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The best Live Streaming Software for Mac and other iOS devices

Based on our community votes, We’ve handpicked the best live streaming software for Mac and other iOS devices.

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Live streaming software has evolved over the years and has become much more robust and the content streamed through the is easily accessible through mobile devices. Instantly viewable anywhere, anytime.

As the people’s need to consume a variety of creative content has increase trifold over the years, the ISPs have also recognized this need and are offering large bandwidth to consumers at affordable rates.

More creators are gearing up and dishing out content for their viewers to cater to the demands.

A couple of software developing companies like Wowza and Castasy focus on providing live streaming software for Mac to users. Professional broadcasters or budding entrepreneurs can purchase the live streaming software from the companies and have their very own streaming software or start a streaming channel.

Using live streaming softwares like Castasy, you can start your own streaming platform that even first time users will find it easy to use. With just a smartphone and internet even a five-year-old can stream an event next door. It’s that simple.

Though streaming doesn’t need much effort, the prep for creating a live streaming platform requires a lot of effort to put in and effective software or a service provider to assist in the process.

The best Live Streaming Software for Mac and other iOS devices


What are some of the Use cases for Live Streaming software for Mac and iOS devices?

Live streaming software can be used in any place and anytime. Let’s look at some of the use cases.


Musical concerts can be easily streamed right from the app and users the content broadcasted will be available on the live stream channel page of the user. Fans will be notified of the concert through social media.

Doctor Consultation

Doctors can conduct one on one consultation through the video streaming software. They can see the patient face to face through the video and prescribe the medicine after diagnosing them thoroughly.


Events of any kind can be streamed through the platform.

Web Meetings

Organizations can host their web meetings through the platform easily. This would save significant cost and time.


Gamers can easily live stream their gameplay along with their friends and share their immersive experience. Gamers like PewDiePie and others always live stream their gaming sessions.

Earlier, streaming hardware and software were limited only to Windows but now developers are actively building the software for Mac and iOS. MacOs based systems are already powerful and broadcasting a stream can take advantage of its solid hardware capabilities.

Castasy fits into every entrepreneur’s requirement since it is compatible with every operating system like Android or windows or Mac (iOS).

Castasy , an out of the ordinary software that comes out with three different versions- a web version, a mobile application version for Mac (iOS) devices, and a mobile app version for Android devices.

The software supports ultra-fast video streaming and comes with the added advantage where a user starts a video stream, their twitter followers will be automatically notified about the stream and they can watch the live feed from even the mobile browser.

The software generates a unique URL for every video streamed and all the streams are located on a channel page of the user.

The best feature of Castasy that differentiates from the rest is the fact that the software comes as a package with a live streaming server. On purchasing this software, the user gets a HLS supported live streaming server that streams to concurrent connections simultaneously.

The software is faster and uses less memory than the rest. The server also supports all major streaming protocols that are optional, you can enable them with a bit of customization.

The team at Castasy can also install the software for you if you don’t have a technical team that has the expertise to install the product. Apart from this, there’s an Installation document, three months of free support, and others with the complete package and WOWZA streaming server for the cost of $699, everything with free lifetime upgrades and full source code.

To know more about the product, you can reach out to [email protected]

The best live streaming software for Mac and other iOS devices
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The best live streaming software for Mac and other iOS devices
Based on our community votes, We've handpicked the best live streaming software for Mac and other iOS devices.
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