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Nationkart Review and comparision

Nationkart is a cloud-based ecommerce platform that is based in India. Well how different is Nationkart when compared to other ecommerce solution that you find online? Than answer is very simple. Their attractive packages and their pricing will raise eyebrows. Yes right your second question would be ‘will compromise on quality be the reason behind the low pricings ?’ In this article lets do a detailed Nationkart Review.

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Lets look more in detail to know about this

What they offer?

  1. There are more than 5 packages with different pricing levels
  2. Starts from $25 ( 1500 INR ) per month and the maximum that you will be paying is $1500 ( One time payment ) for a multi vendor software.
  3. Very minimal features for the amount you pay ( Even invoicing is an add-on )
  4. Start-up plan – $25 per month ( Not even the core features needed for an ecommerce site are covered)
  5. Start Bigger – $45 per month ( No big difference when compared to the start up plan )
  6. Single vendor – $700 – Which is way too costly when compared to other platforms , which you can get for free in websites like Shopify , Reaction commerce , Prime Fusion
  7. Multi vendor – $1200 – Seems good but again there are sites that offer website + Android app for the same pricing

Nationkart Review

Advantages of using NationKart

  1. Their support team is good in assisting you launching the website
  2. The technology is simple and easy to customize
  3. Shipping API integrations plays the most important role which most of the platforms lack
  4. Attractive design templates and team will also help you designing new templates if you want to customize the look and feel of the application

Disadvantages of using NationKart

  1. Attractive prices but features provided are very minimal
  2. Technology is simple but no constant upgrades or updates
  3. Post purchase , to make it a business ready application , you would have to spend much more to it

To conclude , there isn’t actually much to discuss more about this. You can give it a try if you can handle both technology and marketing yourself without any external assistance/guidance.

Hope you got a deep understanding via. this comprehensive Nationkart Review. Learn more about other essentials of choosing an eCommerce platforms here.

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