobile app ideas gives you a script to install the system, and with this mobile app ideas you can set up an app for users and customers separately. Doesn’t that seem like an excellent example of mobile app ideas?


Uber for Recovery Trucks ( click HERE to get the script )

The next instance of mobile app ideas is to start an Uber-like service for recovery trucks. Such new mobile apps ideas allows people stranded on the road to get a recovery truck to their location, simply by opening the app provided by this mobile app ideas, and click on a button, “Get me a recovery truck”. Such mobile app ideas can be successful since several people get stranded on the road and using their mobile to get rescued would seem like a great exmple of mobile app ideas. So take advantage of such cool mobile app ideas. Get your business started with useful mobile app ideas that people will love.

 Uber for Plumbers ( click HERE to get the script )

This is another example of useful mobile app ideas that provide immense value to the users. Such mobile app ideas allow users to request a plumber service on-demand, and these mobile app ideas simplify the process to clicking a button saying, “Get me a plumber”. The mobile app ideas is easy to install, and provides separate apps for the users and the plumbers. With such mobile app ideas you can take your business to the next level by providing a useful service to the community. So make use of such mobile app ideas and get your business pumped for an exciting turn.

 Uber for Maids ( click HERE to get the script )

People often look for maids to help them out with never-ending housework. This instance of mobile app ideas allows you to take advantage of this market. With these mobile app ideas users get an easy way to get maids ready to work at their home, all by using the app given by such mobile app ideas. This is a truly useful example of mobile app ideas 2014 since people have become busier these days, and are familiar with various mobile app ideas to getting their everyday work done. So using mobile app ideas to look for maids would seem natural to these people.

Uber for Flowers ( click HERE to get the script )

Mobile app ideas don’t necessarily have to be complex. This particular example of mobile app ideas for instance, is based on a simple service, that of providing flowers to users at their doorstep, on-demand. Such mobile app ideas give users an app that allows them to order flowers whenever they like, to an address of their choice. Such mobile app ideas are bound to be successful since florists aren’t usually available on-demand. These mobile app ideas, when properly utilized, can grow quickly. So be sure to take advantage of such exciting mobile app ideas and let your business grow on a fast scale.

 Flamer – A Tinder Clone

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Flamer is an exciting instance of mobile app ideas that build off of the success of Tinder. This clone is a neat example of mobile app ideas that give users the benefit of using a Tinder-like service on their desktop along with mobile apps. So these mobile app ideas actually extend the application beyond mobiles. This could be a very interesting addition to your mobile app ideas collection. Once you get execute such mobile app ideas you can tap into the dating market instantly and reap rich dividends. Such mobile app ideas is a fast track way to grow your business. Clone ( click HERE to get the script ) is among the hottest new mobile app ideas on the block. You won’t be too late to the game if you take advantage of such mobile app ideas to build an exact clone of With users becoming all the more conscious about their privacy, such mobile app ideas would be a great way to capture this privacy-conscious market. Using these mobile app ideas would not take up a lot of your time. They’re easy to set up, and the market is ready out there. With a little effort, such mobile app ideas will be an excellent way to grow your mobile apps ideas collection.

 FreshIM – A Whatsapp Clone ( click HERE to get the script )

Gone are the days when people used to spend all their time on their desktop. With stunning new mobile app ideas invading the market, mobile is the place to be right now. And you can capitalize on this market with great mobile app ideas of your own. FreshIM is a clone of popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, and so on. Such mobile app ideas will allow you to jump start your business by tapping into the messaging market. This makes for a great instance of mobile app ideas since you will have to put in a relatively less amount of time in it compared to other mobile apps ideas.

Reddit Clone ( click HERE to get the script )

Reddit is fondly called the front page of the internet. Now imagine mobile app ideas that take this concept and bring it to the world of mobile. Such mobile app ideas give you a perfect clone of reddit and completely optimize it for mobile apps as well. Since these mobile app ideas build off of a popular idea, people will be more willing to adapt to these mobile app ideas. This script provides users with a beautifully designed app that offers full functionality similar to reddit. Such mobile app ideas would require little effort to set up and get going.

 Sneakpeek – A Snapchat Clone ( click HERE to get the script )

Another example of tapping into the privacy-conscious market includes mobile app ideas of building a snapchat clone. Such mobile app ideas provides users with a unique app called Sneakpeek, which is built on the foundation of the popular mobile app ideas, Snapchat. These mobile app ideas provide users with the popular self-destructing messages feature that made the original mobile app idea such a huge hit. So utilize such amazing mobile app ideas and add Sneakpeek to your mobile app ideas arsenal.

New mobile app ideas aren’t really hard to come by, but picking winning mobile app ideas from those that don’t have potential is the key to building a successful business. Strictly speaking, mobile app ideas are a dime a dozen. But picking some amazing mobile app ideas to work on makes all the difference in your business. Of all the mobile app ideas listed above, you need to choose the mobile app ideas that are most suitable for your business.


Since these mobile app ideas 2014 ready, you can be assured that your business will offer mobile app ideas relevant to the current trends. Building a business from using these mobile app ideas could take a little time based on how much you work on the business. But since you’ve picked winning mobile app ideas, you’ll be on the right path.

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