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Top 10 Bootstrap single product website templates

The Internet is flooded with websites and while people gather most of the junk on the internet itself, other ‘smart’ people are actually making money online. And if you are one among these people, then you must have already come with a blog or a site where you can sell your skills and start earning money. Be it blogging or selling the artwork of a talented artist, the internet has space for everything. The great news is that, unlike the olden times, now people can easily make an online website. And it includes an online store or what we call ecommerce store. In this article lets look at the list of Top 10 Bootstrap single product website templates

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The hassle of hiring a web developer is no longer a question. Instead, you can get everything done. Not only there are templates and themes available online that provide you with full customization and site design, there are ecommerce market solutions like Shopify, Magento, and PrimeFusionwhich will create the entire ecommerce store for you.

And if you are only interested in catering to a special audience who will understand your efforts and talents, then you can create a single product website with amazing templates.

Single product website templates are designed to support your vision for the one product that you want to showcase to the entire world. instead of making a huge site that sells everything under the hat, single product websites are meant for people who have just started out or choose to remain small. There are plenty of stores which only cater to their locality, community or people they know will appreciate what they have to offer.

And this is why getting a single product website template is a better option than going for the entire ecommerce solution. Not only you will be spending a lot more money, but you will also get confused with what to put on the site and what you should let go.

Bootstrap backed single product website templates

A single product website template is providing you with pretty much everything to kickstart your website. But, what is going to be the assurance that everything will be right on point?The answer is Bootstrap. It has become a source of confidence for every developer who knows what it is like to have a glitchy software. So, if you are going to use the single product templates for building your websites, you should get one that comes with Bootstrap.

What is Bootstrap anyways? It is the front-end framework which will answer all your questions to the tricky back-end coding. Instead of getting a developer to learn about these codes, you won’t have to write them in the first place. Bootstrap comes with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, hence you get the features of all these languages in one place.

And it is highly responsive making it useful and it places the usability of mobile as a top priority. If you were thinking of having an ecommerce store without any mobile application or website, then you won’t be able to go far.

So, get the best framework for your website along with the best templates. Where will you get the top templates for the same? Right here!

  1. Faraday ( Contact us for demo and pricing )

Faraday is a complete business ready single product eCommerce that is done taking into account a lot of design science. The entire layout is made to facilitate the usage for any product. The Theme is made in a manner to underplay the template as such and make the product stand out ( a common technique used by big players like Apple, Google etc. to design their product landing pages ) . The entire theme is made in a block interface, so any parts can be removed & still the template seems complete. It comes with all the bells & whistles ( 360 view, Tech spec area, Pricing tabs etc. )

Single product ecommerce template

   2. 1-E Shop

Digitalization has changed the face of our world. Everything is online and that is why people prefer to surf the sites which are selling things online. And if you want to sell a digital product, be it an audiobook or even a podcast, you should go for 1-E shop template. It is known for supporting single product websites and it doesn’t have to be an ecommerce store only.

Your main digital product will be the entire focus of this template making selling and pitching it very easy. It comes with plenty of features and modules to help you in creating the perfect store for a store that will be selling intangible things. Some of these features include Bootstrap 3.3.6 along with the latest version of font awesome. Easy to customize and has a very responsive design which is enhanced with UI colors. Along with animation and JQuery plugins, you have almost everything you need at one place. It holds the 1st position in our list of Top 10 Bootstrap single product website templates.

Bootstrap single product website templates

  1. Nova

Nowadays, you get a site which sells everything and this would be a good thing for a grocery store, but when it comes to buying the beauty essentials, it becomes important to choose a template that will focus on a single product. Because we all know the truth when it comes to beauty essentials – less is more. And if you are planning to start your own salon or sell the products that have made you beautiful, then Nova is just the template for your website. It is a single product PSD template which will do most of the job for you within minutes.

Thanks to its modern layout and designs, you won’t have any problem in getting the hang of this template. Also, it is easily customizable and comes with 5 PSD files. And to enhance the visibility of images, it is compatible with Adobe CS6. So, get started on your dream of sharing your beauty secrets and regime with everyone else.

Bootstrap single product website templates

  1. Neso

For all those online companies that want to have an ecommerce store with a single product, it is important to have a stellar landing page. Since you are investing everything in one product, it would be easier to divert the attention of the visitors on this product itself. And there is no better way to do this than create your website with the Neso template.

