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Nationkart Review and comparision

Nationkart is a cloud-based eCommerce platform from India. They have a set of hosted plans and also a one-time fee that goes towards installation. In this article, let’s do a detailed Nationkart Review.

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What do they offer?

  1. There are more than 5 packages with different pricing tiers
  2. Their plans start from $25 per month and the maximum that you will be paying is $1500 (One-time payment ) for a multi-vendor software.
  3. Very minimal features for the amount you pay. For Ex. the invoicing module is a paid add-on.
  4. Start-up plan – $25 per month ( Not even the core features needed for an eCommerce site are covered)
  5. Start Bigger – $45 per month ( No big difference when compared to the start-up plan )
  6. Single vendor – $700 – Which is way too costly when compared to other platforms, which you can get for free in websites like Shopify, Reaction commerce, Prime Fusion
  7. Multi-vendor – $1200 – Seems good but again there are sites that offer website + Android app for the same pricing

Nationkart Review

Advantages of using NationKart

  1. They have a solid support team that helps in assisting you in launching the website
  2. The platform is really simple to use and learning to operate the platform is easy.
  3. Shipping API integrations plays the most important role which most of the platforms lack is already integrated into the product.
  4. The product has attractive design templates and their team will also help you designing new templates if you want to customize the look and feel of the application

Disadvantages of using NationKart

  1. The pricing and the features don’t add up. The features are less but the product is expensive.
  2. Technology is simple but no constant upgrades or updates
  3. Post-purchase, to make it a business ready application, you would have to spend much more to it

To conclude, there product you’re purchasing should add value to your business and we believe that get the best bang for the buck. You can give it a try if you can handle both technology and marketing yourself without any external assistance/guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best eCommerce platform for my business?

When choosing an e-commerce platform, you will have to look for features, design and it’s pricing. If you are willing to pay a monthly fee for a hosted platform like Shopify, Squarespace eCommerce or Wix eCommerce you can choose them. But remember you won’t have the ownership of the eCommerce software/theme/plugin you purchase for the platform. The day you want to exit the platform, you can only back up some data like your products listed. Or you can use a self-hosted platform, where you own all the data and the eCommerce software that runs your store.

As far as features go, the software needs to have a store-front, an intuitive purchase experience for the customers, popular payment gateways integrated into them and an admin panel for you to manage everything on the site like analytics, inventory, invoicing module, email marketing module etc.

Is there any other self-hosted eCommerce platform that I can look at?

There are multiple eCommerce CMS solutions that are available in the market. You can start one using even WordPress and theme it with the best eCommerce template (Check here ). Themes like these are easily to configure and come with an admin panel that can help manage everything on the platform. Most of the themes also have a way to import demo data that will set up the site exactly like the ones you see in the demo. You can later go and edit the products and add your own, while the layout resembles the demo site.

Do you folks do customization or create an eCommerce platform from scratch?

Absolutely. we offer customizations for your platform and can even develop one for you. Please get in touch with us at to get started.

Hope we were able to help you in choosing through this comprehensive Nationkart Review. Learn more about other essentials of choosing an eCommerce platform

Nationkart Review and comparison by eCommerce experts
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Nationkart Review and comparison by eCommerce experts
A detailed and comprehensive Nationkart Review and comparison by eCommerce experts ( with Pictures, Suggestions and Tips on making an informed decision )
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