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The best Marketplace script chosen this year is : Ecommerce Mix

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The internet has proven to be the most powerful medium for transacting money across the globe – thanks to the revolutionary concept of ECommerce, so many magical things are possible on the fly ( one would have never imagined doing business all over the world so easily, before this era of the internet)

Buying & selling on the web :

One of the most incredible advantage of the internet is its ability to help customers make an informed decision over the web and buy products of their choice conveniently from their computers . On the other hand merchants have the tremendous opportunity to showcase their products to millions of interested customers across the globe instantly and sell their goods and services . All this is possible due to the advances in the field of ECommerce . The internet has also given birth to numerous online payment solutions ( payment gateways ) that help in collecting money across countries effortlessly and transacting them to banks in various regions in various currencies .

While once setting up an online eCommerce store was a cumbersome job , the current technology and trends has made this so easy that one set up a shop online and start selling their goods and services instantly from day one .

There are so many readymade turnkey solutions available these days to deploy an eCommerce store almost instantly . Such marketplace software solutions can be categorized under two headings :

– Marketplace script & solutions ( or called the Buy sell script )
– Sell only eCommerce scripts & solutions

Today lets take a look at some of the Marketplace script’s ( also calledBuy Sell script ) present in the industry and the also the various factors that one needs to aware of when choosing the best Marketplace script .

Marketplace script

What is a Marketplace script ?

Many businesses required an online store to sell their products and services – and they established their own Ecommerce stores online with their own branding . But since there was a lot of competition for each business vertical – marketing and taking their word to users on the web became an issue . Such individual online stores started becoming deserted with very little visitors to their portals . To tackle this serious issue and increase sales for merchants , online services like eBay , Amazon etc. came up to create common marketplaces wherein vendors can open their store and sell their products . These online marketplaces proved to be a mall wherein buyers can come in and browse through various stores and products and buy . On the other hand any vendor could open up a store in these marketplaces easily to sell their goods . Since buyers had a common place to go and search for products and buy them , the vendors also got sales happening easily as these marketplaces started to flood with target traffic .

Since time went by various entrepreneurs came up with different ideas to make this concept of a marketplace even more innovative and effective – and all they needed was a ready made Marketplace script to add their innovation to it and get it up and running instantly . On the other hand many software companies and developers also started creating ready made turnkey solutions using which one can instantly setup a Marketplace online . Such a readymade script to setup a marketplace instantly online is called a Marketplace script or a Buy Sell script . Currently there are too many Marketplace script providers in the market and each Marketplace software is different and unique from other solutions .

Buy Sell script

What are the different attributes to look into when choosing a good marketplace script ?

When it comes to choosing the apt marketplace script for your online store , there are various elements you need to consider before selecting the best Buy sell script to use . Lets discuss those attributes in detail :

Buying trend : Its very important to analyze how the online buying trend is right now before choosing your marketplace script . The Ecommerce landscape has gone through many innovations and features in the past 15 years . What once started of as a normal product listing and buy feature has grown leaps and bounds with new creative funstionalities and process built into the way Ecommerce is happening now . Buyers online also like to shop in Marketplaces that have the latest trends put in place . So its important the marketplace script you choose should be with the latest trend or style of selling products for your store to attract vendors and buyers .

Social commerce : Off-late the impact of Social Media is big on the web and hence on Ecommerce also . Even big players in the Ecommerce space like Groupon , Ebay , Amazon etc. have embraced Social commerce in their stores as it has proven to multiply sales by reference in Social media . Since people like to share and show off what they bought online, it is very much essential the marketplace script which you are gonna use should be a Social commerce script( Gone are the days of normal Ecommerce ) .

Group buying and deals : The web has paved way for people to enjoy special benefits when products are bought as a group – So online buyers also look out for Group buying sites when they decide to buy a product . Since group buying gives way for customers to get steep discounts and deals on the product – many look forward to Group buying features in the marketplace . So its essential for the marketplace script you choose to have Group buying , Group gifting , deals options etc.

Technology : Its very essential for you to choose the best marketplace script on the best technology suited for marketplaces . Choosing a wrong technology can bring you un-wanted overhead costs . Open source technologies like PHP , MYSQL , Phyton , Ruby etc. are always considered the best for online marketplaces . Also a open source marketplace script can help you in getting economic resources and developers to easily manage your store on the go .

SEO Optimized : Search engines are one of the best source for driving in target audience to your marketplace . Most people goto search engines and search for products they want . It is very much important for your marketplace to come on top of search to attract this valuable buying traffic inside . So make it a point that the marketplace script you choose is highly SEO optimized and has provisions to put in all the required SEO elements as dynamic pages are created .

Cost : Since there are many marketplace scripts or Buy Sell scripts available in the market – go a step ahead to get a good deal on the marketplace script you purchase . Compare various features and also the rates of the marketplace script you are planning to buy . You can always use the saved cost on other resources like hosting , marketing etc.

Support : When you decide to buy a marketplace script always enquire about the support the vendor gives . Support is very important for you to fix any bugs present in the BUY SELL script you choose .

Innovation : Online shopping is all about how innovatively and creatively you sell your products to beat the competition . Your marketplace should be innovatively designed to make the visitors spread the word and this can be done only by trying out various new innovative approaches . Make it a point to speak to your Marketplace script vendor and see how much they embrace innovation . As if you get your Buy sell script from a vendor who has innovation in his company culture , you can be sure that the updates you get for the marketplace script you bought from him will be filled with innovative features as per the trend .

Value added features : Many marketplace script providers give a suite of value added services along with the BUY SELL script you buy . So compare all the marketplace script providers packages and look for the best deal you can get along with a suite of value added services .

Mobile compatible : Ecommerce is at its best when you combine Social commerce with Mobile commerce . The last holiday season saw huge numbers being released by online marketplaces like Amazon , EBay , Etsy , Fancy etc. Apart from the fact that the holiday sales was mind blowing , One thing they all had in common to say is : Majority of the sales happened via. Mobile !  Yes that is how the trend is . With the market flooded with smart phones , people just love to shop on the go . With the concept of Mobile apps sky rocketing , consumers find it very easy to login to an online shopping app and make their purchase instantly on the move . So see that the marketplace script you purchase is mCommerce ( ie. Mobile commerce ) friendly . Check to see if the Buy sell script is Responsive , so it opens in any resolution -or- best if the marketplace script vendor also gives a Mobile app for the script as this can really take your marketplace to new heights !

Mobile commerce marketplace-script

Watch this space as we update it with the best top 10 marketplace script’s present in the market ( a complete comparison study of the various Buy Sell scripts present in the market )

FAQ : 

What is a marketplace software ?

The concept of a marketplace is something that is very famous now a days and everyone want to have a piece of it for each niche . Amarketplace software is something that enables to easily create a marketplace ( basically a script or a platform ) . There are many marketplace software solutions available in the market on various platforms and technologies  . There are even many enterprise marketplace software available .

What is a b2b marketplace script ?

Generally Marketplaces are b2c ( ie. Business to Consumer ) like Etsy , Fancy etc. But there are also marketplaces for b2b ( ie. Business to Business ) wherein the products sold by vendors in the marketplace are for other businesses ( maybe even the products are sold in whole sale ) . A ready made solution that helps in setting up a b2b marketplace is called a b2b marketplace script . The b2b marketplace script you choose should also have the above mentioned elements as when it comes to buying you will need to look at these business owners also as any normal consumer .

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