It is a template that was designed for creating a good single product website. Also, with this template, you can always set up a beautiful gallery of the best images that you have. You can choose between the various grid layouts available for this template. It is a mobile-friendly template; hence you will get all the features accordingly. Other great features which will help you in setting up your website right now include the prompt call-to-action button, typography options, and social media icons.

  1. EBook

All the bibliophiles who want to start an ecommerce store that will sell quality books at great prices can start with the single product template called Ebook. It is specially designed for such type of websites itself and it is available at the cost of $10. There are no heavy features. As a consequence, site is always interface clean and easy. You do get a pricing table and a layout which will show the testimonials. These are the important things on the site and it is presented with this template. It holds the 4th position in our list of Top 10 Bootstrap single product website templates.

  1. Wow

Developed by Xspeedstudio, this is a template which lives upto the definition of its name. Wow is made for single product website templates, but its design and features give you much more than that. There is a scope for integration of Woocommerce within this template and there are at least 15 varied types of demos which leave you with plenty of room to choose from.

You can select portfolio, apps, landing pages and integrate it with great sites to ensure that the value of your website increases. The USP of this template is the feature called video composer for drag and drop page builder. If you are in abusiness which has just started out on their journey to make it big in the ecommerce world, then this template will help you on your journey. It is also backed with Bootstrap and other powerful extensions which include the SEO and analytics of the site as well.

  1. Giman

Another single product theme which has been designed to help you create a website that will cater to your special line of products. But, another reason why people are using Giman is its ability to promote apps on various platforms. The template is known to be the one that helps in scrolling for long and its features make it stand apart from other templates.

The template is amazing for websites which want to have a clean look that will border on the minimalistic needs of a website. If simple yet sophisticated is what you are looking for, then you will definitely find it here on Giman. It is a highly responsive template which has colorful layouts to help you choose the one that will fit with your perceptions of your website. Then, this template also gives you plenty of sections for putting Instagram feed, videos, testimonials, product table, phone screenshots, and even giftcards for your website. This is an HTML template so you can be assured of proper assistance from the language as well. Holds the 6th position in our list of Top 10 Bootstrap single product website templates.

Bootstrap single product website templates

  1. Travelify

Wanderlust is all the craze right now. Instagram alone has tons of travelingaccounts which are handled by people who have a passion for travel as well as clicking pictures. But, just having an Instagram page is not enough. If you really want to make money from your travel adventures, then you should start a travel ecommerce store. The best template for the same is Travelify. It is highly customizable and comes with a responsive design. Also, there are multiple layouts which will definitely support the high resolution of the pictures that you will upload online. You get plugin support and woocommerce support. And the entire template is retina ready. Holds the 7th position in our list of top single product website templates

  1. Behance

When it comes to single product ecommerce templates, every top developer gives one simple advice which is to keep it simple. Behance is another single product template that is meant for showcasing only one product. Now, if your product is a bicycle, then you will have to show each type of bike and for this,Behance gives plenty of features. A parallax gallery option with a customizable menu to input every information you have about the product you are selling. When the customers know that they are buying from an informed seller, your chances of making profit increases. This holds the 8th position in our list of Top single product website templates

  1. Kalium

If you are looking for a template that is not only intuitive and modern but comes with all the latest updates as well, then you are at the right place. Kalium is a template that is meant for every online store owner who wants to focus on a single product. But, if your company does make it big and you want to add to the present features of the template, you can easily do it in Kalium. It is highly responsive and comes with a wide variety of features to help you get started. The construction of your online store won’t need a coding master from now on.

This template can be used for not only making an ecommerce store but also for other purposes as well. This is why Kalium has been known as the most versatile template when it comes to single product ecommerce templates. Whether you want to curate a portfolio or start a great store online, you can do everything with this template. Holds the 9th position in our list of Top 10 Bootstrap single product website templates.

Bootstrap single product website templates

  1. Stratus

Since all the templates that we have discussed are supposed to feature only a single product, it is important to have templates that are not heavy. When there are excessive features which fill no purpose but only create a problem for the website, then there is no point going for such a template. But, this is not the case with Stratus.

It is not only a responsive template but it also comes with limited features which make it light-weight and easy to use. The loading time of this template is low which ensures that your website would load in no time. Also, the template is highly customizable making it the top choice for your ecommerce store. You don’t have to worry about any glitches while using this online template because it is backed up by Bootstrap 3, HTML 5 and CSS.

For people who are planning to venture into thecorporate world and start a small business first, this template and all the others mentioned in the list are a perfect choice. After all, it is necessary to treat a single product ecommerce website template as a site which can handle the load given to it. Start your online ecommerce store today with these amazing templates.

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