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Profitable Android app ideas for 2015

Profitable Android app ideas can bring you more than just profit these days. If you have some really amazing profitable Android app ideas, you can even get famous very soon. There are dozens of instances where people have used good Android app ideas to build themselves an app empire, riding off of amusingly simple yet profitable Android app ideas.
If you have been thinking of jumping into this lucrative market yourself, then it is not too late. With some good and profitable Android app ideas in 2015, you can quickly build your own successful mobile app business. From among several profitable Android app ideas if you pick even one, you can hit it big. So how do you go about finding these profitable Android app ideas? The problem is that most app ideas have already been used. Whatever new ideas you come up with now will most probably be an improvement on existing Android app ideas.
This is because the market has evolved so fast in such a short period of time that all the ideas have now been exhausted, and fall into a limited number of categories. You need not be discouraged about this, because you can still find some profitable Android app ideas to run a successful business. Simply follow our top ten profitable Android app ideas for 2015 and you will be all set to get started. You need to know right now that these Android app ideas are improvements on existing (and popular) apps. But like we said earlier, that does not have to stop you from using these app ideas to build tons of profit. So let’s get started.

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1. Uber for Laundry ( Get the entire source code HERE )
The first entry on our list of profitable Android app ideas is Uber for Laundry. You might have heard of the super-successful app called Uber. It completely revolutionized the taxi service industry. We can use the same idea to recreate several profitable Android app ideas, out of which Uber for Laundry is one. This example of profitable Android app ideas allows users to get on-demand laundry services at their doorstep. All they would need to do is to use the simple app to login and make a payment through a tied-in paypal account. Then the nearest (and best) laundromat would be assigned to them, and they would get their laundry services taken care of. This is an example of how profitable Android app ideas are always so simple yet so effective. So if you are looking for profitable Android app ideas, then this would be an easy way to get a taste of what it feels like to run a successful app business.

2. Uber for Mechanics ( Get the entire source code HERE )
Another instance of profitable Android app ideas for 2015 is Uber for Mechanics. This idea utilizes the concept of Uber to provide on-demand mechanic services to customers. Using this example of an app idea you can quickly build up a business in your community for providing mechanic services to the residents. The app requires them to login and click on a button saying ‘Get me a mechanic’. Then the nearest mechanic would be assigned to them. This surely qualifies for our list of simple and profitable Android app ideas. Since mechanic services are mostly required in case of emergencies, your customers will be thankful to you for providing a service that helps them when they are stranded on the road. This is why this is more than just another example of good Android app ideas.


3. Uber for Tutors  ( Get the entire source code HERE )
If you’re looking for profitable Android app ideas that do not take up much time to set up, then Uber for Tutors might be exactly what you need. It is similar to the two other app ideas that we have already seen. In this case, the app allows users to get on-demand tutoring services. This will be useful when they need to get tutoring in subjects on short notice. Such Android app ideas work because they fulfil the need of people in a simple manner. Hiring tutors usually takes some time because someone needs to do the background work. Using these Android app ideas, you can set up an on-demand tutoring service that does the background work for the users, and allows them to get tutors on demand whenever they want. Now that is indeed a useful example of good Android app ideas.

4. Uber for Flowers ( Get the entire source code HERE )
Profitable Android app ideas succeed when they aren’t too complicated and offer a simple solution to users. Uber for Flowers is one such idea. It offers on-demand florist services to users in an area. This app can be useful in situations where people need to order flowers urgently but do not have the time to go and search for a florist by themselves. Using these app ideas in 2015 you can offer such people an effective solution to order flowers whenever they please, by locating the nearest florist who can deliver to them. Such good Android app ideas do not take up a lot of time to set up and can be a really lucrative business model. What’s more, they make people happy as they get instant gratification over getting something on-demand. This has proven to be a very fulfilling type of service which many people enjoy.

5. Uber for Plumbers ( Get the entire source code HERE )
Plumbers are really hard to get hold of when you really need them. That is why the next item on our list of profitable Android app ideas is to offer a really useful on-demand plumber service. Users will be able to get the services of a plumber located nearest to them simply by pressing a button on the app. Such good Android app ideas 2015 make life easier for people who do not have the time to wait for a single plumber to pay a visit. These app ideas described so far all operate on the principle of simplicity – offering an elegant solution to an everyday problem. That is why such Android app ideas can be used to drum up business really fast. So if you are not sure where to begin, then Uber for Plumbers or the other Uber for X model of app ideas described above will serve as a good starting point.

