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The Oculus Rift is all set for a public release in late 2014 or early 2015 at most. This gives an opportunity to several game developers across the world to bring their games to a whole new platform. And one that is all set to be revolutionary. Virtual reality is certainly going to change gaming as we know it. No other device has been able to tap into the virtual reality realm as much as the Rift has so far. That is why everyone is so excited, and Oculus Rift ideas are being sought out by people across the world. Oculus Rift ideas to build games are in such high demand because this is yet an untested market, and no one knows what kind of game will be a hit in this market. If you are eager to enter this market, but are looking for Oculus Rift ideas to develop games on, then this article is just what you need. Here we present five carefully selected Oculus Rift ideas that have a high potential of becoming huge hits. You will notice that all these Oculus Rift ideas are vastly different from each other and sometimes even totally unrelated. This has been done on purpose to cover as many kinds of Oculus Rift ideas as possible. So sit back and ponder about which one of these Oculus Rift ideas would be perfect for your development business.

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  • VR Wrestling

To start our list of Oculus Rift ideas that can make you famous, let us look at a violent idea. Wrestling. It is quite a famous sport, and a violent one at that too. A lot of people admire wrestlers while being disappointed that they cannot wrestle like their stars, owing to physical limitations. Such people usually buy a copy of a wrestling game and get satisfied by mashing a few buttons on the joystick to fight.  With our Oculus Rift ideas, we can give a better solution to these people. How about simulating a wrestling match in virtual reality? The players would just have to put on their headsets, and will then be virtually fighting with a wrestler, face-to-face! Sure, the players might not win easily, but it will be a true simulation of wrestling minus the painful violence. The players will be safe in the real world, irrespective of how well or badly their virtual counterpart is performing.

Virtual wrestling is just one of our Oculus Rift ideas that deal with simulating a real world concept. Such simulations are bound to be more successful than mere games, because virtual reality allows such simulations to be more enjoyable than a game. In a simulation, the player identifies the fact that this is something that is present in the real world, but can’t be tried due to various reasons. So the excitement of virtually trying out a real world experience is quiet thrilling. This is why Oculus Rift ideas that deal with simulating a real world experience are seen to be as high-potential Oculus Rift ideas. In case of wrestling, it offers players a chance to vent out all their violent feelings in a safe environment, without actually getting hurt. Not that’s bound to sound like a good idea to a lot of people.

  • VR Sports

Continuing on the path of Oculus Rift ideas dealing with simulation, let us talk about virtual reality for sports. Not every one of us can make the national team for our favorite sport. That doesn’t mean however, that we do not like to play that sport. But in a busy routine, we might not actually find time to go out and play. Similarly, there might be other sports that we might be eager to try out, but the same time constraint makes it almost impossible to find a free slot to play. The solution to this predicament comes in the form of VR Sports.  This Oculus Rift idea can be seen as an extension of what Nintendo did with Wii Sports.

Virtual Reality Sports aims to create a group of sporting events that the player will be free to try out at his own convenience, by simply putting on the Rift headset.  And these should be individual experiences, even for team sports. For example, if the player wants to take part in a football match, he should be a member of the team, but not be controlling the entire team. The experience ought to be just like what a player would feel like on the real football field.  Such an experience would indeed be a thrilling one for the player, since he can now witness the action on the field first hand.

The same can be said about other sports as well, including track and field events. A collection of such sporting events put together in one package will make for an awesome game for the Oculus Rift. Such Oculus Rift ideas are literally begging to be let out, as they already havesuccess written all over them.

  • VR Flight Simulator

The next item on our list of Oculus Rift ideas is a flight simulator. You might be aware of the fact that flight simulators have been in use for at least sixty years already. And we have some pretty powerful flight simulator machines these days that are also used for officially training pilots.  However, our VR version of the flight simulator does not require expensive machinery to provide a simulation. All it requires is the Rift headset and the software package. The goal is to provide a realistic simulation experience of flying in a plane. As this will be a first-person perspective, the pilot will have an excellent idea of how it really feels like to be responsible for the flight of a big bird.

