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Top Five Telehealth Scripts in the Market for 2020

Many healthcare organizations use a Telehealth Script to make doctor consultations flexible for patients. Telemedicine apps are beneficial during the current pandemic situation when social distancing is necessary.

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If you have an ill person or elderly members at home, depending on a Telehealth Script is the best idea. These apps help with doctor appointments, emergencies, or dosage adjustments from anywhere and at any time.

An app made with a proper Telehealth Script help your doctors remotely track your symptoms through video chat. They can compare reports, find out the causes of your health concern, and give the best health care advice.

He/she can also prescribe medicines or make dosage adjustments on the call if required.

Healthcare accessibility has become a concrete reality, thanks to the remote communication opportunities that a Telehealth Script can offer. Patients can connect with multiple doctors, purchase prescribed medicines, and receive assistance with long-term and acute illnesses.

The convenience offered by a best-in-class Telehealth Script is endless. A Telehealth Script can also be integrated with other third-party software applications like Google Chat, Pharmacy apps, health monitoring apps, diet planners, etc. This helps devise a comprehensive wellness package tuned to your health needs.

An app made with a good Telehealth script also help doctors treat patients at a low cost. This is possible because there are no infrastructural and logistical expenses associated with remote consultations.

According to Statista, Telehealth is expected to be valued at more than $41 billion by 2021. Healthcare professionals also vouch for Telehealth Scripts because of its time-saving, networking, and integration capabilities. 

The end-users of a Telehealth Script include,

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Health Assistants
  • Clinical Specialists
  • Clinical Social Workers
  • Registered Health Professionals

The areas revolutionized by any Telehealth Script include,

  • Medication Management
  • Disaster Relief
  • Ambulance Treatment
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Virtual Treatment
  • Second Opinion

Based on these essential features of a Telemedicine Software, here are the top five Telehealth Scripts of 2020.


This is one of the best HIPAA-approved, opensource Telehealth Script in the market today. It supports doctor consultations using video conferencing and remote file access support.

The in-build EHR, mHealth, and medical billing features support cost-effective and optimized healthcare. This feature-rich end-to-end telemedicine solution is,

  • Free to deploy and implement with zero hidden costs
  • Easily customizable to meet your medical needs
  • Multi-device friendly for desktops, laptops, and smartphones
  • HIPAA & PCI payment compliant
  • Useful for scheduling, medical billing, & collections

LiveHealth Online

This mobile-friendly Telehealth Script brings qualified doctors to patients who rely on remote consultations. 

It can be used on iOS and Android phones and recommends doctors based on their experience and expertise.

Based on your health condition, the app gives you the highly-recommended doctors in your location. 

Here are the features of LIveHealth.

  • Supports clinic and hospital management services.
  • Has a customer satisfaction evaluation module for patients for consultation and treatment experiences.
  • It requests for health information and makes automatic recommendations to improve user experiences.
  • It is associated with diagnostics companies like Fidelity diagnostics, Elbit medical diagnostics Ltd., Lucid Medical Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.
  • LiveHealth automates repetitive processes.
  • LiveHealth is affiliated to many local clinics and hospitals.


This Telehealth Script supports local community health workers to provide primary treatment for patients. 

It includes a mobile app that integrates its EHR to the cloud as the back-end.

This Telehealth Script supports low bandwidth connectivity and offline mode.

The health summary of a patient with age, vitals, symptoms, etc. is displayed to the healthcare professional.

This way, doctors understand the case faster and provide expeditious treatment.

The essential features include:

  • Allows transmission of health data to remote doctors through audio and video consultations.
  • Connects with low-cost devices for point of care diagnosis.
  • Allows forwarding prescriptions and medications.
  • Tracks referral coordination to guide patients to the next logical stage of care.
  • Includes informative video resources for patient education and counseling.
  • Facilitates data reporting.
  • Can use electronic health records for patient self-care management.

TeleHealth Script

WiCis Health

This real-time telemedicine platform gives the hospital environment to the patient through video streaming. Comprehensive treatments are possible using cloud billing on a smartphone. 

This platform uses satellite technology to share the vital readings of a patient and provide care-based treatment.

The key features of this Telehealth Script include:

  • This script covers the workflows right from pre-admission to discharge and home care with live data support.
  • Allows patients to submit cloud billing tickets from your smartphone.
  • Customized CareFlow screens can be designed on this platform.
  • It can display medical data from anywhere in the world synchronously and asynchronously. 
  • Displays and stores custom forms to provide comprehensive information about patients and their ongoing treatments.
  • Being HIPAA compliant, it uses encryption methods and end-to-end security for sessions.

AMC Health

This platform offers a rich patient care experience for clinical treatments. It helps merge multiple peer-reviewed studies with real-time patient data to improve the quality of care.

It is FDA Class II qualified, which includes the best practices in remote clinical care.

The essential features include:

  • Helps engage, enlighten, and empower patients with chronic conditions by allowing them to avail treatments from the comfort of their home.
  • Facilitates remote patient monitoring to provide timely treatment through analysis.
  • Facilitates follow-up sessions with patients to address compliance issues and evaluate medical reports.
  • Has the ability to provide targeted disease education through machine learning.
  • Evaluates metrics to check the utilization ratio and service quality.
  • Proactively implements behavior intervention techniques to address negative traits.
  • Maintains an accurate record of disease-related symptoms.
  • It helps reduce hospital readmission’s through healthcare analytics.
  • Helps care teams, payors, insurance companies, and patients collaborate seamlessly on one platform.
  • Provides modules for home care, clinical trials, and health plans.


Every healthcare business needs a reliable and cutting-edge Telehealth Script for business continuity. Patients and doctors look for convenience, quality, and affordability in Healthcare Scripts.

Telehealth platforms must help in strategic planning and careful evaluation of health metrics that aid critical treatment. This should be possible in real-time and help integrate with EHRs of patients for data exchange across partner hospitals.

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