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Ready-made Microfinance app scripts to start a lending and borrowing business.

Lending money to the weaker section of the society has always empowered many individuals to fulfill their needs in times of financial emergencies and to start microenterprises of their own. Starting a microfinance lending/ borrowing business needs efficient software to manage the entire process. If you’re planning on starting a microfinance business, you can choose any of these ready-made microfinance app scripts .

Microfinance app script #1: BitInvest by BitExchange (Check HERE)

The first favorite on our list of ready-made microfinance app scripts is BitInvest, and for a very good reason. This lending and borrowing script is based on the Bitcoin blockchain. The script allows people to lend and borrow bitcoins through the platform. As a site owner, you can customize the important features of the platform. Every aspect of lending and borrowing is handled through the platform, with no manual intervention required. All the reminders and notifications are automatically to the borrower and the repayment experience is smooth. We chose this because it offers a futuristic solution and is a complete software that is feature rich. It has a separate login and module for lenders and borrower, a comprehensive and easy to follow admin panel with ‘How to use’ instructions, interest calculation engine, admin to borrower messaging system, due date reminder and a smooth repayment experience.

ready-made microfinance app scripts

Microfinance app script #2: Advanced Loan Management System

We chose the Advanced Loan management system as our second most favorite on the list of ready-made microfinance app scripts because it offered a simple yet feature-rich loan management interface that is easy to use by everyone. Whether you are a freelancer or a startup and you are planning to start a loan management system, this would be a good pick. The key features of this Loan management includes an account dashboard that is informative, payment management module that makes it easier for users to pay back the loan and keep track of the remaining dues etc, an employee management system that allows you to create employee logins and manage them, a wallet module that lets users keep track of their unwithdrawn balances and track their payments, a borrower module, bank loan system, module permission, allow them to open a savings account, Email Notification System, messaging inbox for sending message to the admin, you can even set the system up to automatically deduct charges for the SMS on monthly basis across all customers accounts.

Microfinance app script #3: NGO Microfinance app script

NGO microfinance app script is our third most favorite on our list of ready-made microfinance app scripts. It’s a Peer to Peer lending platform that allows every member on the site to lend money to each other. This microfinance app script offers a very intuitive lending and borrowing experience that is easy to use by a majority of users. The creators of this microfinance app script has thoughtfully added various features that are unique to this product. The lending and borrowing panels are quite informative and has loan tracking and notification systems built into it.

Microfinance app script #4: Pulse HYIP

Pulse HYIP is our fourth most favorite on our list of ready-made microfinance app scripts. Pulse HYIP is feature packed, apart from the regular features this microfinance app script has bonus and penalties where you can pay out bonuses to investors and add penalties for those who paid their dues on time, a well integrated referral system that rewards the users who bring in new users, multiple investment plan options, sub admin roles and privileges, Bulk payouts, Know your customer verification, multiple interest plan configuration, Payout statistics, security monitoring and an Advanced dashboard to manage them all. These are the features that makes it one of the comprehensive microfinance app scripts on our list.

Microfinance app script #5: Microfinance PHP loan Management System

Opensource and still one of the best, this script is clearly one of the worthy mentions on our list of ready-made microfinance app scripts. The microfinance PHP loan management system is a community developed solution that is available on the public domain. This microfinance app script features a user friendly design, loan payment notification system, a borrower panel that gives the users a glimpse of the previous dues paid, remaining installments and the total due amount, they could even pay the loan ahead of the schedule and clear the entire loan. If you’re looking for something to start with just the basic essentials and don’t want to spend anything, this would be a good pick.

If you have any other product to add on the list of ready-made microfinance app scripts, do let us know in the comments.

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