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Pennywise Solutions eCommerce Development Company Review

PennyWise is a 2003-year established eCommerce development company develops scalable and secure commerce solutions that leverage leading eCommerce platforms. They develop and deploy systems and solutions that help the companies manage all aspects of their product cataloging and order fulfillment.

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Their eCommerce solutions include: PennyWise Review

Designing and deploying portals for enterprise collaboration (intranet portals)
Dynamic product catalog with layered navigation, product search capabilities and multiple browser paths
Shopping cart and wish-lists
Social recommendations
Custom checkout with assisted checkout and one-step checkout
Payment gateway integrations
Logistics and shipping integration
Multi-store architecture
Vendor product placements
ERP integration: NAV, SAP
Product promotion tools: Offers and banner management
Internet marketing support: Search engine optimization, support for paid campaigns
Third party extensions: Google Merchant, Amazon Merchant API, Shopzilla, eBay Feed, and
Custom process development
Platforms & Technologies like Magento Commerce (Community & Enterprise), osCommerce, Cubecart, Ubercart

ecommerce development company

Why you must have eCommerce software developed from a reputed company?

One thing must be clearly understood that only a legible company who has years of experience in the field of website designing and development can best offer you solutions which are in line with the changing market trends. They will be able to offer you dynamic and scalable solutions.

In US, more than 60% of people shop online from the comfort of their home. Today, e-Commerce has revolutionized the way it is selling products and catering efficiently to the customer’s demand. Here’s why you must have an eCommerce solution for your business.

Easiness: e-Commerce has now become one of the preferred ways of shopping as people can now shop any time, even during midnight or odd hours and that too even while travelling. Further, it has eliminated the problem of facing parking blues. Buying is also not time consuming, here you select the product, add it to your shopping cart, make the payment, and the product is ready to be shipped from its store at earliest possible. Thanks to eCommerce development company and its developers who take care of payment gateway integration and ensure that all the payment are secure.

Product Datasheets: This helps you to choose n number of products from n number of choices and the product catalog keeps your customers updated about the new arrivals/additions and the limited stock and other details.

Search Engine Visibility: It’s a boon for your online store also needs branding and marketing so that you can reach out to millions of customers through online advertisements and also if your website is on top in Google rankings. Hardly any person moves to the second page of the Google search results and beyond 1st 3 or 4 results, people don’t even scroll down through the 1st page of their Google search result.

Decreasing cost of inventory Management: The suppliers can automate the inventory management using web-based management system, which in a way helps them to save on their operational costs.

Know your customer better: The e-commerce retailers can study the buying habits of their consumers, and also keep track of their regular buyers or returning customer so that it can help you to develop long lasting relationships with them by offering added benefits to the returning or old customers.

The Cons

  • We just couldn’t come across any positive or negative reviews for this fourteen year old company.
  • No HTTPS: does not use HTTP Secure certificate. So all messages, communications, transactions are not encrypted and secured!
  • Very low popularity: ranks #1,789,905 among over 30 million websites in world. Ranks #155,769 in India

Technical Specs

Price: No pricing information is available anywhere on the website
Intended users: Someone looking to advertise their products online through their online store (Single vendor) big businesses looking for a multi-vendor type of eCommerce software platform
Devices supported: Web and iOS/Android
Support options: Customer care
Domain age: 2003-06-10
Social popularity: Some presence on social media websites like Facebook and Google Plus

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