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The WHAT, WHY & HOW of Affiliate Marketing

So you are an entrepreneur and the idea of affiliate marketing has been grazing your mind for quite some time now. Yes, affiliating your product will create a greater customer base for your business. But we would recommend you not to leap into it before knowing the knacks of it. So here is a general look of what exactly affiliate marketing is and how to create a good affiliate marketing platform that would benefit your business.

First off; The Basics

What is Affiliate marketing?

To put in simple words affiliate marketing is nothing but referral marketing where you can have other businesses market your products, for a small fee of course. Say you have an ecommerce business and have a wide range of products from clothing and its accessories to home appliances and electronics. And when people or customers require a product, they simply visit your website and buy from it. But only when they are aware of your business. And when they are not; affiliate marketing will simply redirect the customers to your ecommerce business. A sale; from a customer who wasn’t even aware of your business at the market in the first place. That’s exactly what affiliate marketing is focused at.

As a further more simple explanation, affiliate marketing can be explained as a business model where third party personnel help you sell your product and earn a commission for the sale.

So now that we are clear of the What? Let’s get to the Why?

It is quite normal that the question ‘But why exactly do I have to pay a third party to just bring customers to my business?’ So here’s how affiliate marketing can benefit your business.

Affiliate Marketing

Benefits of affiliate marketing

Being an affiliate doesn’t require any expertise or specialist product knowledge about the products.

  • The affiliate has already invested enough time and put in all the necessary money and effort to build a reputation and audience to their profile. And if this matches the profile you are looking for then half your job is made easy already.
  • Feel happy as someone else is using their marketing budget to sell your product or service.
  • Affiliate marketing is only done online. A great advantage that you can market your products from anywhere at any time.
  • An affiliate gets paid only when they make a sale. So you will only have to pay the affiliate when they bring you revenue. No unnecessary monthly or weekly subscription charges.
  • No unnecessary expenditures, no additional effort to put in and an easy marketing where someone else does the job for you.
  • And that list could be even more. Why Affiliate marketing? Why not?

    But not every affiliate proves to be effective and not every effective affiliate is cost efficient. But going for an affiliate that drains your pocket or even siphons off a large amount from your sale is not really something any expert online entrepreneur would recommended.

    So here are a few tips on HOW to choose to the best affiliate for your business.

    Tips on how to choose good affiliates

    • Before choosing an affiliate, layout the contents where you would like to use affiliate marketing at. Your websites would obviously have several contents from images to videos. And decide beforehand on what content exactly would you like to create an affiliate for? There are several websites that are focused on promoting particular category of contents and selecting the best among them would be easier once you decide on the niche for affiliating.
    • Selecting the best ones of all comes as the toughest decision to make. And it is mandatory that the affiliate you choose should be among the well known and admired ones. Focus on the ones that post or carry info and are targeted in getting visitors in search of results or products for keywords related to your product or business.
    • Set a short time target to reach. When the affiliate you chose doesn’t work as expected, be flexible to change your affiliate.

    Just a small research of the market and the industry, you can easily identify effective affiliates that accept very less commissions and have a real good potential. The more affiliates you have linking to your website, the higher your search engine ranking and the higher your search engine ranking the more visitors or customers your business will allure. Think about your own interests and passions; try to blend those with the trendy hot niches. At the end of the day we are out to make money and all these are great for making fast profits.

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