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Top Php webcam live streaming script providers

Php webcam live streaming script

Here are some of the Top Php Webcam live streaming script providers that you can use to start your own live streaming website.

Livestreaming has changed the way we function in these testing times, a lot of meetings, product launches, and workshops are being conducted online through live streaming.

It makes sense to start a live streaming platform at this point in time, so we’ve handpicked some of the best live streaming scripts for you to start a business with.

Castasy Webcam live streaming script (check here)

Castasy Webcam live streaming script lets anyone start their own live streaming website/platform easily. Whether you’re looking to start an enterprise only live streaming platform or a Webinar platform that offers secure access to the participants, Castasy is your best bet. Since this live streaming script is ready-made, you can install it and run the platform within a few hours. It uses the latest tech stack such as Reactjs to power the front end, Nodejs to power the backend, and the database is handled by MongoDB.

The product has an easy to use interface and has multiple features like secured access where only participants who are whitelisted can attend it, notifications, recording addon, storage, active speaker view, Meeting URL customization, chat & user moderation and much more. It also has a host of administration features such as platform analytics, monetization, payment processor configuration, report generation tool, etc. The makers of Castasy offer great support and for a small fee, they also can install the product for you.

Avideo Php webcam live streaming script

On our list of the Top Php webcam live streaming script providers, Avideo Php webcam live streaming script is our second best pick. It is based on Php Laravel and Mysql. It uses an HLS streaming server for video streaming. The interface is intuitive and makes it easy for the users to host and take part in the live stream.

The live streaming script has a lot of awesome features. However, some of the best ones include Twitter and Facebook login, video commenting, and live streaming of videos. It also provides the user with the option to record, follow, and re-stream videos. Further, apart from having a brilliant user panel, this script also has a kickass admin panel wherein it allows the admin to control and moderate the app effectively and efficiently.

Academy LMS Php Webcam live streaming script

Academy LMS Php webcam live streaming script is specifically centered around running a classroom. More than a live streaming script, this can be seen as an LMS with video streaming capabilities.

The product has every important feature that you’d expect an LMS to have as well as a streaming functionality to host live lectures and workshops. It has course categories, catalogs, table of contents for individual courses, video lectures, a section for live streaming of videos, and for taking tests.

As a course creator, you can create different courses for users to attend. They can organize the course material, set up quizzes, and upload videos. The administration panel allows you to manage the entire platform easily right from managing the users to courses, setting up the payment modes, and much more.

The product comes with an installation document that you can use to set up the entire script. If you are finding it hard to install, the team can also install the script for you.

VideoWhisper live streaming script

VideoWhisper Live streaming script allows the admin to set up a platform where users can watch the free streams and share and like it. They can also browse video streams by category. On the other hand, admin can add, edit or delete streams, categories, and footer pages. The admin can set the maximum duration of the streams uploaded, use Google analytic code, manage site banner by Google AdSense code and do much more.

The live streaming script is based on pure PHP and uses Mysql as the database for the product. The product has APIs that can be used to build mobile applications and other features required. VideoWhisper’s webcam live streaming script has an incredible team that supports their product for a year and provide updates for a lifetime of the product version. They even offer customization on the product if needed.

Vstream Php webcam live streaming script

Vstream is a webcam live streaming script that anyone can use to start a platform for live streaming concerts or sports events to educational events. Based on a custom coded PHP software framework, it has been used by some of the popular streaming websites that get over 10000+ visitors on the platform. The script can also be customized with the help of a developer to apply to any other use case that you might have in the streaming space.

Do let us know if you have any other live streaming scripts that are tested and offer a great user experience.

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