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Multi language plugin for eCommerce Marketplace Shopping cart

In any walk of international business, communication needs to be clear and precise. Using the right word leads to effective communication. On the flip side, a single misplaced word can result in communication breakdown. The truth of this is evident in our daily lives. Most activities in the lucrative e-commerce industry are centered on grabbing the attention of target audiences. It must be remembered that the seemingly innocuous phrase ‘target audiences’ encompasses both English speaking and non-English speaking customers. Non-English and non-native language speakers often find it perplexing to comprehend the content that is in a language unknown to them. If your e-commerce marketplace script is not equipped with a Multi-language module, no doubt, you are going to win the wooden spoon.

multiple language plugin ecommerce platform

Understanding Multi language module:

English speaking customers account for nearly one-fourth of world’s population. This clearly implies that non-English speaking customers account for a towering three-fourth of world’s population. In countries such as Canada, people speak English and French. In United States, there are umpteen Spanish speakers. To strike roots with the people of European Union, your e-commerce marketplace script should support at least Dutch, Italian, Hungarian and German languages, if not more. In countries such as India and Pakistan, support to Hindi language is a pre-requisite. Not to forget the mention of the land of dragons and emperors, i.e., China- not many intellectuals and plebeians understand English. More often than not, they converse in mandarin. Incorporating Multi-language module means meeting the requirements of the aforementioned global audiences. By incorporating Multi language module, you can experience a paradigm shift from local milieu to global milieu.

Note: Our Buy and Sell script comes with Multi language plugin. You can add any language in the world. It uses cutting edge translator API built within the platform. If you own any other eCommerce platform, we can customize this plugin to interact with your code.

Understanding the benefits associated with Multi language Module:

Cross border e-commerce:

The last decade was indeed a period of constant introspection for many e-commerce giants where e-commerce pundits propounded that the business of e-commerce remained a matter of national affair. US costumers ordered goods and services from US based Amazon, Gap and Walmart. China followed the trend as its people preferred buying from TMall, and Taobao. Indian preferred Snapdeal and Flipkart. However, with the merging trends in e-commerce industry, the buying patterns and characteristics of customers started changing. Global smartphone penetration, excellent shipping facilities and advanced logistics created the much needed magical moments. As a consequence, cross border e-commerce took a bit of shine. All in all, the importance of having a multi-language module cannot be discounted in such a scenario.

Improved customer experience:

To strike a chord with customers, it is necessary to create localized experiences. This can be done by furnishing the content of the products in the native language of customer. Your e-commerce marketplace script lives up to the enviable credentials only if it wins the hearts of customers. Whenever information is provided in native language, customers get satisfied and conversion rates increase. A feeling of ‘personal touch’ is imbibed in their hearts. Remember, customer satisfaction is an intangible asset.

Winning the trust:

Trust is another intangible asset that can work wonders. If your ecommerce marketplace script is well supplied with multi language module and other endearing features, winning the trust of customers becomes easier. These customers may spread the good word and may act as influencers also. Very often, they transform themselves from occasional buyers to repeated buyers. Customer ratings and reviews are bound to be positive. It is highly likely that customers may make a beeline for your goods and services. Eventually, this results in a huge legion of fans for your goods and services.

Upsurge in e-commerce transactions:

Due to the presence of various languages, global clientele take not much time in comprehending the content. Average time taken to successfully close a deal decreases. An upsurge in e-commerce transactions is in the offing!

multi language ecommerce php

Thanks to the presence of high performance Google Translate API in our e-commerce marketplace script, the concept of multi-language support is no longer a fantasy. Our product is getting rave reviews due to the superlative ability of multi-language module. Depending upon the user’s location, the content is displayed in his/her native language. This is primarily achieved in the following ways:

User’s browser: Whenever a user visits our e-commerce site, he/she is prompted to share his/her location. If the user approves the option of capturing his/her location based on his browser settings, his/her location is captured and the site is displayed in the native language of the user.

IP: This doesn’t require the approval of the user. Whenever a user visits our site, his/her location is tracked. The user’s IP is determined. Thus, the country in which the user resides is also determined. The content of the website is displayed accordingly in the native language of the user.

It can thus be safely concluded that the advantages associated with a multi-language module are manifold. Our ecommerce marketplace script is unique and stands ahead of other similar products due to its breathtaking features.

Note: Our Buy and Sell script comes with Multi language plugin. You can add any language in the world. It uses cutting edge translator API built within the platform. If you own any other eCommerce platform, we can customize this plugin to interact with your code.

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