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TikTok Clone: The Top Five Essential Features

Mobile-friendly apps are the norm these days. Right from buying something online to getting reliable information to keeping us entertained and glued on to our devices. The TikTok Clone tops the entertainment list, especially in these days of the pandemic outbreak, when people want to be entertained at home.

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With a generous number of apps in the market, TikTok has gained much love and has found a special place in the social media ecosystem. This app is incredibly popular among teenagers amounting to 41% of its users.

In recent times, the TikTok Clone is one of the most downloaded apps that is currently used by over 800 million users around the world. If you are a TikToker, this blog will help you understand what features make your favorite app champion the social video-making and streaming space.

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Following the phenomenal success of the TikTok Clone, many such apps are being launched, mirroring its features. Let’s go right in and understand its top features.

Why TikTok?

Just like the app suggests, it is used by real people to make social videos based on self-created or readymade content (audio and effects) that showcases real people and their activities. From lip-synced videos to comedy and shenanigans, TikTok has it all.

The users are the creators, the entertainers, and the spectators. It lets the user stream live videos, make creative short video clips teamed with their favorite soundtrack, add special effects and edit and share them on the same app, and integrate them on other social media platforms.

Many people use TikTok because of the total entertainment package it offers to entertainment seekers of all ages.

Video Creation and Editing

TikTok users can create videos, edit them using the fun editing tools in the app, and upload them to their TikTok account. The Editing tools in Tiktok are very engaging and impressive. The users can crop or rotate their videos, change the playback speed, play with different eye color, hair, and makeup options.

There are animations, stickers, and masks as well, available to pep up their videos. Your TikTok clone should comprise of these basic video making and editing features to be on par with the app. Another exciting part is the Duet feature. It allows users who like to sing together, create a video, add a hashtag that says #duetwithme, and request others to duet with them. There’s a group feature that lets the users create unique groups where the members can exchange media.

Soundtrack Addition

A vast collection of soundtracks built into your TikTok clone will take you a long way in making the experience truly engaging. TikTok has a fantastic library of soundtracks, including the ones that have topped the charts that users can get immersed in. A user can choose a track based on a genre and pick a segment from it for their video. They can also add their tracks and customize their videos. A list of recommended tracks is available based on your location and preferences.

TikTok Clone

Live Streaming

As a TikTok user, you can stream live and collect virtual gifts from your fans purchased with TikTok Coins. This is a premium feature by TikTok, and users need to have 1000 plus followers.

Social media sharing

The beauty of TikTok is that the users can effortlessly share their video creations on a myriad of apps like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Add a QR code feature in your TikTok clone. It allows users to follow each other as each user has a unique QR code.


Safety and security are essential factors, be it any app. This allows it’s users to use the app at ease. Your TikTok Clone could follow the existing app features and add more safety modules if necessary. In the Tiktok Clone, users can choose to set their accounts to private and only allow certain users to follow. There are settings for comments, direct messages, and the duet feature that allows the users to personalize their accounts as per their privacy requirements. 

Users can easily view many different profiles based on their preferences, follow them, comment on them, and like their posts regularly on their feed. They also get suggestions based on their browsing history and interests from the app based on Machine Learning and AI-algorithms programmed into the app’s design. For safety and security reasons, users can report suspicious content posted via the app, user profiles, or channels. With geolocation, the app shows the currently active users broadcasting live in the same region, in an instant.


Social media apps have taken over the internet with users from a diversified age demographic. Many ideas can be incorporated into your new app to make it more riveting. By following the footsteps of TikTok and using the key features mentioned above with a unique twist of your own, you could build and develop your TikTok clone with ease and make it a commercial success.

If you’re a business that wants to leverage these features and create a social video streaming app, we help you do that. Connect with us today.

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