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Why not a Bill Gates from India ? Why only a Satya Nadella ?

The full web is going Hoopla on an Indian becoming the CEO of Microsoft !

Yes, while its proud that an Indian becomes the CEO of Microsoft … there is this silent question that resides in the mind of few, ” Why not a Bill Gates from India ? Why only a Satya Nadella ? “

Note : If the above question sounds fair – please read on….. Sounds NOT-SO-COOl ?  well, you can go ahead and plan your FUN activities for the weekend … as the post may be a bit disturbing for a few ( we are gonna digg some serious crap of truth here )

1 ) Its not yet a land for Entrepreneurs :

Sad but true … India is still not a good dwelling ground for Entrepreneurs. Every process, Rule, environment in the country till date is made to – make things a NightMare for Entrepreneurs. Tell me, How easy is it to get Foreign money inside? Apart from PayPal what else options you have? Are you happy with how the RBI is handling Paypal? How many Banks make it easy to get a simple Global Payment gateway set? Its a known fact that small businesses & Entrepreneurs grow a country …. how much help does the Indian system offer for growing Entrepreneurship ? How easy is it to get a loan to do a Startup? …. Spare the business loan – does a bank give you a Home loan or a car loan, if you are an Entrepreneur?


Leave America…we have Singapore ( the size of a city in India ) …. everything is so easily accessible and red-tape free ( seriously ? in a country with just 5 million in population )

In short, there is a Ton of Red Tape on the top layer …. then there is a Ton load of BS policies & processes on the next layer…. then there is 50 feet of Crap …and then there is us – the Entrepreneurs. By the time an Entrepreneur fights through this crap and squeezes himself to see daylight… either he becomes OLD, or Quits and takes a Day Job or leaves the country for good ! …. That takes us the next point,

2 ) All Talent leaves the country :

We have Satya Nadella, Sundar pichai,Indira Nooyi and many more names that have made it big in the US. The aim of 99% of the talented population in India is to leave the country and make it Big outside ( America, UK, Germany, Australia etc. ) . We Fancy the life and comfort we get there – and that leads us there. Ok my question here is … Do you think that such talent leaving the country is wrong? If you are that heroic person who says ” Yes its wrong “, tell me this, ” Do you think ….if they were here, they would have made it BIG? Would our system helped them to make it BIG?

Or let me put it this way : ” You get a damn compelling offer in the US -How willing are you to stay here and walk your talk? huh ” …. Hey hold on a second – Am in the same boat   we are both partners in this crime …

We are so much attracted towards foreign countries and the life there …that living here and there has become like a comparison between a Maruthi 800 & an AUDI A7 . Go on, please tell me Am wrong… even from relatives, friends to neighbors, everyone look BIG upon you if you live in the US… will you get the same respect and recognition if you are a teacher in an decent school here ?  … Spare the respect – you should KISS them hard if at-least they don’t see you as a looser ! ( and yeah those comparisons people make between you and your US settled cousin …. man, hand me that bottle of Jack Danials please )

Tit Bits :  Did a small research if the same issue is present in any other country. Actually the Isreal Government is currently facing a similar serious Talent Drain issue. They are fed up of Isreal startups getting built there and getting sold of to American companies along with the Team ( Talent ). So they created a War room situation to discuss this issue and see where the leakage is. They bought in economical and philosophical experts/consultants from around the globe to study the crisis and find a solution. They consultants after analyzing the issue deeply, gave the following solutions :

– There is very less patriotic feel & Unity among the learned and talented. Government should invest more on making this people happy and create a Bond among the community ( like how you get that family feel in your team where you work )

– Government should help Startups and the Entrepreneurship environment to flourish and create special allowances for them, that makes it so compelling to not leave the country.

Ok the point here is : All developing countries have this issue. But how prompt is the government and importance they give to solve this issue? In India is this considered an issue first of all?

3) Rich gets richer – Poor gets Poorer :

Many wont agree to me on this point – but believe me, many Economists have told this again and again through out history. More the Gap that gets created between the Rich & Poor population in a country – the more problems the country is inviting. Leave the Poor – The rich gets seen as enemies by even the NOT-SO-RICH ( ie. Mid Class ). Why? because the all businesses level their pricing to target the people with deep pockets. Prices keep raising- while the salary of an average man remains the same. Things become un-affordable for people – house rent, Fuel cost, School fee, Transport cost etc. Slowly layers and layers of Poor get created and pushed to outskirts – now you see how slums are getting created? …. Now lets take the picture on the other side in the US. If you have been to the US you will notice a strange thing. There is not much of a gap between the salary for a Software employee and a Government clerk ( obviously there is a + or – 10 …but the difference is not huge ). So everyone are content and Happy. Every Bus driver wishes the passengers and they wish back, A home cleaner is not looked down, A Sales person in a store is given equal respect – all-in-all everyone are happy ! So the system itself fully flourishes with Happy people – so better productivity, less corruption and more patriotic feel  Unity .

