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Quick gaming now on YouTube

Watching someone play a game can be as much fun as playing yourself. Just go back to your good old days of childhood where you would play video game with your brother and you had only one joy stick and you would keep asking: can I play now? Because it was not fun to watch your brother play!  This isn’t surprising because we engage in similar behavior when watching a cookery show, though we can cook food but watching on show such as chopping, the process and tasting makes a great entertainment. Nowadays people seem to find it fun to watch others play; gaming is turning to be from something people do to something they watch. It has spun its way into all areas like sports, music, television and more. The gaming world has much more advanced than the one which we grew up it has become so popular and it has reached beyond teenagers. On YouTube, gaming has spawned entirely new types of video, from let’s play, walkthroughs and speedruns to cooking and music videos.

YouTube is a Google company launched in 2005, it allows millions of people to share, watch and download originally created videos. It offers a platform for people to connect and share information to others across the globe. YouTubeGaming a brand new app and website which keeps you connected to the games, players with videos, live streams and community of gamers on the web in one place. As of today YouTube is a big player in live video and in gaming. YouTube gaming is focusing particularly on gaming content with greater emphasis on live streaming. One can watch any number of gaming videos and can even live stream on YouTube.  This new service makes it a breeze to find and watch an infinite supply of gaming streams and videos.



Experience on Viewing

Click on a stream or video and you will be taken to the player and can give live comments and suggested videos receive a bigger focus .You can add “gaming” to the beginning of any regular YouTube link to watch it in the YouTube gaming interface.

Experience on Streaming

YouTubeGaming lend its hand for you to become a better creator not just a better buyer. By clicking on “Go Live” button on the screen one can either upload a new video or start to stream. Streamers can effortlessly chat with their fans and even make money from their performance. The user can see comments on the side, give a streamer a thumbs-up or thumbs-down and subscribe to their work as well.

Live streaming has brought the gaming community to proximity, Subscribing to a channel, you will be notified when they start to stream. One can watch their favorites based on the games and channel they love.

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