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The best Live Streaming Software for Mac and other iOS devices

Streaming media over the internet has been in tradition since many years and with the smart phone and iphone era where everything is available at just a click and live streaming has made the viewers to watch easily the events happening half way across the globe in real time.

A couple of software developing companies like Wowza and Castasy focus on providing live streaming software for Mac to users. Professional broadcasters or budding entrepreneurs can purchase the live streaming software from the companies and have their very own streaming software or start a streaming channel.

Streaming technology is getting more and better and so are people’s computers and internet connection which is making more realistic by the year for the common man to broadcast

Streaming a video feed through the internet is the simplest technique of all and needs no expertise. With just a smartphone and internet even a five year old can stream an event next door to an event or place all across the globe.

Though streaming doesn’t need much effort, the prep for creating a live streaming platform requires a lot of effort to put in and effective software or a service provider to assist in the process.

The best Live Streaming Software for Mac and other iOS devices


Wish to start a live steaming channel. Two feasible and effective choices are at hand for all broadcasters when it comes to live streaming software for Mac or other devices

  • Simply register and subscribe to a live streaming service provider

Be it a political event, a party, a seminar or just a cricket or football match; with authorization to the mentioned website, one can have this temporary live streaming broadcaster service in no time. And allow viewers access to your event.

  • Purchase live streaming software and become a broadcaster on your own.

If you are planning to broadcast events all throughout the year like your business conference which may be held every day on a weekly bases, purchasing a live streaming software and having a service of your own will save your money instead of having to subscribe every now and then.

All these days streaming hardware and software were primarily only for Windows but now it has spread and enhanced its wings up till Mac. Broadcasting on Mac using live streaming software for Mac  are powerful and here is some of the ready software that connects you to live stream on Mac and some of them are: Cam Twist, Flash Media Live Encoder etc. For those interested entrepreneurs willing to start a live streaming service, live streaming software comes as a ready treat in today’s market.

As for the live streaming software, Castasy fits in to every entrepreneurs requirement since it is compatible with every operating system like Android or windows or Mac (iOS).

Castasy , an out of the ordinary software that comes out with three different versions- a web version, a mobile application version for Mac (iOS) devices and a mobile app version for Android devices.  The software assists ultra fast video streaming and comes with the added advantage where when a user starts a video stream, their twitter followers will be automatically notified about the stream and they can watch the live feed from wherever they are with just a touch. The software generates a unique URL for every video streamed and gives the users the additional advantage of viewing multiple videos at the same time in their browsers with the unique URLs.

The best feature of Castasy that differentiates from the rest is the fact that the software comes as a package with a live streaming server. On purchasing this software, the user gets the facility of NGIX RTMP live streaming server that supports thousands of connection simultaneously. The software is faster, weighs less and uses less memory than the rest. In addition to supporting multiple connections, the server also supports all major protocols.

You can also avail for the experts from Castasy to install the software and have it running in your server. There are two different pricing, one with a cheap rate of just $598 the buyer gets , Android app, iOS app, Website,   Streaming server, Admin panel, Installation document all these with three months free support and other with the complete package and WOWZA streaming server for the cost of $699, everything with free lifetime upgrades and full source code.

To start a profitable and revenue generating business of your own LIVE STREAMING is the golden goose that gets in solid amount of money and with the software provider like Castasy, you can now start a live video streaming service or business in just a few hours.

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