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Top 10 Bootstrap single product Shopify themes

One structure is not enough to make up an entire website especially when it comes to eCommerce stores and this is why we have frameworks like Bootstrap, Shopify, and even WordPress. They make the entire process easier. In this post lets take a deep look into the list of Top 10 Bootstrap single product Shopify themes.

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But, what are web developers for then? Well, they do the job but then everything is upto them, right from customization to the coding and instead of managing the web developer and paying him/her up, there are always inexpensive and flexible options. Instead of relying completely on a developer, ecommerce store owners are going for ecommerce solutions. And Shopify has been the front-runner since 2004. It is an ecommerce company based out of Ontario, Canada. It is the pioneer in making computer software and also retail websites.

Today, the company has around 300,000 merchants using this unique ecommerce solution for their respective companies. Shopify has come a long way since its launch in 2004. It was developed on the foundation of an open source web application framework. Later on, it was further developed so that users could build applications from Shopify itself. From 2009, it has been available on the API platform as well.

But, is Shopify enough to create a good and strong ecommerce store? The answer is yes but it is always better when it is backed by a firm framework which allows the user to get rid of all the coding that comes along. This is where Bootstrap has become a big help. Bootstrap for Shopify has been released and it has been the single most platform for creating stellar themes for any kind of ecommerce store.

Bootstrap for Shopify

Shopify has great themes but when it comes to customization, Shopify themes can get tricky. Bootstrap is a front-end web development framework which is known for its HTML and CSS based typography and templates. It also gives the user plenty of other interface components to make the task of designing and maintaining an online ecommerce store much easier. There are plenty of frameworks in the market, so why should you go for Bootstrap. The simple reason is that it has been focused on developing the front-end plugins and this is ofgreat help to laymen who have no idea how to handle the complex back-end codes and functions. Another added bonus of using Bootstrap is that it has optional JavaScript plugins embedded in it.

The Bootstrap for Shopify has gain immense prominence and the simple reason behind it is that the task can be completed within minutes. Everything is done by the theme itself and no hard work is required. When you work with the Bootstrap backed Shopify themes, you get the following features:

  • A documentation at the beginning to ensure that you get the hang of what you are getting into. All the basics of using Bootstrap and Shopify will make things easier for you.
  • It will be highly responsive which makes it adaptable to every type of device. It will fit in every screen size making things easier for you. So, if you are planning to start your website on the mobile too, then you donot have to break a leg over it. With these Shopify themes, you will get everything in one place.
  • Along with the latest Bootstrap 3, you also get the previous version, in case you need it for anything,
  • Every device that a person uses today is of high resolution (HDR) and this is why making your online store retina ready is compulsory and with Bootstrap, even this feature is covered. So, it not only fits every screen size, but it adapts to the modern better screens as well.
  • It is highly customizable. If you want to add any drop down features from Bootstrap, you can enhance your eCommerce store easily.
  • It is as simple as download, upload, and edit. Nothing gets easier than this.
  • And you get dedicated support from the author of Bootstrap. Send in an email and they will help you out as soon as they can.

Single product stores focus on only one product and for creating such stores, Shopify is the best option. The themes of Shopify which have been backed from Bootstrap will give you every feature you need for your ecommerce store. Customize the background, logo and all the photos that you want on your online store.

Get an idea of the single product Shopify themes by looking at some of the top themes that you can buy at affordable prices from the Shopify store.

  1. Flow

For every single product ecommerce site, there is the amazing theme – Flow. It has been developed to ensure that your products are always the focus point. When a new visitor is at your site, they should be floored by the products that you are trying to sell and Flow makes this job easier. Available at a price of $160, flow gives the option of building a good homepage. You can add everything to your store, right from a video to a good animation which will show the focus of your store. Also, adding products, Instagram feeds, and collections are also easier with this theme. Flow is every bit the theme that you need for an online ecommerce store.

  1. Vantage

When a theme is on the list of bestsellers, you know it will do justice to your ecommerce store. One of the most used and amazing single product Shopify themes, Vantage comes at an affordable cost of $140. It is not only responsive and customizable but has stunning looks and gives your website a great option to stand out in the market.

It will adapt to every type of device, be it atablet, mobile or desktop. The special feature of this website is the re-arrangeable homepage and of course the plugins and customizing options. You can create slideshows and amazing galleries with this simple theme. Create as many sections as you like and also add videos to display your products better.

