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5 Reasons to set up a blog for your Ecommerce business

Almost all major offline brands have an online ecommerce store to sell their products. More than 80% of them have started up blogs along with their ecommerce website. Usually small ecommerce store business owners concentrate more on marketing their products and forget to have a good blog that can go a long way in improving their sales. Let’s take this example: You sell shoes online and you have lot of competitors who does the same. What makes the visitor to buy from your ecommerce store? Apart from quality, packaging, shipping and customer service, the important metric is TRUST. How will you gain the trust from a first time visitor? If it is offline, you can easily create a positive personal vibe with your customers through greeting, support from your employees etc. For an ecommerce store, the only way to gain a trust and personal relationship is through blogs.

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Among the top 10 things that an ecommerce store should have, blogs play a significant role. They make your website visitors trust you. Never lie or try to fool your visitors. Just write what makes them interesting, what helps them to choose the products, write about what they look for and automatically a personal relationship will throw in. We are talking about developing the ecommerce store first and then creating a blog to support it. Let’s take this in reverse, imagine if you already have a trustful blog and huge readership. Now you start an ecommerce store related to your blog niche and try to sell the products, it’s a piece of cake.

For a successful ecommerce store, a human connection is always important. The quality of service or product has nothing to do with people wanted to come back to your ecommerce store. They’ve lot of options in the world web. So a blog for your ecommerce business acts as a human connection between your ecommerce store and visitors. It is also an incentive for your customers to come back to your ecommerce store. It is the face and personality of your ecommerce business.

The SEO part of your ecommerce business will be boosted up by using blog posts. Once the blog posts gets ranked well on search engines, your overall ecommerce store will be pushed up. As you all know, Google focuses more on social metric than building links. So your ecommerce store should be regularly updated with useful blog posts helping shopping audience, learn what your customers are looking out for, write about a detailed post or short blog posts regularly. If not, write 3-4 posts and schedule them in advance for a week.

This will largely impact your ecommerce brand as a whole. You don’t have to write posts related to what you sell. It can be of general shopping experience, how to look out for products in a ecommerce store, how to protect yourself when using credit cards in a ecommerce website etc. These sorts of articles are the ones that help your visitors and make a huge impression on your brand.

On the whole, a blog for your ecommerce website will boost up your sales in long run. If you find the article useful, do share it. Find the social sharing buttons below. You can also record your thoughts via comments section below.

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