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Comparing the Top 10 Music Players on iOS

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One of the reasons for the revival of Apple was its revolutionary music player, the iPod. It was only after the stunning success of the iPod that the company began its incredible journey of becoming the world’s most valuable company. Despite the gigantic launches of the iPhone and the iPad, Apple has still retained its strong ties with music, and this is evident by the time and resources the company puts into its iTunes project. The default music player for all iOS devices is of course, iTunes. However, several alternative music players for the iOS have come out and have proven to be much better than iTunes. This article lists the top 10 music players for iOS, without counting iTunes.

1. Soundwave
This is a cross-platform music player that is more of a social music player rather than a conventional player. It allows you to share and discover music with your friends, and can even track your music taste across Youtube, Pandora, iTunes and other services.

2. Toones
Toones is a well-built gesture based music player that aims to offer you a button-less music playback experience. It does take a while to remember all the gestures to control playback, but once you’ve settled in, it’s a smooth experience.

3. Scrobbler
The next entry on our list of top 10 music players for iOS is Scrobbler, is supported by the popular music service The app focuses on automatically ordering your music into playlists, and giving you multiple cover art photos for each song.

This player imitates the look of iBooks with regard to the ordering of albums on the home screen. iAlbums is a useful little player since it displays additional information about the track currently being played. This is a useful feature if you wish to know more about your favorite songs.

5. TuneWiki Lyrics
As the name suggests, this is a music player that focuses on the lyrics of the song currently being played. This makes it a great feature if you want to sing-along with your favorite songs. While not being a true karaoke app, the lyrics feature does sync with the audio, thus making it easy to sing-along.

6. Legato
Legato finds a spot on our list of top 10 music players for iOS due to its unique and intuitive interface, shaped in the form of a dial. This makes it easy to scroll through your playlist while you’re on the go, without having to press too many buttons or make any gestures.

This is a rather strange entry on our list of top 10 music players for iOS, but also a unique one. Splitr is a really bare bones music player, with its USP being that it allows you to play two different songs when connected to a headset. This is a practical feature for people who like sharing their earphones while on the go.

8. Spotify
Spotify has been one of the biggest names in the music industry in recent times. This online streaming player allows people to listen to unlimited music supported with ads, or pay for a subscription for an ad-free experience. It is restricted to only a few countries across the world.

9.  Pandora
Pandora is one of the best known online radio apps in the world. It offers a large selection of radio stations based on genre, and is a very appealing music player for online music. However, similar to Spotify, it is currently restricted to only a few countries.

10. Sharp Player
Rounding up our list of top 10 music players for iOS is the Sharp player, a brand new music player that offers a simple interface and yet packs in a lot of useful features. This is certainly one of the most interesting entries on our list of top 10 music players for iOS, since it has been designed taking into consideration all the best features of the players released so far, and adding a few clever tweaks along the way. Compared to the rest of the entries on our list of top 10 music players for iOS, AudioX offers a more enticing user experience.

Some of its features include a clever audio engine, which automatically analyses songs and arranges them into lists based on the beats per minute. The player also usefully offers a card flow interface and a list flow interface, along with an equalizer.

Thus concludes our list of top 10 music players for iOS. We hope this helps you choose a very good music player that can quench the thirst of the audiophile within you.

Top 10 Music Players on iOS

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