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internet radio

Considering the Volume of the subject I’m going to split it into separate posts dealing with different aspects, So i can individually focus on them.



Over the years  the way we interact has changed and evolved for better or worse. So has the way in which we interact with various mediums of communication, in particular the way we listen to the music has completely evolved. If you are a kid from the 80′s or before you would’ve had the experience of collecting cassettes and a few LPs . (Ah! Cassette tapes used to RULE) and many of us used to have a huge collection of music ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Michael Jackson. And now What most of have are only the digital copies. Why? That’s because we can  quadruple  the number of collection we have with ease.

Similarly listening to radio and Radio as a medium has changed very much these days with the advancements in streaming technology on the internet, these changes are meant to stay here.

Traditionally broadcasting / owning a radio station would involve huge set up cost,  licensing, employing staff and other expenses. It would be a huge investment if you’re doing it legally. But here  I’m  going to outline the whole process from basic to the nuances involved in starting an online radio. Don’t worry, we’re going to do it legally.


Starting an online Radio station or a show might sound fancy for some but without investing right amount of time and resources into it, theres no point doing it.

First and foremost you need to have a plan.

  • What kind of genre is your station going to stick to.
  • What kind of shows are you going to have.
  • How much amount of time can you spend everyday, Whether full-time or part-time.
  • How are you going to stream?
  • Name of your radio ( yes, you need a unique name right?)

Once you select the Genre you’ll know what kind of music or if it is a talk show based radio, you’ll know what type of content you’re looking for. If it is a talk show based you’ll need to find some people to help you out with hosting the shows and if it’s music you’ll need to find free music that allow you to broadcast them (but make sure you get permission from them) it know getting permission is a tedious process as it involves asking every artist but hey it’s worth the effort that way you get to build a nice library of music for your radio which is essential. Or if you don’t mind spending some money you could use Loudcity’s licensing service which lets you license popular music for a nominal fee. As all your approvals and permissions for playing regular artists you hear on FM radios are taken care of.

Another important aspect is how much time you spend in broadcasting your radio, Full time or Part time.

If you don’t follow a schedule chances are your listeners might not turn up again. Imagine going to the  italian restaurant and they run out of your favorite dish thrice in a row, would you go back again? No.

Similarly your listeners might get the same treatment on your radio.

How are you going to stream?

As in what service and other methods are you going to use?

you can use services like or, ustream,, Livestream.

If you are willing to spend some money you could also get their pro account which have other set of useful features.( About setting up the station i’ll elaborate it in the next post. )

Naming your online Radio station is equally important. Of course a good name will have a great branding value and a good name should go along with it. So try and come up with names that will suit the type of music you play on your radio.

What to look out for in the next post?

About setting up, technical aspects and monetization.

So these are your first steps into creating an online radio station.


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