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The way people buy things online keeps changing day by day . Ecommerce has been the lifeline of the internet for long . Since the mid 90′s Ecommerce has taken many forms and shapes .

– 90′s : Saw a suite of Ecommerce companies shoot up and become billion dollar companies like eBay , Amazon etc. These were straight forward marketplaces where anyone can BUY SELL products and services . Also many individual businesses setup individual eCommerce stores in their brand and made significant sales .

– Mid 2000′s : Saw a raise in Group deals , Daily deals , Discount stores etc. online . Ecommerce started shifting rapidly towards these discount based models ( thanks to sites like Groupon , Living social etc. ) . Even the big Ecommerce players in the space started including deals modules in their sites seeing the popularity of this model raise tremendously . Also the individual Ecommerce stores setup on famous CMS’s like Magento , Open cart , OS commerce etc. had ready-made add on’s to bring in the group deals functionality instantly and had it in them .

– Late 2000′s : Saw a shift in Ecommerce more towards the social web . Social media seemed to impact the web big time and the way people seemed to share and use the web had a total change . Many Ecommerce marketplaces like , Etsy , Zazzle , CafePress etc. emerged having Social commerce as the backbone . Social commerce seemed to really have a Huge huge impact on driving buyers to online stores via. recommendations and reference via. Social media . People loved social commerce as it paved way for incentives like discounts etc. based on social actions like sharing , recommending etc. It also triggered group deals in a social manner and people were able to make informed decisions via. recommendations from friends and peers .

Now : People are totally hooked to their Mobile – nearly everyone owns a smart phone with high speed internet . So obviously Ecommerce has entered the Mobile space as well :) Being called Mobile commerce – its no more a myth !  Last holiday season we saw BIG numbers being released by big Ecommerce players and majority of the sales has being driven by mobile devices . Access to the internet on the go via. Hand held and mobile devices have got consumers to shop on the go easily from anywhere . People seem to love to shop on their mobile devices and strong numbers back this fact ! So we can safely call this the era as the era of Mobile commerce !

What is Mobile commerce ?

As the name reads Mobile commerce is the latest trend in Ecommerce wherein Ecommerce happens on the mobile devices ( Smart phones , Tablets etc. ) . Off-late a new term called tablet commerce has branched out of Mobile commerce ( to address the Ecommerce happening using Tablets ) . With the recent trend in Mobile apps – Mobile commerce has become even more convenient and innovative in many angles . Many merchants who have a mobile commerce site either have their site compatible for Mobile browsers ( responsive ) -or- as a Mobile commerce app . Consumers can directly come to the Mobile commerce app and search for items and buy .

What are the advantages of Mobile commerce ?

From the merchants point of view :

Mobile commerce helps to reach customers on the go ( ie. Even utilizing the time potential customers spend outside their computers ) . So its more sales and business .

– By having people install the mobile commerce app , merchants can easily notify them directly of the new products in store .

– Using mobile commerce apps Merchants can also play around with GEO LOCATION and find the customers location in real time and push interesting and creative notifications like offers , wishes etc. and drive engagement and increase branding and sales .

From the consumers point of view :

Mobile commerce can help one buy things even on the go ( so you can buy things even as you travel and save time )

– Buyers can make an informed decision by reading reviews and ratings about a product and then buy items .

– Avail discounts and check out inventory on the go based on location of store .

Tit bits :

– The sales that happened in the United States alone via. Mobile commerce in 2012 was a whooping $26 billion .

– Big online Ecommerce players like eBay , Amazon etc. have reported that one third of their 2012 holiday sale happened via. Mobile .

– Reports predict that Tablet commerce will take of big time and nearly 9% of online sales will happen over tablets .

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How easy is it to make your online store – mobile commerce ready ?

With the technology in place you can almost instantly take your online business to become Mobile commerce ready . Even if you don’t have an online presence you can directly become a Mobile commerce merchant . There are many Mobile commerce solutions available that can get you there effortlessly . These Mobile commerce solutions come as turn-key apps that can be used to get your Mobile commerce store on the Apps tore instantly with your own branding and design . These Mobile commerce solutions have all the features to give you a full fledgedmobile shopping cart online with all payment features included so you can start selling your products online from day one . All you need to do is find good Mobile commerce companies and compare the Mobile commerce solutions offered by various companies and choose the Mobile commerce solution best suited for your business and get it running .

What are the elements to look for when choosing mobile commerce applications ?

Since you have a wide variety of options and companies who offer mobile commerce applications , you can choose the best one suited for your needs . Here are a few elements that you need to look into on the various mobile commerce applications available in the market :

– Nativity : Many mobile commerce applications come as a browser solution ( ie. Users should access your store via. typing in a URL in the mobile browser ) . It is best to choose to have your mobile commerce platform as an app that can be downloaded in the app store as you can enjoy the benefits of apps ( like notifications , location etc. ) via. an app . So look to get your mobile commerce solution as a downloadable app in the app store – rather than a browser based solution .

– look & feel : When choosing a mobile commerce platform see that you get the best design in place . As a good look and feel can get your customers to browse through your products easily and make a purchase .

– Social : See your mobile commerce platform has good sharing features built in . So you can get your customers to spread the word about your mobile store via. social media and this can drive a lot of downloads , Traffic and hence sales via. word of mouth .

– Support : Look out for mobile commerce companies that offer mobile commerce applications with good support and upgrades . So if you face any issues or bugs with your mobile commerce platform you always have the helping hand to solve your issues and your mobile store runs flawlessly .

– Cost : Since there are many mobile commerce solutions available in the market for you to choose from – lookout for the best mobile commerce solutions that are cost effective as well . So you can save money for marketing your mobile commerce store as well .

– Market readiness : Holiday season is approaching and you need to get your mobile commerce store up and running asap . So look out for mobile commerce solutions that are turn-key in nature , so you can just easily change the look and feel – brand it with your logo and get it on the app store instantly .

Mobile commerce platform


What is showrooming ?

:-)  Every innovation comes with its own problems . Showrooming is a unique issue faced by offline stores due to the growth of mobile commerce – wherein customers walk into the physical store and check out the products and try them . Once they have had a hands on experience on the product – they try to search for the product on their mobile device and purchase it online ( as the rates are much lower online ) . This issue is called showrooming . This has become an headache for offline retailers as they loose their sales ! Reports have indicated a significant raise in showrooming in the last holiday season . Big stores like Target , Walmart etc. have taken steps to counter attack showrooming by cutting costs etc.

What is a mobile commerce framework ?

mobile commerce framework is a skeleton on which mobile commerce solutions can be built and customized . Mobile commerce companies that offer a mobile commerce framework help stores in building out their mobile commerce solutions by making the mobile commerce development easy on the mobile commerce framework they already have in place with best practices included already .

What are the best mobile commerce solutions available ?

There are many good mobile commerce solutions available in the market – and we are yet to do an expert review on the various mobile commerce solutions available . Please mark this post – so we can keep you updated on our review of the best mobile commerce solutions available in the market .

I don’t have an Ecommerce presence . Are their solutions that will help me getting my store up and running on the web as well as the mobile ?

Yes there are many solutions in the market that will get your store up and running on the web and mobile instantly . Please mark & follow this post as we review and give an insight on the top best Ecommerce solutions that can get you market ready on both Web and mobile .

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