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10 profitable rental business ideas for 2017

Why buy anything when you can rent it? There’s no shame in that, why of course even certain celebrities rent their clothing. Those days are way behind us when renting used to be considered a term that was socially un-acceptable. But now its become a great business. The following article can give you some motivation or an insight into renting and the benefits involved behind it. Lets look into detail on a list of rental business ideas to execute in 2017.

Renting means temporarily owning something for a particular price and that “something” can mean anything imaginable. Here are 10 wacky and interesting ideas that are available on rent, you can surely give them a try and share your experiences with us.

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  1. Camera Rentals:

Most of you shutterbugs must have heard of this business. Cameras don’t come cheap neither do lenses. If you’re creative and lack the resources to paint your canvas, here’s a business that can help you. There are various camera rental stores that rent out basic point and shoot cameras to the latest high-definition 4k enabled cameras. You can also rent cameras such as Go Pro with or without drones. The best part about this is that the rentals aren’t too expensive and won’t go too heavy on your pocket. Certain rental businesses offer great deals too. For instance, if you’re renting out a Canon Mark IV camera and choosing a couple of lenses, the business owner might give you certain discounts on bulk booking or booking for a week (bulk package). This comes in handy for short filmmakers, pre-wedding/wedding photographers, etc. The target audience is a niche community & this holds the 10th position in our list of rental business ideas for 2017.

Rental business ideas for 2017.

  1. Car Rentals:

This is one term that every Ram, Shyam and Hari will be familiar with. Car rentals have become famous thanks to ventures like zoom car, speetek etc. It’s a pretty simple concept; you book the car of your choice say a hatchback, sedan, SUV etc and choose the date when you will require the same, upon booking, you will have to confirm your booking by providing your credit card details and paying a caution deposit amount (refundable) as a safety measure. You can also choose the pickup and the drop-off location of your rented car. This effort makes it easy for the user to go on long drives and not having to bare huge maintenance expenses, thereby choosing their favorite cars. Sits on the 9th slot of our rental business ideas list for 2017.

Rental business ideas for 2017.

  1. Bike Rental:

This concept is gaining familiarity all over India (thanks Goa J)

Renting bikes isn’t a new concept; it has been in existence for quite some time. Renting bikes in a certain sense is better than renting cars for obvious reasons. Bike rentals are gaining rapid popularity and users like the concept because it is economical; its easy going places and it gives more mileage. Riders can rent out their rides based on their budgets. Two wheelers ranging from Honda Activa to high-end cruisers such as Harley Davidsons can be rented out. There are ventures such as wickedride, ziphop, bykemania are some of the bike rental ventures. Do check them out, rent out a bike and have some fun. Takes the 8th position in our list of rental business ideas for 2017.

Rental business ideas for 2017

  1. Wedding Accessories Rental:

Weddings are more tedious than they’re fun. The obvious thing that comes to mind is shopping. Getting out of that disaster can be a pain and it can go really deep into your pockets. There’s a simple solution to this, rent your accessories. If you rent them out, you can use it for the special day and hand it back once you’re done with it. Doesn’t that sound simple? There are plenty of wedding accessories and you can choose the ones that suit you best. Most sites offer trial at home and delivery at home options. Wedding rentals is one of the most profitable rental business ideas for 2017.

Profitable Rental business ideas for 2017.

  1. Party Rental

This suits the youngsters especially because it is the end of the year. New year is just around the corner and renting out party spaces is a fun-challenge. Most people wish to throw New Year bash parties or otherwise prefer various other sorts of parties for instance; Bachelors party, birthday party, baby shower party, pool party etc. Part y rentals are really exciting and property owners can take great advantages of such opportunities by renting out their space and cashing in on such opportunities. Party rentals is the best niche rental business ideas for 2017.

Party rental business ideas for 2017.

  1. Computer Rental

Computer rentals are a big thing now. Technology is taking over and it’s become essential for various business owners to own computers. Computer rentals are a good business venture and the outcome is very good. Various students, IT companies or corporate companies rather than buying computers rent them out and use them for a specific period of time. Students can also rent computers with higher specifications to fulfill a particular project that demands high technical specs and software’s of that cadre. Computer rental business is one of the solid rental business ideas for 2017.

  1. Gardening Goods Rental

Gardening has become an essential part of our lives. People with the tiniest piece of land prefer growing their own vegetables and like going organic. All of this isn’t quite possible without the right set of tools and the right nutrients for your plants. Gardening goods rentals have a wide range of products such as shovels, mowers, pesticides, poly bags and much more. You can choose the goods required specific to your gardening needs and you could rent them out. Gardening rentals is one of the fast moving rental business ideas for 2017.

Gardening rental business ideas for 2017.

  1. Trekking Item Rental

Nature lovers, you’re going to like the idea pertaining to all your trekking needs. Certain users don’t wish to spend a lot when it comes to trekking but want to enjoy the activity. The best solution is to rent those items and this would turn out to be really economical and users can be assured of the best products. Based on your requirements and the nature of the trek, you can choose the fitting equipment’s and gears and enjoy the rejuvenating trek. Trekking item rentals holds the 3rd position in our list of rental business ideas for 2017.

Trekking rental business ideas for 2017.

  1. Electronic Gadget Rentals:

Gadgets are increasing rapidly and you can find new gadgets being launched everyday. If you’re unsure about certain gadgets and wish to gain hands on experience, you can rent those gadgets, use them and take a call on your purchase decision. Various companies offer rental services in order for users to rent the gadgets and use them for as long as they want to use them. Gadgets rentals is one of the best upcoming rental business ideas for 2017.

Gadgets rental business ideas for 2017.

  1. Shop Rental

Finally, the top on the list is shop rental services. Shop rentals have been going on for quite some time and it is the best way to earn a stable income. Having commercial spaces and renting them out to small/medium scale business owners is a great business. Depending on the conditions decided by the tenant, the interested parties may agree on a contract and rent out the space. Shop Rentals holds the 1st position in our list of rental business ideas for 2017.

Shop rental business ideas for 2017.

Bottom Line:

These were some of the most interesting rental business ideas based on which money can be generated. In case you come across other business ideas, feel free to share them with us.

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