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Top 7 taxi dispatch software companies

If you’re running a taxi business and are thinking about going digital and implementing Taxi dispatch software, it helps to make sure that you are in touch the right Taxi dispatch software companies. As its crucial for the success of your business. Only the right company with the right attitude would make your business successful. 

We’ve listed some of the taxi dispatch software companies that we felt were noteworthy. Do take a look at them below. 

1. PEERBITS’s Taxi Dispatch software: Peerbits has been around for six years. They have developed an uber clone script which has some pretty good features. The passenger app has a cool UI allowing greater conversion through a comprehensive taxi app solution.

The integrated driver analytics feature allows the driver to manage fast bookings and keep track of each ride and their income. They have a cool web admin panel for real time monitoring that has a complete control over passengers, cab drivers, dispatchers and all the transactions that are undertaken within the taxi app for a resourceful decision making.

Some of the distinct features in their taxi dispatch software passenger app are social media login,  chat with drivers, referral bonuses, geofencing for airports, push notification, email and sms alerts. The driver app has some cool features like payment management, trip history, call passenger and smart navigation by google. The web admin panel offers features like manage CMS content, password recovery, corporate accounts, referral bonuses and promo codes.

Other than the ones that are mentioned their taxi dispatch software gives the ability to assign trips manually and generate dynamic reports. They need 6 to 7 weeks to hand over the complete application. They also provide the complete source code along with the software.

2. SMART-CAR TECH:’s taxi dispatch software and it’s app comes as a complete suite. 

Their software is loaded with business ready features. It has an extensive and powerful admin panel which has several customizable functions.

Optionally, the software can be bought with their OBD device (At a nominal extra charge). OBD is a piece of hardware that sits in the cab and helps in communicating with the software about it’s status, vital information like engine health etc.

The app is completely future ready. It is also very economic and of high quality. Apart from the real time tracking it also offers the wallet feature to the customers. Another feature that makes Nikola different from its competitors is the airport sharing feature.

Now catching a flight in time not only becomes hassle free but also economic. The state of the art GPS navigation and geo fencing feature keeps Nikola ahead of its competitors. Nikola is available in two variants namely the hosted model which is billed monthly and the ultimate model.

3. SPACE-O TECHNOLOGIES: Space-o technologies has been in existence for a while now and since then they are able to deliver sophisticated taxi booking app solutions to their clients. 

Some of the cool features which they provide in their Uber clone script are real time tracking, secure and fast payment functionality and user friendly app interface among others.Some other innovative features include a service oriented interface and GPS integration for smooth navigation.The company takes great care in making their apps of high quality, user friendly and feature rich.

4. TAXI ANYTIME: The taxi dispatch software by the company Elluminati, has some striking features that are described as follows.

This they claim is a fully automated taxi dispatch software, set it up once and the solution will take care of the rest. The fare estimator is quite cool which gives an accurate prediction.

The admin panel is pretty extensive which offers something for every category of business. The app has real time tracking and scheduled booking for booking a ride in the future. It has the provision for both cash and card payment. Apart from the notification and alerts feature this app has provision for promo and referrals too.

5. ZOPLAY: Zoplay is a division of Casperon Technologies. They specialize in mobile application development. Apart from other products they have their own Taxi dispatch software.

Here is a descriptive account of their taxi dispatch software. The app has in-app live tracking feature with GPS integration. The wallet feature enables the customers to put money into it and have a cashless transaction. It also has book later feature, promo codes and surge pricing feature.

Some other cool features that are found in their taxi dispatch software app are social login, emergency contact, instant alert and push notification. It also has a feedback mechanism for both drivers and passengers. The product is available in three different variants namely lite, premium and ultimate with different pricing labels. There are also some cool addons to try out.

6. COGZIDEL TECHNOLOGIES: Arcane from Cogzidel technologies is a uber inspired product. Here we shall have a look at some unique features of this software that make them different from their competitors. This software has Firebase integrated which is a legendary back-end as a service technology.

Apart from this, it has a beautiful in app navigation service with integrated GPS. Some other features that are found are user reviews, push notifications and a secure payment gateway. The admin panel is also pretty cool. The app is very light weight and consume very less power.

7. AGRIYA: The taxi dispatch software from Agriya called Taxi Pickr has some cool features to explore. The app is loaded with some unique features like email templates, social media sign up, flexible login, wallet, add emergency contact, history, maintenance mode, seo settings, currency settings and edit car option. Along with all these features they provide 12 month free updates and 3 months free support.

Know a taxi dispatch software that can fit in this list? Let us know in the comments. 🙂

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