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I have always liked & played NFS ( Need for Speed ) extensively. The extreme interest in the game pushed me to see the movie ” Need for Speed ” . Am generally not a big fan of car race movies ( like Fast & Furious etc. ), but this movie was totally different from any normal car race movies out there !

Need for Speed ” starring Aaron Paul( ie. Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad ) – not only pumped enough adrenaline in the blood of the viewers but also had some inspirational takeaways, which I thought of sharing with you :)

Passion is all you need :

In the movie Need For Speed, Aaron Paul is a Mechanic and has the thirst for Speed in his veins. He is a street racer and the fastest in the circle. His passion for racing gets him to win any race – hands down! While others learn the art of driving fast… the passion Aaron Paul has for racing always keeps him miles ahead of others, making him the winner in any race he participates.

The movie clearly gives the message that anything you do in life can be accelerated effortlessly and mastered easily with a burning passion in it. Its like ART – A passionate mind can easily bring out a spectacular painting than a mind that is trying to learn it, as the learning curve is done in a more enjoyable manner when you have a deep passion in the stuff you wanna excel on.

Need for speed Aaron Paul

Nothing can be done alone :

One message that nearly all the movies give is that you need a good team for anything to be done in a successful manner. In the movie Need for Speed, Aaron Paul has a strong team / crew that helps him out effectively in all the races to make him the winner. Many a times this well-wishing team gets him out of trouble & life threatening situations as well.

To make anything possible in life you need all the good people around you. You need a strong team that believes in you and does things for you with complete faith and dedication. To get such a team in place you need to build it from ground up by injecting it with all the good-will you have, and make everyone in the team understand that they are an important element in your dream & they should see your vision via. their eyes. Yes, this takes time & effort – but when done you will have a cult around you ready to move mountains upon your word – and this is when you become a legend !

Need For Speed Movie Aaron Paul friends

Never ever give up :

Its said that the moment you are about to give up on something is the moment you are closest to getting it – and it is very true ! …. You can think a thousand times before starting something – but never even doubt it once after you have started it. Good or bad, keep pursuing it and one day you will see the light for sure.

In the movie Need for Speed,  Aaron Paul faces countless hurdles on his way to the final Race ( even the car he is to drive crashes even before the race ). But his never-say-die attitude and continues pursue to get what he wants makes him the winner once again :)

Such is the beauty of how this Universe is structured ! the more you try and the more you believe that it will happen, the Universe will alter itself to make that thing happen… 100% ! … You have a dream – protect it, pursue it.


Use revenge to win :

Have you been cheated ? Have they taken everything from you ? Have you been betrayed ? … You want revenge ? … Good. Now don’t take revenge to hurt someone or do something bad… as that aint gonna change anything and you not gonna profit by such a revenge. On the other hand if you use the revenge to compete and win over something, this can be the biggest competitive advantage you have over others. Revenge can really give you that TURBO that no-one else can get !

Need for speed Aaron Paul story

In the movie Need for Speed,  Aaron Paul’s friend is killed by the opponent and he serves 2 years in Prison for no fault he does. His heart is filled with revenge, but he does not use it to hurt the bad person. Instead he uses it to WIN over him in the final car race.

Note : Yes, the Past hurts my friend… but it is upto you to run away from it – or learn from it.  WIN and make them all ashamed and deface them. Fight straight and they will perish. Your TRIUMPH is your REVENGE !

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