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Top 10 premium wordpress ecommerce themes

In a way WordPress is the master of the internet when it comes to designing blogs or even complex websites. Why do you think every layman can create a blog today with literally zero expertise in coding and web analytics? The answer is pretty simple. It has been cut out for every person in a way so that he /she does not have to do any work. This is why everyone is creating their own blog and pouring out their heartfelt emotions about how life is cruel to them. In this article, lets look at the list of premium wordpress eCommerce themes.

  1. Faraday ( Contact us for demo and pricing )

Faraday is an absolute beauty. This Single product template is designed with a lot of design seience taken into consideration. Did you ever wonder why the product pages of big companies like Apple Inc. , Google etc. look so plain and minimalistic? Well you can get the answer from Faraday 🙂 The entire theme is designed to showcase the product present in it then the theme itself. It has all the essentials a product page would be required to have like : Tech spec, Videos, Slider, 360 angle view, Blow up view etc.  The template also comes in various versions apart from WordPress ie. Shopify, HTML5, Angular JS, React JS, React Native etc.

This takes the first position in our list of premium wordpress eCommerce themes.

Premium wordpress ecommerce themes

  1. ShopIsle Pro

When it comes to buying a Premium wordpress ecommerce themes, you have to make sure that it has all the features. You will be paying for your theme and in order to reap the best results, your theme should not only be visually appealing but also have all the features and plugins. And ShopIsle Pro fits the bill perfectly. First of all, it is multipurpose. In other words, it shall do a lot of things at once. It is a Woocommerce theme which gives you access to all the plugins you need for your ecommerce store.

Premium wordpress ecommerce themes

The theme is beautiful in all aspects and gives a professional look to your ecommerce website. Moreover, you get to have a full screen background homepage that comes with nice category listings, mega menu and a live customizer. So, if you find anything off with your ecommerce store, you can change it then and there. If you are still not satisfied, then there is a drag and drop content layout which is supported by site origin plugin.

  1. Hugo

If sophistication is what you are looking for, then Hugo will do justice to your online ecommerce store. It comes with a unique layout and if you are planning to venture into the world of high-end fashion retailing, then Hugo is one of the best premium WordPress ecommerce themes that you should go for. It gets all its plugins from Woocommerce which is a powerful tool.

Premium wordpress ecommerce themes

The theme provides you the option of having a drag and drop homepage along with custom widgets. There are also the multiple color schemes and the entire theme is transition and retina ready. The theme is also highly responsive. This is yet another very important feature. And you do not have to worry about the traffic on your website as the theme is also SEO optimized.

  1. Gear WordPress Theme

A sleek and simple ecommerce website always does the trick for most of the ecommerce stores and if you are looking for something minimalistic, then the answer is Gear WordPress theme. It integrates seamlessly with Woocommerce and you get all your plugins easily. Moreover, with the simple and clean design, you do not have to worry about any glitches because your job is simplified.

Premium WordPress Ecommerce Themes

When it comes to the features of this amazing ecommerce theme, you have the parallax scrolling option on the homepage itself. There is an option for large slideshow and plenty of sections to display information along with news and features products. All this on your homepage makes a pretty impressive ecommerce store. It is extremely responsive which makes it mobile friendly and adaptive to every device that you intend to open the website on. Devices include tablets, desktops and others. Other amazing features which shall make this website worth every penny you spend are the options for logo upload, shortcodes, video support, localization support, sticky navigation menu and a theme customizer as well. Holds the 3rd position in our list of Premium wordpress ecommerce themes.

  1. Bishop WordPress theme

This theme has been created by Tesia themes and is one of the best premium WordPress ecommerce themes. It is also a multipurpose Woocomerce WordPress theme. The design and the layout of this theme are extremely unique and the user interface is again seamless. The theme is used by many ecommerce sites for the simple reason that it is professional and highly responsive. The theme will adapt to any device of any screen resolution.

Other important features of this stunning theme which make it a winner are the 3 homepage layout options, product filtering options, currency switcher, quick view product popup, sliders, visual composer and innumerable customization options that will make your job of creating a beautiful online ecommerce store easy.

Premium WordPress ecommerce themes

  1. Karl WordPress theme

Created by Zigzagpress, Karl is the multipurpose theme that is meant for any site which is going to be all about children. The design is creative which makes it optimal for an ecommerce store. Moreover, you get contemporary and unique layouts for this theme which make it even better.

But, if you want to create an ecommerce store that is meant for some other purpose like portfolio blogs and business website, Karl is well-suited for that as well. If you are looking for more amazing features, then you get 6 homepage layouts which are highly customizable. Right from the custom widgets to the color schemes and the font options, everything is available on this ecommerce theme. There are plenty of templates and the entire theme is SEO optimized which will give you maximum traffic on your ecommerce store. It also has other amazing elements which you will have to look for yourself. Holds the 5th position in our list of Premium wordpress ecommerce themes.

  1. Amaryllis WordPress theme

When it comes to starting on online ecommerce store that is supposed to sell high end clothing or other stuff like that, then it has to be stylish and this is why Amarylllis WordPress theme is best suited for this job. It is ideal for jewellery, clothing and cosmetic shops but will do justice to any type of ecommerce store.

