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Top 10 Reaction Commerce themes & templates

In this post lets take a look at the list of Top 10 Reaction Commerce themes & templates.

1. Watson

Watson is one of the spectacular ‘Reaction Commerce’ themes. Using this incredible template you can instantly set up a gorgeous and powerful Single vendor eCommerce store. This Reaction Commerce template comes as a suite of many essential pages. You get a Home page, Product page, Categories page, wishlist page, Checkout page, Login page, Registration page, etc. The stunning looks and sleek finish of this theme earned it the first position in this comprehensive list. It is responsive and opens seamlessly on any mobile phone.

2. Darwin ( Contact us to know the pricing and demo )

Darwin is an amazing Reaction Commerce theme. Using this interesting template, you can easily create a multi-vendor marketplace like Fancy, Amazon, eBay, etc. This Reaction Commerce template comes as a big package with near 14 pages! You get all the pages essential to create a Buy-Sell marketplace ie. Home page, Product page, Shop list page, Shop products page, Categories page, Checkout page, Login page, Registration page, Profile page, User account page, Seller page, Search page, Tracking page, Orders page, etc.

This is also a social commerce styled template, so you can create an interesting Social eCommerce store with this one & yes it’s responsive.

Premium Reaction Commerce themes

3. Faraday ( Contact us to know the demo and pricing )

Faraday proves to be one of the most elegant & premium Reaction Commerce themes. Using this clean & minimalist Reaction Commerce template, you can start a single Product – Single Vendor eCommerce store instantly. The entire theme is designed with a lot of design science in mind. It is made to look clean & sleek to bring out the elegance like the way companies like Apple & Microsoft etc. design their sales pages for their products. The entire template is made to exhibit the product the page is sporting than the page itself.

The template contains all the essential elements like Video placement, Zoom view of a part of the product, 360-degree rotatable view, Team section, Blog post section & comes with two different header styles.

premium Reaction Commerce themes

4. Curie ( Contact us to know the pricing and demo )

Curie is one of the fantastic Reaction Commerce themes present. It is designed keeping in mind the handcraft & hand made product sellers. It gives a sleek Etsy like the look and feels. Using this powerful Reaction Commerce template, you can setup a Multi-vendor store instantly ( a store where not only you but a lot many sellers can also sell their products ). This template comes with a variety of pages: Product detail page, Shop page, shopping list page, Home page, search details page, Profile page, Category list page, etc.

Curie has a responsive responsive layout and opens good on all mobile and handheld devices. It’s responsive & made on Bootstrap CSS.

premium Reaction Commerce templates

5. Newton

Newton is yet another amazing & sharp Reaction Commerce theme that focuses on a combination of shades that keeps the visitor glued to the portal. The design boosts the visibility of the product on the page bringing out the details in an exotic manner. This Reaction Commerce template can be used to create a Single vendor shopping cart eCommerce store instantly. The theme comes with the essential pages for a Single vendor store ie. Product page, Checkout page, Wishlist page, Login / Registration page, Home page, Categories page, etc. The entire theme is responsive and made using Bootstrap, HTML5 & CSS3 concepts.

We will keep adding more themes to this section, as we come across more Free & Premium Reaction Commerce themes in the market.

If you’d like to have a custom Reaction Commerce theme developed, do get in touch with us here

Reaction Commerce review

Reaction Commerce is one of the initial open-source efforts to create a Node JS based eCommerce platform. The company is based out of Los Angeles and is funded. The entire solution is built on the Meteor JS framework & is reactive. Reaction Commerce seems to be building up a good community of MEAN stack developers who have started to contribute to the FOSS. Reaction Commerce demo sites & examples have started coming up & the work done by the team seems to be very impressive. There seems to be a good & active community forum & anyone seeking a Reaction Commerce tutorial can get good help from the opensource community via. the forum.

Please do let us know any questions/clarifications in the comments section below.

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