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Myntra Clone Script

Where can I find the best myntra clone script online?

In this technological era, starting a business requires a good website base in order for it to be successful. This can be done using website clone scripts of many popular websites such as myntra, which has been gaining popularity with every passing day.

There are many companies providing myntra clone scripts but only a few who give importance to the most fundamental elements of clone scripts such as user-experience factor, database design and code architecture. Prime Fusion, an India-based firm is one of the few which provides finer myntra clone scripts. The myntra clone scripts developed by Prime Fusion can be expected to be as good as the original site.

You can check out the myntra clone script developed by the guys at Prime Fusion here.

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What is myntra?

Myntra is an e-commerce company of Indian origin founded in 2007 by IIT graduates Mukesh Bansal, AshutoshLawania and VineetSaxena. The company has its headquarters in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Myntra was started with the objective being personalization of gift items, but in 2010 its priorities were shifted to the online retailing of fashion and casual lifestyle products. It had ties with various popular brands and by 2012 myntra offered products from 350 Indian and international brands. In 2014, myntra merged with flipkart in order to increase its standing in the business world.

Myntra has been awarded ‘Best E-commerce Partner of the year 2011-12’ by Puma India and as of 25 April 2016, myntra ranks as the top 4 startup for India in the Startup Ranking.

Why is a myntra clone script wanted by entrepreneurs today?

One of the many reasons for myntra’s increasing popularity would be its website which lets us buy a wardrobe full of clothes without having to take a single step outside our homes.  Myntra provides a simple yet an efficient way of shopping which has turned into such a huge success.

Myntra has become an online phenomenon due to its website, but making a website as that of myntra’s is very complex and time consuming. Most of the companies today which set myntra as their benchmark use myntra clone scripts to design their websites making it easier for those who know only the basics of website designing.

For more information on the myntra clone script, mail your queries at: [email protected]


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