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SkipTheDishes Clone: Top Qualities to look for while Hiring a Developer for your Clone Script

Food Delivery apps like the SkipTheDishes Clone help many people like office-goers, single parents, and food lovers skip the dishes whenever they feel like it.

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A food delivery script is an online ordering system developed in PHP for the application front-end and MySQL to handle the database. This online food ordering software makes a restaurant’s online portal, robust, secure, and automated at many levels. Once installed, the clone script is very easy-to-use and doesn’t need any programming skills at the restaurant’s end. 

What such a script like the SkipTheDishes Clone can do is impressive. It can generate or shuffle your restaurant menu, edit and delete menu items, accept orders, track orders, manage pick-up orders, assign deliveries, track deliveries, process payments, trigger notifications/emails, customize deals & offers, and do more. 

A food delivery clone script is customizable to the needs of a business. To achieve the best results in food delivery, companies must hire the best and creative Clone script developers who are well-versed in client-side and server-side scripting and database querying.

The SkipTheDishes Clone has one of the best food delivery scripts in the business, thanks to its script developers.

About SkipTheDishes

SkipTheDishes is a food delivery app that leverages world-class & unparalleled technology to deliver food on-demand using the SkipTheDishes Clone. The company has Canada’s leading and largest food delivery network, connected to a myriad of restaurants coast-to-coast in hundreds of communities across Canada. The company is a part of Just Eat and is headquartered in the UK.

In this blog, we focus on the top qualities to look for while hiring a Developer for your on-demand food delivery Clone Script.

JavaScript, HTML, and CSS Expertise

First, the clone script developer must have a deep understanding of PHP programming, which is vital to developing a script like the SkipTheDishes Clone. Additionally, he must have expertise in client-side server & website code development with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Developers must not only know how to code but fix coding errors. Knowing these three technologies is essential for efficient web development that influences the best clone script functionalities.

Deep Understanding of the On-demand Food Delivery Business

It is equally important to know the intricacies and the requirements of the food delivery business before developing code based on their business logic. The SkipTheDishes Clone is an excellent example of the business model being captured well in the food delivery clone script. The script developer has to display a great understanding of the unique needs of a food delivery business from the smallest detail of how the menu appears to how the app handles high-order flows.

Business Communication

Script developers have great communicators too. Right from discussing an idea, to translating it into a business functionality, clear and concise communication plays a pivotal role in food script development. Sometimes, script developers may have to talk to different customers of the client to perceive their needs with clarity and capture them in their coding logic. This translates to better efficiency & performance of the food delivery script.

SkipTheDishes clone



Networking is a skill that PHP script developers, especially for a food delivery clone, must possess. It helps them connect with other script developers, business &technology experts to get better coding ideas, understand food delivery concepts better, improve their scripting quality, and deliver the best product to the customer.

At every step of development, food delivery script developers need to come up with efficient coding techniques that improve feature performance and appeal to customers. This is possible only through networking and collaboration with other experts since working in isolation is seldom the case with script developers.

Learn from Competitors

Keeping competitor food delivery businesses in the radar and how they innovate are two key areas script developers must focus on. If a food delivery script is outdated or does not keep up with the ever-changing needs of customers, then, businesses can take a plunge sooner than later. 


Fast-paced food delivery businesses look for good script developers that learn quickly and apply business changes tactfully to their code scripting.



These are the top compelling qualities that a food delivery script developer must have to find exciting opportunities in the food delivery business sector. 

You can discuss your business needs with our talented Clone Script developers to get the best food delivery clone done for you. Contact us today!

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