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Tips to choose the best Oculus rift developer

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Whenever a new technology comes into trend, there is a gold rush to be an early bird in the ecosystem and make use of the early bird advantage( We cant forget the millions, the early apps & games made in the IOS app store and Andoid as well ). One such ground breaking technology that is emerging is the Virtual reality & Oculus Rift seems to lead this movement.

There are many trying to lanch their apps early on to the Oculus Rift and make it big. But one big issue with the Oculus rift deveopment is the scarcity of Oculus rift developers. In fact an oculus rift developer is himself very confused on the approach to code for this new platform, as there are not crisp & proved architecture, documentation etc. available to follow. Even a good oculus rift developer is confused on which approach to take as there seems to be more than one way to program for the Oculus rift ( Unity, Obj C, Visual Studio or Java )

So before choosing a good Oculus rift developer to start your app it is better to know, how to choose one -or- better the factors to look into to find a good Oculus rift developer.


To help you in making this very important decision, Here are few qualities that the new breed of developers called Oculus Rift Developers should possess:

White Papers :
Expertise and interest in a particular technology is one of the most positive signals to say whether one is a Good Oculus Rift Developer. In this manner, there cant be a better proof than seeing a developer have his own thesis, White Paper, Tutorial or ebook on the subject he claims to be an expert on.

Sample apps :
Even if its one app present for Oculus Rift, it will clear the checklist to prove that this Oculus Rift Developer knows the in’s and Out’s of the technology ( ie. From developing an app to submitting & one that can run sure shot on the device ). So check to see if the developer has any app he has already made.

Curiosity is what makes or breaks a project. A good Oculus rift Developer needs to have a very curious mind and should be curious to know every single detail available in it. This will not only help the business to answer all the questions but would also pave for futuristic insights to the developer to take the code and build a better product out of it. The thrill of making something new and exciting is what gets going for a good Oculus Rift developer but at the same time the curiosity should not go over board and kill the development path. A successful Oculus rift developer always knows how to differentiate and when and where to focus on.

The biggest advantage having a kicking Oculus Rift developer is that endless possibilities he or she could think. An Oculus Developer should be given more space and freedom to be creative and innovate with his ideas. A robust mixture of a creative mind with an interesting idea empowered by a good sound knowledge of technology has all the components for a successful Rift developer.

There is always a scope of development in every single project. You could have always done a work in million ways. Our views are always subjective but an Oculus Rift developer should take in all the different angles but still be objective about the coding of his. He needs to visualize the larger picture and the true experience he is here to offer but he should not develop it from the scratch but should know how to carve the layers to enhance the complete experience.

Developers tend to get distracted most often it is as the biggest form of distraction has been the internet. We loose the steam half way through as we do not see the product the first time we code. But with most successful Oculus Rift developers, it has been the developers who have worked and awaited for the product to be completed. Premature stages are very important in a product and it is very important for the developer to complete the cycle.


Sometimes just reading the codes or your interest towards technology is not enough. Technology is a very dynamic field and it requires a constant learning but these learnings would be put to use only when the developer gets down to get his hands dirty. A prior experience would always help to understand the product better and increase your level of contribution to it. Many of the developers do not understand the fact that experience helps them to stay organized. A successful Oculus Rift developer should understand that not every idea is ground breaking but it all lies on the execution which adds up to the success of the project.

Attention to Detail:
A good Oculus Rift developer who only sits in front of the computer and codes but also makes sure that there is complete attention to the detail. An eager developer would not only be up for the challenge but would enable the customer to connect the dots. A good developer would test his own codes and understand the bugs in it. This trait is important but a good developer should also understand the importance of time and the ability to stay organized and not loose focus.

Many of us loose our focus track mid-way through. Our thoughts starts to wander and we fall into a never ending dream. We fail to persist what we started today. A successful Oculus Rift developer is who waits patiently and works towards his goals. Bug’s in coding are quite natural, Design glitches is very normal but staying patient and working towards a larger picture is more important. He should understand that bug is the enemy here not the tester. It is a cliché but true that ‘Winners never quit and quitters never win’.

Attitude of a man matters and for a Oculus Rift developer it matters even more. A project started with a positive attitude always elevate the mood of the team and brings in the best coding in a developer. The attitude sets the tone of the product and all the successful creators have always created a product with a sense of belief and positive attitude.

Knowledge of Technology:
To be an Oculus Rift developer you need a sound sense of technology. He or She should be completely aware of the product they are building for this the thumb rule is to have a sound knowledge of technology. Coding is a perfect mixture of science and art. It is all about using the scientific skill to craft and create a product out of it. A good Oculus Rift developer should possess researching skills, designing patterns, frameworks and understand computing problems. A sound knowledge would help the developer in understanding the problem and find the suitable solution to it. Code quality is a prime importance to a developer and a good developer would understand problem and would solve the bugs and still not compromise on the code quality.

There is no point in just coding and leading to nowhere. It is extremely important for the Oculus Rift developer to know the goal and path towards the goal. A visionary VR developer would quickly understand that it is not an one way to the product but it is a process of building over a period of time and still staying objective with thinking. The setting of vision is extremely important as it not only helps in achieving the product milestones but would also help the developer the path take to achieve it and the deviations from the vision that they envisioned.

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