Bootstrap single product Shopify themes

  1. Lorenza

If you want to have the maximum number of visitors on your website, then Vantage is a good option. It is search engine optimized and comes at a cost of $160. It is highly responsive thereby making it one of the best themes from Shopify. The basic features of this theme are amazing for ecommerce stores which want to have a magazine like a feature. The site is perfect for a store which wants minimal in design and it also offers asymmetrical layouts, artboard-style product collections. With three styles – heritage, handmade and urban, you get every type of customization that you have wanted. Lorenza holds the 3rd position in our list of best Bootstrap single product Shopify themes.

Bootstrap single product Shopify themes

  1. ShowTime

ShowTime was already popular but with recent updates and add-ons on this theme, you are going to love it even more. Available for a price of $160, this theme will be the only thing you need to start your online ecommerce store. Highly flexible and has some amazing features which will help you set up any type of ecommerce store. The homepage layout of this theme is impressive as it is completely customizable and comes with different content blocks to choose from. Other features on this theme are mega menus, header styles, quick views, video support and a drop down menu which allows for product filtering.

And you get to choose from three different styles which include FashionTime, CookTime, and FurnishTime. It holds the 4th position in our list of Bootstrap single product Shopify themes.

  1. Boundless

If you don’t have the initial budget to spend on creating a website, then you can always go for the themes which come at absolutely no cost and one such theme is Boundless. It is perfect for a single product ecommerce store because of the huge layout of images on the landing page itself. Minimalistic in design yet packed with strong performance, this theme won’t disappoint you even at zero cost. You get a fading homepage slideshow along with adesign that is perfect for every type of device. The typography of this theme is also perfect and clean. And when it comes to customizing your ecommerce store, you get plenty of options. Comes in two simple styles – black and white and vibrant!

  1. Label

Label is perfect for those ecommerce stores which will focus on a limited number of products. Artisans and craftsmen can easily get the hang of this theme and it comes at a price of just $160. The homepage of thelabel is completely customizable and the features it provides are impeccable. Some of the features include 9 modules, single product pages, full-screen images that come with the option of zoom. Instagram and site tours are also part of the package. It is available in three styles which include record, create and publish. All of them are responsive and help you get your store across every device.

Bootstrap single product Shopify themes

  1. Icon

For all the fashion icons out there who are planning to start their own clothing line, this is the theme that shall help you showcase all your products perfectly. Made for ecommerce stores which want to show high-end clothing to their customer, this single product theme comes with slick features which includeparallax galleries that cover the entire screen, product carousels and the option to zoom in. Your customer should have a look at the products that you sell with precision so that they can make a quick decision. It has 5 images slideshow and also re-arrangeable homepage which come with 9 sections. Also, there is the product quick view and the sort by option. With vibrant images and color font options, icon can be purchased at the rate of $140 and comes in the following styles – dolce, yves and Christian. So, now you know where to start with your online ecommerce store for fashion clothing. Icon has all the team support that you will need in case you don’t get anything. And it holds the 7th position in our list of best Bootstrap single product Shopify themes.

  1. California

Talk about simple single product Shopify themes and nothing is better than plain old California. Its focus is one the simple ecommerce stores which won’t require much colors and animations. With this theme, you can include a slideshow on the homepage itself which will show all the amazing pictures at the top of your store. Instagram feed is always there on your store so that the visitors can follow you. Other features on the site include parallax header and of course product filtering. Buy it from Shopify store at $180 in any of the following styles – California, Cartomaps, Sundays, and Kentia.

Bootstrap single product Shopify themes

  1. Retina

If you are planning to open a furniture ecommerce store, then Retina is your best bet. This amazing theme focuses on bold imagery along with a style that will set your ecommerce store apart from other online stores. It gives you the option to add Instagram and twitter feeds.  We are well aware of the importance of social media in the growth of an online ecommerce store.

Some of the features that you will definitely like include the slideshow option with video, quick buy for customers who are always in a hurry, etc. Sidebar navigation is also there and the disqus forum so that your customers can voice their opinions, suggestions, and complaints online. The updates for this theme are always free but you will have to pay the initial price of $160. Completely search engine optimized, you can buy the theme in four distinct styles – Austin, Montreal, Amsterdam and Melbourne.

  1. Symmetry

Big sites have the option of displaying multiple products and this is the theme that will help you in achieving the big tasks. Some of its features which will help you set up your ecommerce store easily are aslideshow, long-form homepage, product rows, advanced navigation and the option for aquick buy.

When you get a theme like this one, it is the customer who is happy with your site and that is the ultimate goal, right? Apart from showcasing the products on your site, you can also create a personalized blog on the side to engage your customers. You can purchase it at a price of $180 and in different styles which include beatnik, Chantilly, duke and salt yard.

Hope this comprehensive list of Bootstrap single product Shopify themes helped you choose your theme. Please do let us know of any questions, in the comment section below 🙂

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