The features of this ecommerce store are exceptional with a featured header image, product categories and a section that displays the welcome message. Along with this, there are plenty of plugins and customizations that will make this site the trend setter you want it to be. Also, it is retina ready and highly responsive which makes it suitable for every type of device. The design is backed by Bootstrap which makes it completely error free. You also get shortcodes and custom menus to further enhance your online ecommerce store. This holds the 6th position in our list of Premium wordpress ecommerce themes.

Premium WordPress ecommerce themes

  1. Elite WordPress theme

As the name suggests, this WordPress theme is exceptional in many ways and it is visually appealing as well. It is backed with Woocommerce which makes it powerful and feature rich. This WordPress ecommerce theme is multipurpose as well which makes it ideal for any type of clothing store or boutique.  You can also sell luxury products and fashion accessories on your ecommerce store. The homepage is not only amazing but it is entirely customizable and comes with plenty of widgets. The USP of this theme is its large “hero section”. This is completely optional and comes at the top of your website on any page, be it the homepage or the product page for that matter. The theme comes with full retina ready display and over 100 Google font options. It has 3 distinct layout options for posts/pages, staff sections and other important stuff. You get automatic updates on this theme and the pop-up galleries come with a lightbox.

  1. Suisen

If you are looking for a theme that will support your budding or small business, then Suisen is the one. It comes with minimalistic design which gives a clean and solid interface for the user. The theme is easy to use and highly responsive. Moreover, if you have only a few handful products to sell and want to put the entire focus on them, then Suisen is a perfect theme for that.

Its key features which will help you in creating a stellar ecommerce store includes full Woocommerce compatibility along with WordPress customizer support. The homepage builder also comes with the option of drag and drop. There are custom widgets and the business owner of this site gets complete color control. Suisen holds the 8th position in our list of Premium wordpress ecommerce themes.

Premium WordPress ecommerce themes

  1. Blanche

If you want to have a jaw-dropping ecommerce store that will do justice to the amazing products that you will be selling online, then Blanche is just the premium WordPress ecommerce theme that you need. It is sleek and sophisticated and comes with the power of Woocommerce. Moreover, it is a multipurpose ecommerce theme. The theme has been created by Viva theme and comes with lots of contemporary designs. The features that you get on this theme are beyond the normal standards and will definitely give your online ecommerce store the edge it needs.

The homepage is completely customizable which comes with a video or image background. There are sections to display Woocommerce pages and other features on your ecommerce store. The theme is perfect for creating any type of portfolio on your ecommerce store or a full-display gallery. You can create a nice carousel for the same purpose and your ecommerce store will definitely stand out from the rest. It is completely responsive and perfect for mobile display. What else could you ask for from an ecommerce theme?

  1. Beatrix

This one is a masterpiece that has been created by Tesla Themes. With its ambient and clean design, this premium WordPress ecommerce theme is perfect for all the companies which want to open an ecommerce store for products that will sell clothes, digital products, arts and crafts and other piece of luxury jewellery.

But, that is not what WordPress is capable of. There is a lot of potential when it comes to WordPress and this goes to the extent of creating big and bulky ecommerce websites. Instead of hunting for the top web developer and paying the hefty price of hiring them, you can always go to the much simpler option – WordPress ecommerce themes.

They have become the ultimate solution when it comes to creating an ecommerce store for the simple reason that you won’t have to learn anything about coding and other technical details. You will be able to manage and customize your own ecommerce store. And with the readymade themes, you just have to input the content and company information on your site and choose the layout and you are good to go. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds.

Premium or free themes?

If you don’t have an overwhelming budget for your company stocked up, then you can always choose the free ecommerce themes, but the premium WordPress ecommerce themes are always better and a step ahead in terms of features and functionality. And when you work with WordPress ecommerce themes, you get various plugins pre-installed which make your life much easier. These plugins can be either from Woocommerce or any other reputed brand.

With these amazing plugins, you create a top-notch ecommerce store that is not only enriching with every possible feature but also boasts of professionalism. So, if you are already working your way around a WordPress site and want to add a better look and management to it, then the themes given below will help you.

And creating an ecommerce website might have become easy with these premium wordpress ecommerce themes, but managing the inventory of the online store and other important numbers is still a big task.

There is an answer for this as well – PrimeFusion. It is one of its kind node JS ecommerce platform that does all the work for you. With its prime technology and API driven approach, PrimeFusion is here to help you with all your needs when it comes to creating an ecommerce store. It is highly responsive and provides you with the option of having multiple payment gateways on your website. Moreover, there is an admin panel along with seller dashboard to make your job extremely easy.

When it comes to designing an ecommerce store that will focus more on the aesthetic of the products and display it in its full glory, then Beatrix is the best choice. It is mobile responsive which is a much needed feature for an ecommerce store that sells products mentioned above. Other great features include a retina ready display and of course, the professional look you get at the end of the entire site. Moreover, it is powered with Woocommerce to give you all the different types of plugins that you might need for your ecommerce store.

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