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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

In this article we will compare between the newly launched Samsung galaxy S6 Edge plus and Samsung galaxy S6 Edge. Comparing with all the specifications and design of the phone, you can review which one is the best and better choice to spend your money for. So read the article and share your opinion.

Samsung galaxy S6 Edge plus has been recently launched with petite changes compared to Samsung galaxy S6 edge. They both look great with some identical features. S6 edge plus comes with wide screen with more battery capacity than S6 edge.




Let’s have a look on the design of these two products, the S6 edge plus comes with dimensions of 154.40 x 75.80 x 6.90 and weighs around 153gm whereas the S6 edge is 142.10 x 70.10 x 7.00 in length and 132gm of weight. Comparing the dimension and weight, the S6 edge is lighter and smaller than S6 edge plus. But the S6 edge+ comes with attractive colours like gold, platinum and titanium with glossy finishing. Both of these phones look stylish and slim.

Winner – Tie


And as for the display specifications; S6 edge has screen size of 5.10 inches whereas S6 edge plus comes with a screen size of 5.70 inches and 518 pixcels per inch which provides a good picture quality. S6 edge plus provides bright colors so the champion is S6 edge plus over Samsung galaxy S6 edge.

Winner – Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus

Software and Hardware Specification

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus works on Android 5.1.1(Lollipop) whereas the S6 Edge works on Android 5.0(Lollipop). When it comes to the hardware part, processor is 1.5GHz octa-core in both the mobiles, whereas RAM is 4GB with internal storage of 32 GB in S6 Edge Plus and it over comes the S6 Edge which has a RAM of 3GB with internal storage of 32 GB memory. The S6 Edge plus is more compatible compared to S6 Edge and it gives a better picture quality.

Winner- Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus

Connectivity Options

Both of these smartphones are equipped with similar options like WiFi 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n/ ac and few other connectivity options such as GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, headphones and supports 4G in india(Band 40) but both smartphones have a single and the same drawback. Single sim, there is no slot for dual sim.

Winner – Tie


Both these smartphones have the same sensors – magnometer, proximity sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope. They have many sensors except temperature sensor and it has become a major drawback.

Winner – Tie


Both of these phones have the similar 16MP camera with a high resolution, auto focus with LED flash and 5MP front camera with flash.

Winner – Tie

Battery and Capacity

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a much shorter battery life than the S6 Edge Plus. Its battery is 15% bigger i.e. 2600 mAh battery, which should make up for the bigger screen to light up and stay beyond 30 hours.

Winner – Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ seems a bit too expensive compared to the Samsung galaxy S6 Edge. But looking at its features, you might not find any other phone in much lesser price and it costs about US$779. Whereas Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge costs about US $672.

Winner – Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


After comparing each and every specification of these phones from designs to the prices, there is a clear picture of the winner that has emerged and is none other than the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which is perfect in size, display and camera. These two smart phones have similar features with slight change and the Edge plus does come in with an upgrade. However both these smartphones are Samsung products and its your choice to buy the best one you can afford. But as for us, we would definitely recommend the best of the two; the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

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