The flight simulator is an existing concept, although in a different form. As such, there is already an existing market for this product. This makes the idea a much less risky one compared to the other Oculus Rift ideas in this list. So if you are not sure about which project to take a risk upon, this one might be your safest bet. That said, you will have to ensure that you put in a good development team in charge to ensure the high-quality of the simulation. Choppy animations and something similar will not go down well with today’s generation, which has already proclaimed the latest consoles to be graphically outdated!

To build an effective VR Flight Simulator you will have to extensively test every aspect of the simulation, and ensure that the VR immersion is just right (as some people might feel nauseous) Such Oculus Rift ideas will pay off well if they’re implemented well. So if you’re going to take up this idea, then make sure that you implement it with utmost care. If you do so then you might not even require to consider a second idea.

  • VR Rock Concert

Continuing with simulators in our list of Oculus Rift ideas, we arrive at a strange one. A virtual reality rock concert? How’s that going to work, you wonder? As you may know, there are millions of people who attend rock concerts across the world each year. And many millions among these dream of being up on the stage instead of in the audience. That’s right, a lot of people dream about becoming rock stars. That’s the reason games like Guitar Hero sell like hot cakes.  Now with the power of virtual reality you can offer these people a chance to become virtual rock stars, by starring in their very own rock concert.

The concept is in fact similar to what Guitar Hero does, i.e., match songs with their proper key notes. The only difference will be that the audience will not be limited to a mere graphic in the background.  The Virtual Rock Concert will be designed to provide an authentic experience of being a rockstar, including what happens backstage! This experience is intended to provide a bird’s eye view into the life of a rockstar, something that people dream of every day.

Such Oculus Rift ideas take some time to get finalized, because of things like getting licenses for the songs to be used in the game, among other reasons. And it is a rather niche market that you’ll be aiming at. So it’ll be a risk if you decide to take up this project. However, if you put in the efforts to develop a blockbuster game that will attract maximum attention from the niche market, then the risk will pay off very well indeed, and you can build up a franchise as successful as Guitar Hero.

The last item on our list of Oculus Rift ideas is also probably the most silliest. It is only being mentioned because it has some hidden potential. Dragonball is the name of the most popular Japanese manga/comic book series to hit the Western world. The accompanying anime also became a huge hit, and the franchise continues to have millions of fans worldwide. One of the reasons for the franchise becoming such a huge hit is that it features high-octane battles, often direct combat between two fighters. And they use supernatural powers to blast each other with power waves, which are very popular among fans. It is this concept of fighting with supernatural powers that we can use in our list of Oculus Rift ideas. There have been a handful of Dragonball video games, but none have been able to meet the fans’ expectations so far, which is why every new video game is met by huge expectations from the fans.  Creating a virtual reality fighting game is something we already discussed in our very first idea on this list of Oculus Rift ideas. But here, instead of wrestling, martial arts and supernatural powers are involved. So this brings us back to square one, and the planning needs to begin all over again.

A project of this nature requires a lot of background work, especially with licensing and copyright issues. More importantly, the fans’ expectations need to be taken into play, because it is the fan community which will make or break the game. That seems to be giving a lot of power to the community, but that is the way the video game industry is rolling these days, and the VR industry should be no different.  A well-researched, well-developed and well-launched VR Dragonball game will definitely sell well worldwide, thanks to the pre-existing fanbase for the Dragonball franchise. Go ahead, and take a powerful decision!

oculus rift ideas

That wraps up our list of excellent Oculus Rift ideas that have a high potential of becoming huge successes. Remember that the virtual reality gaming market is still an unknown entity at this point, and that only experiments will help you better understand which Oculus Rift ideas will work and which will not. So if you have the resources and time to work with multiple Oculus Rift ideas, then by all means, experiment in as many genres as possible. These Oculus Rift ideas will certainly make you famous, since you will be one of the early entrants in the market, and everyone remembers the person who makes the early splash. This is hardly an exaggeration. All the previous generations of gaming have proved that the games which make the most impact in the early stages of the generation are most likely to be remembered forever in the history books. So get those Oculus Rift ideas together, and decide which one of them you would like to work upon. Put together a team of capable developers, get the Oculus Development Kit, and you will soon be on your way to developing the next blockbuster game, on a brand new gaming platform. The Oculus Rift ideas that you choose today could very well be as big as Super Mario Bros was for the Nintendo Entertainment System back in the 80s.  So choose well, and set forth on your virtual reality adventure!

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