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Online Marketplace for Fashion Designers [Case study]

Hi. My name is Efrat Tamir Dula from Israel. I decided to quit my regular 9 to 5 job and start my own designer boutique. When you spend more time looking at the outfits of actors and actresses while watching a movie rather than follow the story, you know that you are dealing with a very big fashion obsession! Let’s face it! Fashionistas around the world want more affordable designer outfits and dresses and I made up my mind to provide them with exactly that! That Peplum dress is now going to cost so much less and that denim jacket is now super affordable!

The inspiration to start a unique designer store online came when I saw some of the so-called ‘designer outfits’. Not only were they very ordinary to look at but they also had been priced higher by the store to gain some profit! Arrgh! It was time I dived into this ocean and did something about it! After going through all the initial proceedings, I needed some technical help to set up my online website. I looked far and wide for someone who would help me out with everything and finally I came across . Besides helping me with everything, they practically offered what I wanted on a silver plate.

designers marketplace

Their Social commerce marketplace system which can be converted into any kind of marketplace that you want. Enter Admire – Admire is the multi-vendor shopping cart software from EcommerceMix. I was amazed at the skills and attention to detail these guys had given to the product. First of all I wanted an Admin panel that would help me to manage everything from users to the individual sellers. Managing each sellers accounts, inventory, payouts, commission tracking system, the complete accounting suite inside a robust admin panel was jaw dropping. The admin panel of EcommerceMix comes with great features and analytics which helped me take my decisions faster. The fact that I could manage the whole thing with my mobile was pretty awesome.

Another awesome feature is that every seller gets his/her own mobile app for both iOS and Android. I was pretty keen on capitalising the designer clothes market in Europe and was glad that the product is available with multi-language support. I loved the social media sharing feature that came along with this product. The social sharing brought in more traffic and audience I could ever imagine. As the word spread, our customer base saw an increase. It comes with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter logins making my marketing responsibilities a little bit easier.

During Christmas time, we had a surge in the number of users who were using the gift cards and subscribing to the gift boxes. Yup! Admire comes with gifting options that come in real handy during the festive seasons. I also provided discount coupons for many of the products on my marketplace including that new chain of handbags studded with Swarovski crystals. My female customers absolutely loved it! I’ll quickly list some of the additional features that I got along with Admire:

The browser bookmarklet allowed my sellers to add any product they wanted to from other sites as well. I was thrilled when I saw the polka dotted dress added from a popular UK designer brand store.

The PayPal integration made things easier for me since customers could make payments both via website and mobile. The dispute management system allowed me to settle disputes quickly. It was easy for me to negotiate with my sellers and customers and figure out what the issue was. I was able to bring the situation under control before tempers rose and fists were clenched. It is SEO optimized and friendly and this helped in bringing a lot of traffic to my website. The advanced search smart feature helps customers to find any product they want with the help of search filters. It comes with cool discussion boards so that buyers can clarify their queries and doubts with the sellers before a purchase is made.

It comes with multiple payment gateway systems that supports more than 80+ countries. If you’re from Brazil, Africa, France, Russia, UAE – it has got multiple payment gateways to support these countries. MailChimp integration helped me to send mass emailers to my sellers on new offers, policy systems etc. The built in newsletter module helped me to send newsletters to all my customers with the latest deals and discounts. My email marketing efforts were reduced by half with this powerful feature.

The social media invite feature helped me to invite my friends and family to the online store and brought in more customers as a result. Social sharing was a very important criterion to me since it helps to spread the word. It was really great with all the above features but I wanted some more customizations to really make a difference in the designer market space.

A customized landing page :

Firstly, I wanted a very beautiful landing page that would showcase some of my best dresses and fashion trends with amazing backgrounds and designs. The development team at EcommerceMix understood my requirements straight away and created a mind blowing landing page for me that creates a very good first impression with my customers.

fashion marketplace script

Customized collections under User accounts :

Secondly, I wanted customers to not just visit my store.. to keep it more engaging I added a collections system where they can group different products from different store and create their own designers collections – where people started purchasing the whole collections list. Example – Lots of people loved Jennifer anniston’s costume in Switch – so created collections of clothes and accessories that she wore in the movie scene. This wish was granted too as the development team added more functionality to the script.

Live newsfeed :

Next I wanted a live newsfeed. A live newsfeed is just something that makes things cooler and my customers will know when those halter neck dresses or sequin embroidered tops hit the stores. They’ll get to view it in their newsfeed and share it with others via social media. The EcommerceMix development team was very competent and they understood what I wanted and gave me one.

Heart and Comment buttons :

I wanted a Like and Comment button like those in Facebook but with a small difference. Instead of a Like button, I wanted a Heart button so that customers can show their love and appreciation to the outfits. I wanted more dynamic interaction with my customers and EcommerceMix was bang on target and they gave me all the custom features that I wanted.

Videos :

Another thing that I desired was being able to integrate videos with the outfits. I wanted some beautiful model to showcase my outfits and I wanted a video of them walking the ramp with the outfit. I didn’t want just images and photos but also wanted to add videos to give my customers a clear picture of the designer outfits. EcommerceMix upgraded the software so that videos could be added as well.

Scrapbook making :

Another unique feature I wanted was a scrapbook making facility. I wanted my customers to enjoy putting items together and adding accessories to their outfits. I wanted them to create looks and share them with their friends. The development team was again on board with what I wanted and provided a beautiful scrapbook making feature.

polyvore clone script

Communities and groups :

Yet another feature I wanted was communities and groups that could be created by the customers themselves. A separate community for Gucci lovers and one more for animal print lovers. That’s the kind of community feel I wanted to create. EcommerceMix has been very supportive so that I could have all the community and group features.

Follow brands and designers :

Another feature I wanted was to let customers follow their favourite brands and designers. With the following feature they’ll be notified in their newsfeed about which designer has which brand new dress and which store has a discount or deal. They gave me this feature as well.

Unique bag icon :

I wanted the shopping cart icon to look different from the rest of ecommerce websites. So EcommerceMix gave me a very unique looking bag icon instead of a regular shopping cart icon for the payment and checkout process. Their designing process is completely different. They show you 3 to 5 design sketch samples – you can choose either one or ask for a new set of sketches. You can finalize one and upon iteration – you get an awesome design that you need. The attention to detail on their designs are excellent.

Not only have the customizations been wonderful, the free installation and ongoing support that I got from EcommerceMix was simply awesome. The goodies made me squeal. I never thought it would be so easy to start a designer marketplace. With everything in place, me and my small team of three are ready to start a rocking designer marketplace that is sure to make headlines.


All I can say with EcommerceMix is that, my experience has been one hundred percent positive. The script is just a dream come true for me and the customizations have been truly wonderful. The features are very detail oriented and they have got everything covered for me. For all those would be entrepreneurs out there, all I can say is, take the plunge with EcommerceMix and your entrepreneur dream will come true within no time.

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