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Product launch marketing plan

“If You’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late” – Reid Hoffman

That’s a quote to live by. Don’t wait for your product to be perfect, launch it as quickly as you can, otherwise, you’ll lose the first mover advantage.

In this post, let’s look at how we can build a marketing strategy plan around your product, real quick.


Stay ahead of your competition, you need to know who your competitors are, and what they are doing in terms of marketing.

Keep an eye out to spot those strategies, you don’t necessarily have to replicate them, but by observing what they do, you can understand what works and what doesn’t. If you feel you could do better, that’s great too. 🙂

Identifying your product’s influencers

Influencers are essential for bringing in the much needed attention, each of their reviews garner attention.

There are different tiers of influencers, based on the number of followers. Find the ones that fit your niche and review their previous works to see if they fit the bill.

You should take extreme care when shortlisting an influencer to reach out for reviewing your product. Some of the influencers use fiverr to bump up their followers list with dummy followers. It wouldn’t help you much reaching out to the them as you can’t expect any valuable feedback in return.

Find influencers with a good engagement rate, likes quality of comments etc. You will have to painstakingly go through 1000s of influencers to find the right bunch.

Graphics & Banners & Videos

These are the basic things needed to promote your product on the web. It’s essential that you capture the imagination of your prospective user. Hire a good freelancer to make a teaser video under 40 seconds. Highlight key features, bring in attractive graphics and make sure you don’t’ crowd the video with too much text.

Here’s a quick sample below.

Content Strategy

Content is key to any successful business. To simply put, content brings in traffic and traffic is what you need to sell your product to.

When I say content, I don’t mean that you need to posts telling how great your product is. Sure, you can do that but the ratio for that is only 1 piece per 10 posts that you post around various other helpful topics.

Tapping into Facebook Groups

Marketing on the right facebook groups can be rewarding, there are groups that help you with testing your product and providing honest feedbacks, some of these groups have entrepreneurs too, who can share what they learnt building a product. If people like your product, they’ll even evangelize it.

Tip: I know what some of you are thinking about sharing your idea with people outside your team. Seasoned entrepreneurs know and understand that execution matters, more than the idea itself. Otherwise, why would Facebook even exist, when Myspace was ruling the roost in those days. 


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Product Hunt Launch

If you want the kind of buzz that would get tons of traffic to your product, Product Hunt is the place to get all the attention you want. Product Hunt is this really site where a User finds an interesting product that can be shared with the community and posts it on the site.

Not everyone can post, you’ll need to be approved as a contributor to be able to share. If you’re just starting out, you can always reach out to an already existing contributor to share your product. They will review your product, see if it’s genuine and interesting, once they are sure it will fit the community’s interest, they’ll submit your product on Product Hunt.

What makes Product Hunt great, is their social media and marketing capability that is tied into their platform. Once your product is approved, it shows up on the homepage, as the product receives upvotes and reach a certain level of

Pre orders

Taking pre-orders, ensures you gauge the demand for the product, understand the reception of the product by end consumers and know how many would actually pay for it.

You’ll need to create a well designed landing page, that is attention grabbing and has all the important features of the product. Have a product teaser too if you can squeeze it in, always remember keep it under 40 seconds.

Have any product launch strategies to share, let us know in the comments.

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