 Rich gets richer  Poor gets Poorer

Coming back – When there is so much of a gap created between two classes of people – tell me, how will there be a balance? ie. The other class of Poor people always want to live a life like the Rich – and the Rich fancy the US ….so what will be the overall AIM of everyone in the country? …phew its actually a bit frightening, if you are able to see the gravity of the situation and where we are heading already !


The above point is not the issue – the real issue is, this Gap between the rich and poor is making the Rich get richer & the Poor get Poorer…. which results in a whole class of people who are not HAPPY. Which eventually makes people brutal and aggressive to make money in all ways possible ( The reason you don’t see so many Happy Bus Drivers, Auto wallas, Cleaners, service providers etc. in the country ) ie. Make Money while the SUN shines in any way possible – which is the foundation for corruption.

4) Corrupt politics :

Visit the US once and you will see how well the Government takes care of the people ( You will get a feel that you are robbed of such a life here ) . How can the US Government alone take care of the people so well? Nearly 30% of income is paid as TAX in the US – Now that is a lot of money when the full country pays !  Now the point to note is that nearly all the TAX money is used by the Government for the welfare of the people ! The reason all medical expense is taken care and lot of systems are funded for the welfare of the people. The full income and expenditure of the Government is 100% transparent for any citizen to check and question – so there is very less possibility for corruption.

Our current state of corruption drains all the Tax money to the pockets of few – which is in-turn invested in other countries. As days go the common man gets frustrated on nothing happening ( and the repeated news of Billions of dollars of corruption ) – this is one of the main reasons for many to not pay Tax in the country ( they don’t feel accountable – as they receive very few benefits ).

So its crystal clear that for the Government to help Talent remain in the country & provide a budget for Entrepreneurship – corruption is a big hurdle.

5) We aim for quick Money – not BIG money :

We are grown to make money for the work we do and save it.  Thinking Big – Sacrifice – Vision etc. are a risky words in the environment here ( which are the words usually tagged to Entrepreneurship ).

While the normal day job working mindset brings gradual growth and secure in-inflow of cash every month – it cant help a lot in creating huge wealth and BIG money. Aiming to become a legend like Bill Gates is considered a joke & Day Dreaming…  & such Dreamers are more criticized than encouraged here ( How many of you have heard this somewhere ? : 1 in a million become someone like Bill Gates – so stop day dreaming )

In short, Success in India is more tagged to LUCK than strategic planning and execution over a particular period of time.

Tit Bits : Satya Nadella has spent 22 years in Microsoft to become the CEO of the company.

6) Education is a must ! College DROP-OUTs are bad examples …

Take a look at the most successful first generation entrepreneurs and businessmen – most of them have started very early ( ie. They have even skipped school or college ) . Its a bitter truth that a sustained education for a period of near 22 years nearly takes away all the energetic years in a mans life – post which he is loaded with commitments, Family etc. only to join a regular 9-5 job and get paid month on month !

Its very rare to hear a parent encourage a child to do a business ( Its always an engineer, doctor or some professional line ) . In the mindset of an average Indian, the most doable thing in life is to become an IAS officer….so that’s the limit of reach teachers and parents preach to their children. Even now as Satya Nadella becomes the CEO of Microsoft, parents advice to their wards will be to study well like him – join a company – and grow to become the CEO !

college dropout


Our education system does not encourage a single stream of expertise from the early grades. Children till they reach 12th Grade are put to learn lessons in various streams …but they end up doing one line of work their entire life.

While people in India are trained & made ready to work for a corporation all their life – our American counterparts drop out early and start corporations and recruit the talent that we feed to Indians via. our educational system – one of the main reasons we can only produce a Satya Nadella, not a Bill gates !

Tit Bits : Satya Nadella pumped the revenue in Microsoft from Cloud Services to $20.3 billion in June 2013 from $16.6 billion in 2011.

While investors in the US encourage to students to Drop out and startup ( eg: The Peter Theil Fund ) – here it becomes a Bad word, if someone speaks out like this.

Special Note : We have bought in as many pointers as we can. Will be really great if you can let us know your points – so we can add them along with your name in this post.

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