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Reviews on the top Project Management Software in the market

Running an efficient business was much simpler before the advent of laptops and cell phones. Using World Wide Web people can literally conduct business at any time of day, from anywhere in the world.  Without a proper tool to organize and manage the basic components of their daily work, a lot many businesses have faced severe challenges in keeping track of their work and completing their work schedule on time.

But thanks to the development in software tech, project management software has come to their rescue as the perfect solution. Project management software is the platform that offers the entrepreneur to plan, schedule, organize, manage, report and track resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. With the software you can share your work files, access tasks, calendars and discussions from any device in real time. Project management software can dramatically improve the productivity of any project large or small.

Implementing new project management software is an intelligent and proactive way to organize files, messages and ideas in a way that is easily accessible to everyone involved.

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Slack is a rock solid platform that does incredible things for team management.  It is a team communication tool that has changed the way the company business works.

It keeps track of email threads a mile deep, Skype conversations, Text messages and several other applications that employees use on a regular basis. Started in one place, Slack communications can be segmented by creating channels for various topics or teams.  User can be assigned as many channels as needed in order to keep topics visible to the team members. It supports group conversations; anybody can share, talk and make or suggest decisions in open channels across the team in private groups for sensitive matters or can use the direct messaging feature to send messages or share files one to one. Having synced with all devices, everything you do on your desktop app is reflected on your iOS and Android app and vice versa. Slack is free to use with an unlimited number of people you want. Slack offers integrations for many other popular web services as well.


A place where all our work updates are maintained and even the upcoming work schedule can be viewed (all in one place) is something every employee craves for and Active.collab, the collaboration software comes with the great task management system for the same. In addition to maintaining his tasks, a user can also assign tasks for his team and his colleagues, set due dates and notify them together at the team’s conversation platform or privately with the direct messaging feature. With the feature to get notified about every post, message or file a colleague shares at the software, getting instant feedbacks and replies are now easy and a conversation can be started with another employee registered at the software at any time. Users can create notes or tasks and share it with their team and can even choose to allow other users to edit the same.  And as the best feature, the software saves all changes made at a shared file and viewing the history, users can view all the changes made at the file. Assign a task and keep track of the time taken to complete it. Not with your watch; but right at the app. You can even send invoices to the customers and track their payments effortless through the app.


Redbooth is elegant and highly functional collaborative project management software that is leading in the market which helps the team get work done effortlessly. The user can quickly access important projects, task and files and can share files via Google Drive, DropBox. Create groups and chat with all your teammates or with the private messaging feature, have conversations with individual employees. The user can share his screen and schedule a meeting through the video conferencing feature. With the real time communication and security features Redbooth accounts for both team management and collaboration. The software also allows the users to make video calls and share any number of files in different formats.


CentralDesktop facilitates communication between everyone on the team so you can make sure that everything from the smallest task to the biggest milestone is completed on time. It uses tabbed browsing to navigate the interface.  The software provides a cloud that acts as the common platform connecting all employees, the files they share and their customers. The project management software comes as the perfect platform where all employees can participate and share ideas helping them attain their goals easily and quickly. Users can also limit access to their files to specific people or just members of their team. Even simple features like sending automatic email reminders, assigning tasks and forwarding documents have been looked in at the software using which the users can have an easier and more productive day at work hereafter. The online chat section lets you converse directly with other central Desktop users and for more enquiries you can use email and phone support.


The new project management software in the market ‘GroupRocket’ is up to the minute and is most fitting to be among the best business tools out there. Offering easy conversation channels, users can converse with their fellow employees either public or private. Coming as a web based service, the software notifies every user in the group on any group activity. The software lets users share any file and all files shared at the software can be accessed at anytime from just one search box. The new team collaboration software now focuses on providing the best chat solutions for business owners and corporate offices that gives the employees a medium to have discussions and swap files in any format. With easy and secure registration features and features to send notifications on every activity of user and members; the software comes integrated with Mailchimp, Dropbox, Stripe, twitter and Github where several other applications can be integrated to it as well. The software coming as a web version can be used to create a chat platform for any business, small or big and also comes as an iOS app version with several distinct features including user registrations through email invites, notifications on both self and other members’ activities, integration with all major tools and an ideal management system that makes team management dead simple.

Though being a new product in the market, having significant applications at every industry big or small, GroupRocket is experiencing explosive growth beyond expectations and the project management software can also be used as a chat application for any niche group.

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