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Six popular products by Contus Support

Popular Contus support products

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Contus Support is basically an Indian based technology company  which provides mobile, web and cloud based solutions. They are continuously delivering innovative solutions in 40 countries since 2008.

Contus Support, an IT company has created numerous mobile and web apps keeping in mind to make things easier in this difficult journey. It has built more than 1000 mobile apps since 5 years.  It provides Android App Development, iOS App Development, Windows 8 App development, Mobile App testing, Mobile App development, ecommerce development, Magento Development and Web application development.

With vast technical knowledge, creativity and passion; Contus Support always keeps its promise in delivering the best.

Peek into its popular apps by Contus Support

  1. Earthbook TV

This is an application where you are able to watch all your favorite recorded shows in your mobile in a click. These videos are not owned by them but directly taken from Youtube. Earthbook, by Contus Support, which came into existence a couple of years back offers you the best revolutionary, advisory, religious and thought provoking videos.

  1. Spy timer

The app Spy Timer by Contus Support, actually acts as a spy. Keeping an eye on important things in your life. Important things I mean, it helps you to become your own log term financial advisor by providing an estimated target price for the stock market index S&P500. Spy Timer constitutes in economic data, history and market sentiment. Each month they manually check and analyze the economic status and update the results.

Spy Timer gives you :

  1. S&P500 stock market summary
  2. Real time calculated upside potential S&P500price and
    % gain relative to current S&P price.

3.A spy timer alert which allows you to set percentage from estimated S&P upside price.

  1. suggested probability of the calculated S&P500 of the upside or downside based on recent economic data and sentiment.

Of all these features, it is a valuable tool which sets you a threshold. It alerts you about the profit or loss in the market and keep you updated all the time. Makes you invest wisely.

  1. Lockr

An other Contus Support built app which says “no more bill shock”. OK, now you don’t have to save yourself from shocks. This mobile application for the rescue! It allows care takers and parents of pre teens to relax and give them an android powered Smartphone which will protect them from bill shocks. Care takers and parents can set Lockr application to allow only calls which are authorized contacts and numbers only for a predefined time.

It also keeps a check on the call costs to ensure you are not crossing the limit of no Bill Shock policy. By using this Contus Support app you are able to set back and take a nap relaxingly. It eases the tension in parents and care takers of these children. They tend to spend more money on phone usage than any other these days. And the app is free and available on Google play.


  1. Salesforce contacts

An efficient way to build relationship at workplace with a free app. Isn’t this amazing? Well, coming to its features, Salesforce contacts is a Contus Support based mobile app which allows the salesperson to sync their customer contacts with their Smartphone contacts. It is an instant connection to your leads, contacts, accounts and critical business information.

It builds a path to efficiency of your sales and targets at the workplace. When you have built a decent relationship with your customers, then it is a sign for the development in your business. This app is mainly for people in corporate field who wish to build efficiency in work force.

  1. Apptha

Apptha, Contus Support app which provides the customer with numerous themes, templates, extensions and Plugins. It is supported to Magento, Joomla!, WordPress and other individual scripts.

It is a great platform for Magento extensions and themes which are widely acknowledged for its high quality and performance. Some of the extensions found in Apptha fro Magento includes One Step Checkout, Facebook app, Hotel Reservation, HDFLV player and Out of stock notification. This is a perfect extension which is worth all the money.

In WordPress, it displays products and promotions in an attractive manner. Grid theme, coffee theme, restaurant theme and many other options are available on Contus Support built app.


  1. Group Clone

This is an amazing script by Contus Support which enables you to buy products in multiple units grouping with others who want to buy the same. The advantage is, the buyer gets it in a low price and the seller benefits more by selling more at once. Advantage to both the parties. Group clone is a popular script which is now available to Apple users too. If you are opening your own site for shopping online, this is the place to start purchasing the products. Share deals in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Its time to get your own Groupon cloned site now!

What are you waiting for? Get started now.

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