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5 Social Commerce Strategies to Create Your Own Facebook Store

In the previous post on Social commerce we talked a lot about adding social logins and social sharing features to your normal ecommerce website. Social commerce is not just adding social features to your existing ecommerce store. Buying and selling those same items that we already shop in a normal ecommerce store, except it’s done through social media platforms like Facebook. It’s like setting up your total ecommerce store inside facebook. Social commerce works just like an ordinary ecommerce store but everything (buying and selling) happens inside a social app build over a social media platform like Facebook.

facebook store

Buying and selling things inside a facebook app is called f-commerce.  Setting up your first facebook store? It is easy and you can setup one quickly with the help of apps like Easy social shop that allows you to setup your facebook store in seconds. The stats tell us that on average a facebook fan is worth $170 and if your facebook page has 5000 fans then the total asset is worth $850,000. Who wants to miss out such a potential? How to setup your facebook store? allows you to setup magento facebook shop, shopify shop or any other custom shop integrated with few clicks. It automatically imports your listings, price, photos etc. You can customize colors, designs and layout.

People who browse through the products inside your facebook app can select the products ‘add to cart’ and they are brought to your shop page to complete the transaction. For example, try out Disney store facebook page. They have facebook store ‘Back to school’ that sells school products like kids bags, water bottles, shoes, dresses etc. You can select the product, add to cart and finish the transaction finally at their shopping page.

facebook store

Before starting with our social commerce strategy for Facebook stores, I hope you’re already providing some love to your facebook fans through your brand. Yes, you need to be social before planning a social commerce strategy. People like your brand facebook page for one reason only. They want to get something out of it. Simply posting products on facebook is never going to be enough. You need to be engaging, send some rewards, incentives, show some love towards your fans by giving them offers, exclusive promo codes for facebook fans etc. Once you’re in with all these, f-commerce is like icing on the cake.

Critics will continue to say people go to facebook only to socialize and find friends, not to shop or lookout for buying products. But don’t believe. Facebook’s huge global user base and the potential it holds will help to your own f-commerce success.

Announce the launch of your facebook store to fans through social media like blogs, twitter, newsletters etc. 56% of fans say they’re more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan. So a prior announcement will help you to get viral.

Update your fans with special deals, offers, new products, upcoming projects. With facebook sponsored posts, you can reach to larger audience. 45% of the facebook users time is spend on news feed. Update strategically. From your page insights, find out the right time to post updates. Usually facebook gets peak traffic between 3 PM to 6 PM from Monday to Friday. Tuesday 3 PM is recorded with highest traffic. Also 9 PM to 11 PM is preferred by few people. Find the right time to publish updates from your page insights. Never post important updates on the weekends.

Interaction, engagement with the fans is compulsory. Treat fans as if they’re stepping into your store. How would you treat your customer in an offline store? Greet them similarly. This helps you to establish a relationship. By doing so, they likely to buy a product from your facebook store and also share, recommend items with their friends.

Tempt your fans through exclusive deals on facebook page. Make the deals only for facebook fans. More than 50% of people said they were more likely to buy from a brand if it was recommended by a friend. So encouraging your fans with exclusive deals will help you to promote your page and product to their friends. The prediction of global social commerce revenue is $30 billion by 2015 which is $5 billion on 2011.

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