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How to Choose the Perfect Screen Sharing Script in the Market

If you are looking to build a new Screen Sharing Script application or do a feature enhancement in your existing platform, you have landed on the right page.

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The concept of screen sharing and broadcasting live has been around for a while and getting better with time.

The pandemic situation has brought in more users across different fields to telecommute and extensively use such virtual platforms as a mode to build, share, collaborate, and expand their businesses. For example, schools and institutions have started online teaching and use screen sharing. IT establishments have training sessions and webinars, companies interacting with clients, telehealth services where doctors are screen sharing and consulting with patients, general customer support, etc.

In this blog, we highlight the top features to look into while choosing a screen sharing script for your business.

You can Choose Your Screen Sharing Software based on these Features

If your screen sharing script is power-packed with many useful features, the users are more likely to frequent your Application. This depends on your target users and participants. Here are some key features that are essential in your screen sharing software;

Easy access – An app with direct web access without installation and friendly usage across devices using different Operating systems adds ease. Password protection is another aspect for only consented participants to join a meeting. While it’s unnecessary, a remote access feature is useful when using screen sharing for customer support.

Annotation & Enhancement – The possibility to mark up, zoom in, and focus on one part of the screen, add notes, use a whiteboard with texts and graphics, while sharing or brainstorming helps the presenters and participants have effective communication.

High Definition video and streaming quality – The Screen sharing script should facilitate the Software to function well and maintain a good video connection and quality, optimize resolution as per the bandwidth, also when in full-screen mode.

Collaboration & Integration features – The ability to switch the presenters, multiparty annotation, link with other tools, and document editing should be incorporated in the screen sharing script. Including features like scheduling sessions and downloading recordings makes the whole process quite effortless.

Recording, Storage & Support – The screen sharing script should include a feature of securely recording and saving the meetings on devices or cloud servers, while also following the privacy guidelines. The servers used for the meetings should be present in privacy-friendly countries. Customer support and troubleshooting would help boost usage and rating of the screen sharing software.

Screen Sharing Script
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While there are many virtual web apps in the market using screen sharing scripts, we have listed down the topmost trending platforms, along with their main features which can help you pick the best fit for your business needs.

Webex – This is one of the first initiators of screen sharing, mainly used by businesses to share documents, presentations, and the entire screen if necessary across devices. It boasts attributes like whiteboarding, HD video & audio, and screen recording with encrypted cloud storage facilities for paid users.

TeamViewer – This platform provides easy, secure, and remote access support for any business and also has a meeting presentation mode for users with different requirements. It allows collaborative annotations, customized integration into existing applications for specific type users, supports pc and mobile devices. The Team Viewer (pilot) also provides remote support through augmented reality.

GoToMeeting – Known popularly for mobile device screen sharing and encrypted screen recording with a customized link, GoToMeeting has products specific to its use. These include GoToMeeting for general meetings and screen sharing, GoToWebinar for events and webinars, etc. It has features like automation where notifications and reminders are sent to participants, the analytics of the overall performance, engagement using tools like polling, Q&A, and others.

Zoom – Zoom offers secure code or link-based access to webinars. It is used widely for collaborative presentations and webinars with multiple hosts, 40 minute limit for free users; recording features with different layouts, whiteboard, co-annotation possibilities, and a particular dual-monitor screen sharing option.

Skype via Microsoft teams – Access to Skype requires the user to have an account, mainly for office 365 users. It is widely used for video conferencing, sharing, and integrates with other Microsoft software. Screen recording is securely saved in Microsoft stream services.

Google Meet –  This flexible platform from Google is available for free where users have existing Google accounts; that offer secure access only with a code, number, or link. It has annotation and enhancement tools with screen readers, magnifiers, and displays captions if required. The meeting organizers can do screen recording, and it gets saved to Google drive. The Software automatically integrates the meeting information into google calendar, and the user can set reminders.


A screen sharing script can be customized to user-specific needs with endless possibilities. Understanding the existing apps and their screen sharing features will help you build a competitive & high-quality screen sharing script for your Application.

Rely on us to help you build a user-friendly and scalable screen sharing script for business.

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