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Slice Clone: Five Essential Features required to start a Pizza Delivery Software

Pizza Delivery Script

The food delivery business (Pizza delivery tops that list) is thriving today because of the technology that makes it super-convenient and gets food delivered to your doorstep in minutes. Though this may sound easy, there is a lot that goes into designing and implementing food delivery clone scripts that make the deliveries happen. A Pizza Delivery Script or a Slice Clone helps simplify and manage Pizza deliveries in an automated environment that your app provides.

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Pizza Delivery Script
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What is a Pizza Delivery Script?

It is an online ordering system built in PHP, React Native, or similar languages and uses MySQL for database management. The software can add smart and robust functionality to any pizzeria’s website based on the business model. Once installed, it is very user-friendly and doesn’t require any programming skills.

This customizable application is available with all necessary screens, and components for a food ordering app like Domino’s, Papa John’s, or any other top global Pizza chain.

It can be managed on a mobile device or a restaurant’s POS machine. Some of the standard modules of a Pizza Delivery script include the End-user app, Rider app, Admin Dashboard, Analytics dashboard & API server, Customer Feedback, and Returns Management.

The Slice Clone Script

Slice is a Software as a Service provider that takes tech tools used by big Pizza delivery chains and helps local and independent Pizzerias make profits through affordable online ordering and marketing support. They offer this using the secure and convenient Slice Clone Script. This way, local Pizza businesses don’t have to purchase the software or develop it from scratch.

In this blog, we discuss the top features to be included in your Pizza Delivery Script, just like Slice.

Menu Builder

Everybody is looking for an innovative menu when it comes to Pizzas. An online Pizza ordering script allows you to create menus that can be easily embedded into your restaurant website or mobile app.

You can even change the menu on-the-fly based on promotions and seasonal offers like the Slice Clone. Some Pizzerias also offer freebies or reduced prices on menu items after a certain time of the day. Even the prices can be changed on a dynamic menu using the menu builder.

You could include the descriptions of the Pizza, the ingredients, taste specification icons, and more on the menu with the menu builder.

Payment Integration

You can collect advance payments or the full order amount using PayPal, Authorize.Net, wire transfers, Credit Cards, mobile wallets, or cash on delivery with this feature.

Security is in-built in this feature, and any issues will send a notification to the merchant and the customer to keep them informed.

More layers of authentication can be added to this feature for your Pizza Delivery Script.

Pickup & Delivery

This feature of a Pizza Delivery Script offers convenience to customers to either pick up the order themselves or get it delivered to their doorstep. The Slice Clone uses this feature to adapt to the needs of customers and fine-tune services.

It has an order tracking feature that updates the status of the order in real-time. This includes order ready, packed, picked up (by customer/for delivery), payment status, return status, order cancellation status, and more.

Email & SMS Notification

Every customer likes to stay informed about their Pizza order, payment status, order status, offers, discounts, and more.

The Slice Clone has a robust and versatile notification system that gives customers real-time visibility into their orders. It also helps them track their order. For the business, this Pizza Delivery Script feature is useful in improving their accountability, and customer trust levels in the business.

This feature also helps in marketing campaigns and lead generation for the business.

Delivery Partner Tracking

It is imperative that online orders have to be delivered on-time without compromising on quality for exceptional customer experience. In the Slice Clone app, Pizzeria managers can keep track of the location and timings of Pizza order deliveries done by their delivery associates using their GPS-enabled devices and centralized trackers.

Any disciplinary issues can also be addressed with the tracking history on the app. This feature can be integrated with a third-party delivery partner application. Customers rely on this feature to check the location of their order.


Pizza Delivery Scripts streamline workflow management, order processing, updates, scheduling, notification, menu updates, built-in troubleshooting, and, most importantly, managing the database where all the real-time information is stored.

It is rewarding to invest in a Clone Script for any food delivery business. Contact us to get these features incorporated in your Pizza Delivery App!

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