6. WhatsApp Clone ( Get the entire source code HERE )
If you are willing to look at some different kind of profitable Android app ideas, then let us take a look at something else. To begin with, a WhatsApp clone certainly makes for a good example of niche Android app ideas. The instant messaging market is so huge these days, with Facebook purchasing WhatsApp for a staggering 19 billion dollars! But along with that acquisition came privacy concerns, and this is where you jump in using these splendid Android app ideas in 2015. Building a WhatsApp clone to offer to a small set of communities can help them chat in a private environment, while you can charge them for the service on a subscription basis. Selling this package to multiple institutions or communities can build up your business very fast. Don’t you agree that this would indeed be a good instance of amazing app ideas?

7. Snapchat Clone ( Get the entire source code HERE )
Another good example of profitable Android app ideas in 2015 is to build a Snapchat clone. This is also a very popular messaging application that allows users to send secret pictures and videos, that self-destruct within seconds. Again, privacy concerns inhibit some users from using Snapchat regularly. This is where you use these Android app ideas to build a secure clone of Snapchat, offering even more features than the original. You can use the same subscription model or you might even use the advertising model to get incredible revenues in a small amount of time. App ideas cannot get any simpler than this. And building on the base of a popular application is definitely an easy method to get your business started. So do take advantage of this incredible example of good Android app ideas and get started with a Snapchat clone to give your business a huge push.


8. Yo Clone ( Get the entire source code HERE )
This is the latest craze in the app world, and the best thing is that no one really knows what this app is all about! If you haven’t heard about Yo yet, then you are probably missing out on the most crazy instance of profitable Android app ideas in 2015 ever. This seemingly simple app allows users to send just a single word as a message to their friends, who can then send that word back. At first glance it does not seem like a very good example of niche Android app ideas. But the reason this idea is so huge is that it has a lot of potential to grow big, adding new features and even starting an advertising stream. So get on this bandwagon early and make use of this chance to use such high-potential app ideas, and create your own clone of Yo! It will be a fun ride for sure, and you never know where it might take you.

9. Instagram Clone ( Get the entire source code HERE )
Now it is time to look at a well-established instance of profitable Android app ideas. Instagram was one of the original breakout success stories in the app world. It is still going strong, after Facebook acquired it, and people continue to love it. You can make use of this popularity to build your own Instagram clone and turn it into one of many good Android app ideas in 2015. With this clone you can offer users the same tools and filters that they love and even customize the app to offer them something that the original doesn’t. This is your chance to get onto a very lucrative business, using these app ideas. Setting up an Instagram clone will definitely be an excellent way to start using these Android app ideas. Pictures and videos do speak a thousand words, and they can bring in thousands of dollars in revenue too!

10. Soundcloud Clone ( Get the entire source code HERE )
This is arguably a less popular idea but no less of an addition to our list of profitable Android app ideas. Soundcloud has been a runaway success in the music industry. It has given people the tools required to establish their own music empire. You can turn this into a good instance of good Android app ideas and offer users their own Soundcloud on their phones. This idea gives users the power to manage their recordings and broadcast them to their fans. Admittedly, this instance of app ideas requires you to do some background work, but you can easily get the customization done by expert developers. After you have set up the initial business, this instance of good Android app ideas can offer you a long term revenue by means of subscriptions and advertisements. After all, who doesn’t love music?

That wraps up our list of top ten profitable Android app ideas 2015. You might have observed that all of these app ideas build on the simplicity and functionality of the original apps that inspired them. But they do not stop at that. These app ideas go beyond the originals and further tweak the formula. This is where you get to benefit. By using these interesting app ideas you can avoid the pitfalls of the original apps and offer your customers a simple and efficient solution. So put an end to your search for good Android app ideas. Use these ideas that we have listed in our article and give your business a profitable start. After you have set up your business using these app ideas, it is necessary that you take the time to manage them and tweak them as you see fit. After all, people do not simply want a direct copy of something they’ve already tried before. They are constantly looking for something new and better. So when using such Android app ideas make sure to add your own twist to an existing idea.

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