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Skype Clone: Top Three required Features in any Skype-like Business

Today, companies are shaping up into purely digital enterprises, especially after the global coronavirus crisis that has disrupted work and made social distancing the norm. Companies are now relying on virtual solutions like the Skype Clone instead of meeting face-to-face. But the challenge comes in when you want to systematically organize meetings for a larger group of people in such testing times.

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Such situations have brought the concept of Skype-like business applications that allow meetings on a virtual platform without the feeling of distance. One significant example of one such application is the Skype Clone.

The Skype Clone is a rich telecommunications platform that enables video chat and voice calls between computers, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, smartwatches, and Xbox consoles, over the internet. This robust application provides instant messaging, checking-up chat history, allows incoming & outgoing calling facility between Skype Clone and the other mobile/landline numbers. The features not just end here.

There is voicemail, video calling & screen sharing, sending text messages through SMS facility, wireless hotspot network access, etc. Skype Clone is a powerful & fulfilling software that is capable of benefitting businesses with everything they require. This full-service communications pathway can speed-up the ROI of companies and give them the profit they deserve.

In this blog, we discuss the top three features that are a must-have for any Skype-like business.


Being able to carry your web collaboration set up wherever you go is one of the most useful features of any Skype-like business. It gives you the liberty to attend meetings from anywhere, while you are at home, or in your car. It is also multi-platform compatible with iOS and Android devices, be it your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

These Skype-like businesses usually support a bandwidth of up to 250 people for one web conferencing session. These include people who can dial in from anywhere in the world using any internet connection, webcam, VoIP, and audio set up to participate in a video web-conferencing presentation. The Skype Clone is one of the best examples of portability offerings for your business collaborations and team meetings.

Skype Clone
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Record you Missed Meetings

It may happen so that all invitees may not be available for a meeting at a scheduled time. You could still keep them in the loop by recording your video conference and saving the file in the cloud for later reference.

The good news is that all Skype-like businesses come with a powerful feature where you can record the meetings and playback anytime. We are not just talking about the basic recording here but about an option where you can record every single activity of a previous meeting, including audio, video, whiteboard, IM, presentations, etc. and send it out to the concerned persons later.

You can also choose your appropriate resolution from the settings and playback the recording in your available time. This feature is part of the comprehensive Skype-Clone, a reliable business application that can connect hundreds of people under a single roof.

Personalized & Controlled Participant Dashboard

If you are the meeting host, then you can take over the driver’s seat and control the settings on your Skype-like business collaboration platform. Skype-like business applications give you the freedom to individually mute participants or block their video whenever required.

If you have forgotten to invite someone for the meeting, and you realize amid the meeting, then in that case, also you need not panic. You can straightaway ping the person through this application without leaving the meeting and include him/her. There are several modes you can switch to, e.g., Speaker view, where you can see the speaker in a larger frame.

Besides all this, you can also have a customized look for your screen to keep you motivated. Skype-clone offers several display options that can grab more attention and increase efficiency.


There are many other features of Skype-like applications that can help businesses be more efficient with their online meetings.

The top three features discussed in this blog not only make teams productive within your office t but also increase their marketing competency. Skype-like business applications are fetching real potential from businesses and helping them touch new heights.

Connect with us to know how we can build a customized app like the Skype Clone which is a robust telecommunication application that merges all functional elements for businesses.

Having successful communication flowing within your business and delivering the right content with the desired intention requires a strong vision, and an even better Skype-like business application.

It’s time to chase the thought of building and improving communication between teams, a Skype-like application can help you plan, organize, automate, and succeed in web collaboration.

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